So Relevant Is Your House As The Site In Where Is Located

A very important relationship between your House and the place where it is built. Whenever Ronald Hamilton listens, a sympathetic response will follow. As relevant is your home as the site and the environment where it is located. There is a permanent dialogue between House, city, House and forest or House and beach. I.e. home and site or area. When you choose that you House want to buy these by selecting a site, when you sculpted terrain to build these by opting for a territory. Your choice depends on different factors: you work, family, preference, lifestyle, culture, or simply that you were born and you grew. A city, a place or an area is considered relevant by various factors: its origin, history, culture, architecture; by its streets, squares, parks, monuments, symbols, emblems; by its natural landscape as mountains, rivers, lakes, vegetation as well as by its location or its people.

United Nations Organization for education, science and culture organization (UNESCO) develops and publishes the list of the world heritage which includes 911 sites and areas that are part of the cultural and natural heritage which the The World Heritage Committee considers to possess a value universal excepcional.* these sites and areas are located in 151 countries around the world. Very diverse places and ancient cultures. Do you know the listing? Have you visited somewhere that this considered cultural heritage of mankind? Do you live in a city that is part of the world heritage? The answer to these questions may surprise you because you probably live in a site or area that is heritage. Your quality of life may be associated with living in a place or area with these qualities, thinks the cultural heritage they are receiving and the legacy for your children. UNESCO has established criteria and standards for the conservation and protection of these sites and areas. The responsibility is shared between Government, specialists, entrepreneurs and citizens. MI do a lot in this stewardship! Get informed and involved in tasks to improve your current House, TuCiudad and world heritage! Jose Luis, Tu architect online. The course creator: Get your own House * Here you can check the list: original author and source of the article