Socialist Constitution

JOSE BRECHNER days more decides the future of Bolivia, as Forrest Gump would say: again it is that Bolivia is living permanently on the tightrope and in their political juggling there might be the most unusual and innovative stunts. With the advent of populist democracy, any decision is subject to popular vote. The plebiscitario system has its positive and negative aspect. On the one hand opens to the people a door of direct involvement in the Affairs of the State, but on the other hand, allows the authorities to conceal intentions and responsibilities. On August 10, Bolivia will be submitted to a national referendum to confirm or revoke the mandate of President Evo Morales and his Government. y sought to clarify these questions. Not a small matter! If Evo loses he has to go, and with him will be the communism of the 21st century, Hugo Chavez, the duo Los Castro, and Ajmadineyad, taking with itself to Venezuelans, Cubans, Muslims, terrorists, guerrillas, drug traffickers, undercover agents and the rest of the troupe that accompanies, protects, advises, instructs, handles and change diapers to Morales. Could such miracle happen? The odds are so large as that Bin Laden to become Christian. If Evo WINS fact that inevitably will impose its Socialist Constitution and remain five years more with unlimited powers.

The trap was laid by the Government, in collusion with the opposition party: we can, which cooperated in the ruse to stay in the legislature rather than on the street. Recently the former President of Bolivia and leader is now understood why of we can, Jorge Tuto Quiroga, much criticized Chavez and his interference in Latin America, but seldom is heard him blame Morales. According to the company Ipsos support Opinion polls and market, Morales had with 57 percent approval in June and July with 59. According to surveys & studies group Gallup International, moral support in July, was 4.31 on a scale of 1 to 7.