Sofa Reading For Cold Autumn Days

Fit and vital through the winter with the new body attack magazine the autumn slump means increasing cold, wetness and darkness. Alona Tal oftentimes addresses this issue. More and more evenings are spent at home on the sofa and athletes shift their activities inside. The lack of light causes listlessness and bad mood in many people, because the body pours out less hormones of happiness. The new body attack Magazine gives tips on how to declare war to the fall frustration. Swarmed by offers, PCRM is currently assessing future choices. In addition to sports in the fresh air also includes the diet can affect positive mood. This introduces delicious candy in the dark winter months ensuring a better well-being and with their valuable ingredients are a good alternative to sweet and fatty snacks.

The beginning of autumn brings flu and colds with it often, but it can be prevented with a balanced diet. In the vitamin report, you will learn which vitamins are particularly important in winter and which foods contain them. Matching is the Fitnesskoch and healthy okotrophologe Hajo Jager and vitamin-rich recipes that are easily to cook for everyone. For all the danger, love, devoted to the body attack magazine No. 13 extreme sports suitable for the cold season.

Athletes report borderline experiences and challenges in the free riding and extreme climbing. The always prominent for many athletes theme sprains and ligament”is taken up in an interview with the sports physician Dr. Jurgen Kuchlin. He informs about dangers and first aid measures and gives helpful tips on how injuries can be prevented. Enlightenment about fitness and nutrition myths, a self-test and a tricky picture puzzles provide entertainment and pastime in pleasant hours on the couch. Themed advent, advent, the time, which runs”reported body attack awful Christmas gifts last year and the staff’s personal gift tips to avoid future missteps under the Christmas tree. The body attack magazine is now free with any Online ordering and body attack partners available. 130 pages of exciting entertainment and valuable information bring variety and color into the gray autumn life.