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The stream of money flowing through their banks is estimated at ten-digit numbers. This reduces the money paid by the State through taxes and is intended for education, health or public safety. Also public figures and celebrities choose to tax havens. This is the case of former motor racing world champion, Fernando Alonso, who claims to have moved to Switzerland to avoid harassment of the press. His predecessor Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton nor his successor are way behind in this aspect. Boris Becker and Steffi Graff are no strangers to this trend.

Bono, the U2 singer charitable income taxed in a tax haven Dutchman. Until recently, the Banco Santander offered its customers with greater fortunes can shift their money to these havens. White collar criminals build their fortunes in tax havens by the small collection of taxes, and above all, by banking secrecy, which prevents the findings to the account holders. The customer has the anonymity and confidentiality of both their name and the movements you make in your bank account as the source of their wealth. In all cases there is a restrictive rule against the lifting of bank secrecy. Large corporations make use of more sophisticated financial engineering to carry out its evasion.

The main advice, as Deloitte and Ernst & Young, where they were working current political figures are part of a spiral of legal corruption. What if all those taxpayers moving their savings to these banks Offshore? The Brazilian Emir Sader said that globalization requires liberal tax havens such as the traditional family institution brothels, as compensation to the marriage indissoluble, and as a way out of unmet needs by the wife. Perhaps the problem then do not file tax havens, but in the economic system that allows it.