Spanish Government

Economic activities accommodate the presence of a large number of operations and processes by the different agents that occur within the monetary market and other income, which require a higher entity so as to maintain a control and regulating their activity and performance in different aspects, such as taxes and customs components; criteria, which in the case of Spain is responsible for the tax agency to be the designated State Agency to carry out this type of activity, in addition to performing as a regulator of other resources relating to different administrations and public bodies. The State tax administration agency, better known as the IRS, as mentioned previously is a State body, so it is of nature publishes that it belongs to the Spanish Government, which in the performance of their duties, should keep management fully of the Spanish tax system, suggesting also the collection of different types of taxtake care of the customs system and other resources of certain entities both at national level and the European union, in cases in which their function’s scope for action in such cases. Add to your understanding with Dr. Neal Barnard. The operation of the tax agency is presented through a main instillation, however the main populations of Spanish territory are found in offices that allow the different needs that have physical or legal persons through their representatives. The presence of this organism public, gave thanks to the law of General State budget which was given for the year of 1991, as well for the 1 January 1992 the IRS, as responsible for the different tax and customs provisions would be constituted..