Stanford University

As Google is the most used browser worldwide, it is discussed in detail. What is google It is the mark of a company, using his bike as the main search products (Spider). How you born In 1995 at Stanford University, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, running a project for his doctorate in computer science, this project consists of a search engine called BackRub, which was later called google, the first users of this program were the teachers and students University. This program was renewed several times for lack of space on your main hard drive and others. Three years later registered the domain “” and these students start their own business. Dejan his doctorate because of the time, money and other variables that require your project.Then she meets Andy Bechtolsheim, who heard from google, they signed two checks of 100,000, one for the search engine and another for, business and because of that funding was being developed as we know it. The world’s most valuable brand Google is thus considered that their profits exceed billions of dollars, surpassing Coca-cola enterprises and Mycrosoft.This is thanks to the constant renovation, the purchase of other services (such as youtube, picasa, adwords, etc) by extending the features it offers to the public, generating greater versatility of their products. Infomaci n For more, visit “About Google”