Strategic Plan

But what are the conversions? In the activity of sales conversions is that indicator that allows you to identify the effectiveness of your strategies to get new clients, meaning that if you set a goal of linking new customers and decide that one of the strategies is to meet this objective the ask for referrals to your current clients know of these referrals few became clients. We do the following exercise: included in your database of referrals 80 names of people to whom you gonna call on behalf of your customers, and after carrying out your approach work bring 10 people with any of your products to your list of customers. Then causing the next mathematical operation you get to your rate of conversion 10 / 80 = 0.8 which is equal to 8%, there you have your indicator 8%, but because it is important to know your indicator, there are several reasons: to determine the effectiveness of your campaigns, to measure the effectiveness of the actions they undertake, to know if they are profitableto know if you’ve been improving in your processes, to identify your strengths and weaknesses. They may well be more but the important thing is to know what are you bringing to your business?. Now review where are you looking for prospects? What types of campaigns are undertaking to bring new customers to your business, and if these campaigns are part of organized processes that allow you to conclude with a conversion indicator clear and defined, which you close the goal you’ve set, i.e. that safely can say, this campaign referrals got 8% conversion that represent me 10 new clients and that left me as utility X amount of money. There you can conclude that the campaign was successful or not, that you could measure your result and I leave teaching to improve, so that when you repeat the campaign your goal will be to the overcome that 8%. Two lessons, you do not neglect your strategies to link new customers and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, it is very easy.

Do not invest in campaigns that you can not measure. In the next newsletter I’ll teach How to perform a successful campaign of referrals… You know if you should or not to do a business plan? visit business Strategic Plan. Your comments are important. Invite your colleagues to receive this newsletter, with more people working for the growth of the insurance industry, your business will grow and you can share with entrepreneurs that have your same goals. Send it to sellers.