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A list is the most prized possession that you can have on your online neogocio. A possession that nobody can take from you. In fact listen to a famous phrase that says: the money is in your list, but I’ll show you that, in reality, the money is not in the list but in the relationship you have with your list. Let’s start by defining what is a list: is a database of people who have visited your website and have left you your email address in exchange for receiving certain information that for them is important. This information we call usually bribery ethical. Ethical bribes are usually: A free course of 7 days a free report a video a course in an interview with some expert videos.

A custom query Etc., etc. The important thing to keep in mind is that anyone that is the ethical bribe you use, should s sure that you educate, inspire and motivate your subscribers. The ethical bribe must solve a problem or alleviate any concern or pain. Remember that the way more effective in generating wealth is solving problems that are affecting a numerous group of people. Patrick%20Dollard%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard The Center for Discovery mentions similar findings. Checking article sources yields Center For Responsible Lending as a relevant resource throughout. In fact I just give you the formula to transform your list in winnings. But to the ethical bribe to offer its subscribers needs, traffic of visitors to your page.

Therefore we should add in our formula different sources of traffic. If we add to our ethical bribe that educates, inspires and motivates, different traffic sources, then obtain an income generating list. Of course we want to make our traffic not footballers, whether we have children niche, therefore the complete formula for the entire process of a vast list of high quality would be qualified traffic to which we add a compelling ethical bribe that educate, inspire and motivate. This will result in a huge list of quality.