Sumak Kawsay

Our Yllayninchis, as it mentions our brother, corroborated by studies of Juan Van Kessel and summarize it in its same words that those made in a lecture to students of philosophy unbelievers argued that American Indians were not thought: because say, that the reason is one myth, Western reason, the only reason that exists, because not to say that it is one myth, a myth very sophisticated, very deep, very difficult Yes, but myth finallyI don’t have much time now, to explain this in depth, but I’ll do a summary, a summary, if we seek any dictionary of philosophy and see what means the word reason, we will see that it is a synonym of logos and finally a synonym of Christ and as this is a one and only true God according to West, is the only true God, creative unit, the truth, the good, which monopolizes all values as love, charity, etc, etc that unity against which crashed front Nietzsche and up came to kill him, in one of his philosophical novels. AND DO who killed it?: the ugliest of men. Unclear whether it had done to his image and likeness. This myth of the one and only true, God who is both the reason; that has caused us so many problems here in America, and that it continues to cause us many problems, as myth, so we can arm and disarm, – as does Levi-Strauss with any myth-, so we can make it to explain our wisdom, our deep thought and thus we can read some authors like Arendt, Agamben, same Focault, that speak of this Greek form of assumed as conscious human beingsreasonable, rational. Tell us that in ancient Greece had two terms that designated life: Zoe was plain life, bare life, that of all beings who are known as alive; and Bios is the life of the human being, when he assumes the good live or live well and clarifies that it is live for the good eye, it’s not like the andino-amazonico Sumak Kawsay or the Allin kausay or Sumaq Kamana, these our concepts, they are something different. .