Sun Collection

The Polaroid heritage collection ‘Best under the Sun’ combines the style and glamour of 75 years sunglasses deal Zurich, March 2012? Strong and stylish frames, cat – or drop glass? There is something in the new best under the Sun”heritage collection for any fashion fan. BSA is a great source of information. To the 75th anniversary revives Polaroid the best designs of the past decades and also boasts an anniversary model: the glamorous 1930s are exactly represented as Jitterbug fashion of the 1940s, the rock ‘n’ roll the 1950s as well as the hippie-chic of the wild 1960s. And also the trendy disco divas ala 1970s and 1980s not to be neglected. A wealth of outstanding cult designs of the last 75 years Polaroid makes it possible, to put together a consistently glamorous collection of heritage sunglasses. The beautiful mounts fit perfectly to every style lover and are based on the original Polaroid designs dating from between 1930 and 1980. The best under the Sun”collection is worldwide the first 2012 launched to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Polaroid.

Sharp retro sunglasses strong and beautiful frames, cat – or drop glasses are the catchers of this heritage collection, which covers almost all eras of the past 75 years: by the glamorous 1930s, about the Jitterbug fashion of the 1940s, the 1950s rock ‘n’ roll and the hippie-chic of the 1960s up to the disco divas from the 1970s and the 1980s cool. Best under the Sun”has something to offer for every fashion fan and also boasts an anniversary model. Special Edition Aviator glasses who would call his own a very special piece of Polaroid history, repeated one of the seventy-five “-Aviator glasses, best-selling Polaroids design of the 1970s.” These glasses are a Special Edition, which is the highlight of the collection at the same time. It corresponds to the today’s fashion with Golden mirror glass is in the colour gold/tortoise shell with green polarization glasses or silver/black with gray polarizing glasses for the timeless and unique Polaroid look available. Each sunglasses is equipped with the latest Premium UltrSightTM polarization glasses and has printed up a stylish Golden or silver lettering of Polaroid. Is the best under the Sun”collection from end of March among Loeb, Jelmoli, Globus and selected opticians from CHF 99.-available. Learn more about the best under the Sun”anniversary collection is at.

Polaroid support with the best under the Sun”collection the international charity of Sightsavers: A part of the sales will be donated to the fight against preventable blindness in developing countries about Polaroid eyewear Polaroid eyewear is the market leader in the field of optics and lens technology, manufactures high-quality polarization glasses and distributes world’s modern sunglasses with polarizing filter, optical frames, reading glasses, Clip-Ons, high-quality, circular polarized 3D glasses and licensed sunglasses brands. The demand for polarizing glasses is steadily rising, as more and more consumers discover the benefits of glare-free vision for themselves.