Switzerland Revealed Las Accounts Of Mubarak And That Of The Other

JOSE BRECHNER began revolts in Algeria, Yemen and the West Bank. Israel begins to be in a situation similar to 1948 surrounded by enemies who want to throw the Jews into the sea. But this time Israel is stronger. His enemies also with the fall of Mubarak, the democratic, neutral and leftist Switzerland, initiated the control of his millions. It seems that they are more than those who Hugo Chavez, Cristina Kirchner, Evo Morales and Fidel Castro have combined. In Bern surprisingly were decent, they reveal what kept Mubarak after removing huge profits at their deposits which were kept under discreet Swiss secrecy for 30 years. Surely they will be delivered to the next ruler in Cairo, which assume that it will be an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is their way to ingratiate himself with terrorists.

The same unveiling of possession of unexplained capital should be made in Switzerland with the money of the South American Presidents, but these are more of its progressive line, that will keep mouth closed, at least while they remain in power. As they did with Mubarak. The correct Swiss should also return the Jews money and gold that the nazis stole and hide in their banks since the second world war. On the values of today are trillions of dollars that would follow you very well to Israel. But that’s tightening puncture wounds that could make them choke with their cheese. Trying to show honourable, the Swiss have inadvertently brought afloat, the thorny issue of the ill-gotten fortunes, that could serve to bring authoritarian rulers progres, mercenaries, smugglers of arms and dictators, in jail. Among the more wealthy arms dealers are members of the Palestinian Authority, which scared by what happened in Egypt called for elections to September. Of course, these will be won by Hamas, so that Fatah leaders prefer to vanish with time, not going to be that their pockets are reviewed.

Saeb Erekat, the second after Mahmoud Abbas and main billionaire Palestinian negotiator, resigned from his post. The qatari Al – Jazeera television network showed documents of their negotiations on Jerusalem posed to be contrary to Arab interests. Erekat in his defense, accused the Qataris to be partners of the Israelis. Hamas accepted the excuse and spared him. Erekat opened the umbrella much until it starts to rain, because the adorable boys of Hamas, who also live in the war, will want to initially show probity before the people and probably will question the multi-million dollar heads of the AP, mounting a show pro dignity. The issue of the money stolen always generated sympathy when its possessors are prosecuted. Erekat will go to live in a beautiful villa in Europe, their tastes are Western Court. The unnatural talks about two States, which were not going to reach any satisfactory result, since Muslims refuse to recognize the right of existence of Israel, so that everything returns to zero fojas will end. We are in 1948. Arabs seek war, Israel is defend, will expire, and something more than insurance may be Mohammedans and progres partners. Israel will not make the mistake of giving a square centimeter of what recover from its biblical territory. It will eject until the last Arab to Mecca and Yerushalayim (the legitimate name of the capital of Israel for 3000 years) will impose rules of conduct without negotiating anything in return. Obviously, nor will there be more free money for traffickers Palestinians’s death. original author and source of the article.