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Victor Hugo

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Who remains in me, and I in it, this of the much fruit; because without Me nothing you can make. Evangelho de JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 15:5. Boy Scouts of America may not feel the same. Somebody for richer than either can live without air, water, food? That is impossible in this Planet where the water, air, the food is indispensable to the human organism. From there if it perceives that the miserly wealth is pauprrima. All person who together idle good is leaving to die thousand of children, young, velhinhos and adults.

Somebody, then, says: Problem of them! I fought to obtain my richness. All good: However, if God who supports your lowermost life thought thus, you would not exist and nor you would have the chance that It gave to you to enrich to the cost of its goods the holy ghosts. If not to start to copy Mr. Deus who had the Charity to create you, you go to arrive of the other side without housing and empty pocket. The choice is yours.

' ' The Life surprises us it all through the vehicle of the death, that in them invites to another dimension of thought and life, when the conscience, exempts of imposing the cerebral ones, awakes in totum for the understanding of the being that somos' '. Victor Hugo? Writer. TO BE ABLE INTRNSICO power takes an internal you to feed itself, to hear, to walk, to be dressed, to sing, to coexist in society. This is the Power of the Spirit The holy ghost placed in the interior of the beings bred. Not if turbe your heart, you believe in God, you also believe in Me. Evangelho de JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 14:1. EVERYTHING WOULD BE CONSUMED Without the Love of the Celestial Father, not it would have nothing. Everything would disappear of the map, due to continuous action. Here it is that I am with you every day until consumption of the century. Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP. 28:20. Without the GOD presence, JESUS, nothing it would leave the invisible plan. The Power of the Charity made to become visible the Planet that we inhabit and everything what in it has.

Technical Innovation Center

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It is our suggestion that methodology TRIZ of solution of problems is taught to the graduation students, after-graduation, and because not it professors of average education, initiating learning in the level technician. The challenge biggest passes for the transistion between the industrial society and the society of the knowledge, even so if recognizes that the money still is the main currency of exchange, the resource knowledge can easily be converted into competitive advantage of the companies for the values of the intellectual capital. In this context, the Management of the Knowledge and the Competitive Intelligence cannot be ignored when of the business-oriented conception of the Model that allow the practical one of the Innovation with Social Responsibility. The amount of information that exists currently can make it difficult the search of solutions or not guarantee that this progresses in the correct direction. At Eliot Lauer you will find additional information. Method TRIZ organizes the translation of a specific problem in an abstract problem and considers the general use of standards and principles that are excellent for this type of problem. It is interesting to notice that the course of Engineering of Full Production (the traditional course, bacharelado) is inserted in such a way in the context of the management, how much in the context of engineering. Through the engineering of the production it has many options for all type of professional profile, making of this one of the ampler areas of engineering currently of the market. Being the one of the primary objectives of the professional of the production engineering Management of the Work: management, implantation and adequacy of new technologies with the necessity of the processes of the enterprise.

Methodology TRIZ integrates the factor technician to the human factor, consolidating the organizations front to the global market and in consequence Brazil. Bibliographical references ALTSHULLER, G.S. Innovation Algorithm. Worcester: Technical Innovation Center, 1999 (1a ed. Russian, 1969).

Sebastio Caps

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This team obtained the cession of the land where today still the clinic functions and the objective one was if to implant the CAPS, fastest possible, in view of the great one I number of internments at that time (about 50 internments per year). What for a population of 23.692 inhabitants he is one I number very great of internments what it generates for the city one high cost. The assistance to the carrying patients of mental suffering was made for clinical doctors of the health net, whom or they directed for a medical psychiatrist it are of the city or for internment in psychiatric hospitals, being that the reference at the time was Hospital of Privets, You cultivate and Are Sebastio of the Paradise.

Law 11,802, Art. 1) Says que’ ‘ all carrying person of mental suffering has right the constant treatment through therapeutical procedures, with the objective to recoup the physical and mental integrity, the identity, the dignity, the life family, communitarian and profissional’ ‘ – General Objective PROJECT; It is to offer and to guarantee attendance to multidiscipline patients psychotic, neurotics serious and egresses of hospitals psychiatric, in regimen of treatment intensive (patient that they need daily accompaniment), half-intensive (patient that they need frequent accompaniment and not-intensive (where the frequency it can be lesser) and also orientation the familiar ones with the objective to breach with the manicomial paradigm, aiming at to diminish the psychiatric hospital internments and thus to improve the quality of life for attended and its familiar ones. – Justification – the main justification for the implantation of a CAPS is and it was always the great one I number of internments of city () It would carry 336/GM? ‘ ‘ Art 1 Estabeler that the Centers of Psicossocial Attention will be able to consist in the following modalities of services: Caps I, CapsII, CapsIII, defined for increasing order of transports/complexities and population abrangncia, as made use in this Would carry; ‘ ‘ Goal? Our main goal is the reduction in 100% of it numbers of hospital internments (gradually in the subsequent years to the beginning of the CAPS) Planning Functioning? Partnerships In elapsing of the years had been made diverse important partnerships for the Clinic of Mental Health, and the aid of diverse volunteers who give great aids in the clinic. Atendimentos given today; Psychological attendance, psychiatric attendance, therapeutical Workshop, recreativas lesson of physical exercises, trips Result; Some partnerships that in donate materials to them for the artesanato, sales of the artisan products; Recreativas trips for other cities, pass of bus for the frequent patients Lacks the main lack of the clinic is the construction of the building for the implantation of the CAPS, more professional, mainly the T.O. Benefits CAPS Installment services the community of adequate form generation of jobs..

Quality Public

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The organizacional culture of the Brazilian public sector, in general, does not stimulate the initiative and the creativity of its workers. However, it must be remembered of that all process of change not only implies the necessity of professionals with good qualification technique, but with freedom of creation and autonomy of action. To change this reality, they said that it was impossible, therefore had other ways to understand it. For example, to perceive that what is spent with the workers of the organization, frequent identified with item of ' ' custeio' ' , as well as consumption material, in the truth it is investment, therefore the wage can mean permanence and, therefore, otimizao of what already it was invested in allocation, integration, training. This perception, however, depends on vision of long stated period, nor always present. The future perspective, the expansion of the performance stops beyond the regional borders, and improvement of the public performance, must to take the managers to reformulate the used methods until then in the administration. The evolution of the public administration assumed by the citizen ahead of this new state in change, Reengenharia X Quality is predominant to the use of rational methods of administrative case, aiming at bigger efficiency and effectiveness in the anticipation of the changes, starting to also use itself of analytical methods, with sistmica and contingencial perspective. That is, the company must use of formularization and constant evaluation of objectives, based in information on the interaction between environment and organization.

To be intent what it happens outside of the entity, is of vital importance to the formularization of the attendance strategies. It would reengenharia it is the adoption of an innovation, through a radical change, aiming at to reach resulted visible and drastic. It demands the clear definition of the objectives that if she desires to reach and the deep one knowledge of the component activities of all the business.? Quality means quality of all service or all executed operation, internally or external, for all employee of the company.

Computer Aided Design

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It must be analyzed three dimensions: size, degree of automation and integration. The automation on the basis of the man power economy, but the invariability of the automatized process brings more significant profits. The technological choice also must adjusted to the profile of the product. Investments in industrial robotizao have been justified on the basis of its effectiveness and in its efficiency, but, beyond the return on investment and present value of the deducted flow of box, factors as volume flexibility, quality and trustworthiness. CAD? (Computer Aided Design) it can be defined as any activity of project that involves the effective use of the computer to create, to modify or to register an engineering project. The CAD comumente is more comumente associated with an interactive graphical system.

The reasons of System CAD are to increase the productivity of the designer, to improve the quality of the project, to improve the documentation of the project, to create a data base. THE CAD? the geometric modeling works, that is development of a mathematical description of the geometry of the object. The type of mathematical model allows that the user can get an image in the graphical terminal and make operations with the model. It creates new projects of model from available basic modules in the system, to generate and to move the images in the screen, to extend parts you specify in end. The analysis of engineering? after chosen a project, it can be made calculations of tensions, analysis of transference of the heat, calculations of volume, area of surface, determination of the gravity center and simulation. Presentation of the documentation: to quickly prepare the drawings of engineering of high decision. CAM? (Computer Aided Manufacturing) it is defined as effective use of the technology of the computer in the planning, management and control of the production function. The applications of the CAM can thus be divided in two great categories: planning of the production and control of production, which represent two different levels of envolvement of the computer in the operations of manufacture.

Surface Situation

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In the same way that when integrating the FMEA the TRIZ, the organizations starts to make use of a strong concept for the solution of problems, with basement technician, supported for a creative method, human and above all, taking care of to the international norms the one that the organizations are citizens, as the certification in the family of norms ISO. 2.3 Some mannering aspects that intervene with the definition of problems Some mannering deficiencies intervene frequently with the analysis of the problems and they result in the treatment maken a mistake of the same ones. They are: ) To confuse the problem with its symptoms; b) To confuse assumptions with facts; c) To evaluate before investigating; d) To act quickly, before thinking. c) To equalize new and old experiences, being left to perceive the especificidades of the new situation; d) To be in the surface and to leave of raising questions that go beyond the aspects most obvious; e) To limit the analysis of the problem to its field of professional specialization; f) To guide decisions for an only objective, ignoring that many problems involve multiples aspects that must simultaneously be treated. In summary, the situation under different points of view must be examined to determine which is more important for the complete agreement of the situation and the correct description of the problem. In the solution of problems, of some form, the people follow intuitivamente, a way in the search of the solution. However, in its bigger part they do not have conscience of the sequence of the steps data. Many times, the process if shows confused, delayed, custoso and little efficient. The learning is practically null and each problem is a total new problem, exactly that it is the hundredth repetition of the same situation. The absence of a methodology very becomes difficult to talk back the successful processes and to develop the abilities in the solution of problems.

Company Joins

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Controlling to aceptar responsabilidad y there el to be able to llevar the handle wools activities, responsabilidad there final y tendr for form of alimentacin if uses there. Ellos, los administrators of ganar to be able of wools organizaciones of inside diverse maneras. Estos to be able pueden to be: there it rewards legitimate, experience there coercitive, there informacin of reference, joins it combinacin of these forms of energy. El liderazgo, for lo in such a way, you are el proceso of realizacin of un group of personas, for lo that you are un I equip that genera resulted, y tambin wools abilities to motivate and to influence llevado, of joins positive manera ethical y, the one that contribuyan voluntarily con enthusiasm to cheat objective los del I equip y there organizacin. For lo, el in such a way leader if differentiates of su jefe.

El jefe you are persona there responsable of joins tarea actividad of joins organizacin y, con this end, lleva un group of personas, that tienen autoridad of control y there obedience of there demand. En to cualquier definicin of liderazgo that it is used, tendr joins of the words that expresan el concepto of compromiso of empleados los y there adhesin there the company, who pertenece un group that hace differentiates there. El exchange of words, y darle un felt of liderazgo, differentiates it woollen simple gestin – you are for conectarse, to trabajar y to actuar as propietarios, to hacer that el otro tendr that to luchar for aspiraciones shared, y engaged empleados. From this entendimiento y comprensin of supuestos estos if puede to decir there that el portancto there that liderazgo you are el act to commit there ethical gestin of personas un alone objective: there victoria of all.

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