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If the need for promoters really great and constant (two to three shares per month), then think about their employment promoters is reasonable. The main thing that had the desire, patience and free time compliance officer, who was a promoter can be fixed permanently First, we need determine how much and what level of promoters of the company should have. The amount received to prepare to multiply several times. Calculation of something like this: to put on the work of 10 people, you must have a base of about 50 functioning promoters. Because at any given time – and have generally – the day after tomorrow urgently – to work can usually only one in five. Four out of five must be just to pass examinations, to work on another campaign, sick, move, etc. Now perform another multiplication operation. To receive 50 hard-working promoters will need to otsmotret two hundred people.

Half otseete you at the interview, a significant portion itself when it comes to real work An efficiency of 5 percent – that's a promo arithmetic. Center For Responsible Lending does not necessarily agree. In Moscow, an acceptable basis of field staff (300-400) can not form a stress-free for three months, in areas that will take a little more time. During this time, your skills will grow and refine the selection, and many of the simplest functions, you will learn how to delegate the office manager and security guard. Issue a questionnaire to check whether all lines are filled, anyone can. Childrens Defense Fund is actively involved in the matter. But when the base is formed, do not relax. In no event do not cover the recruitment of new promoters.

Tune in for the duration of the selection of promoters. And particularly active should expand the database in the spring: because in the July-August to begin a vacation, and the series motor trade triple. – If the promoters for serious professional knowledge of the promoted products, such as product promotion – a complex household equipment, expensive set of skin care products or pharmaceuticals. – If a company wants a very tightly control the quality of stock and trust your brand professionals. And remember correctly organized PROMMA-action will increase sales by about 50-100% of the company which holds you to this action is your partner who is as much interested in its success. At the moment, effectively hold PROMMA-action you can in many directions in this company 'All Staff' will always come to your aid.


First of all, you need to know the location of the upcoming exhibition, the travel time from tsetra city subway stations. Also, you must be aware of urban transport and taxis that pass close to the passing show, a convenient parking place, to assess the coming challenges for the delivery and unloading, loading artifacts exhibition stenda.Osoboe attention should be paid to the exhibition itself – what is its size (big or not), the number of exhibition halls (it should analyze the possible conversions of visitors between the pavilions), a place lined booths, the number of passes in each room. All of this information played no role in the analysis of such moments: the "definition in which you want to participate; adjustment (if necessary) advertising campaign, depending on the location of the stand in Hall, the availability of competing companies, and their possible proximity to the stand, identifying the type and size of the stand, which will predsavlyat company on vystavke.To is, the territory of the exhibition and its location are in many cases the main point for subsequent action. for the location of the mobile stand is the place: the right of the entrance, the central part of the exhibition area closest to the entrance, the time for design and construction of an attractive booth, as well as installation time, at the intersection of the main passages. Regardless of where and how to build your stand for the successful development of interest among the visitors to know, and the next rule. Main – this rule of "three seconds". The essence of this rule is that the visitor rather than seconds, that he saw your booth and decided to visit it or pass on. To a man, who came to exhibit, your booth noticed, you need to effectively use a variety of lighting effects, moving parts and colorful printing industry. That is, the use of unusual titles that are easy to read but remain in memory, colorfully and tastefully decorated..

Outdoor Advertising

Modern man does not imagine his life without advertising, and even more so – a resident of this city, like St. Petersburg. Advertising surrounds citizens everywhere – radio announcements, tv commercials, and most common outdoor advertising. Outdoor advertising can now even be considered a kind of ornament for the mega-cities, not just a normal part of our lives. The most common types of outdoor advertising in St. Petersburg are light boxes, illuminated signs, neon signs, firewalls, banners, sidewalk signs. Ordinary people, most of these terms of nothing reported. In fact, there is widespread network of specialized companies, which designs, design and creation of various types of outdoor advertising.

This is the most spectacular and brilliant version of the advertisement, he may have a size from very tiny to quite large. External design advertising structures, the legality of their spatial location and many other aspects that are important to observe the defined set of rules that are created by professionals from the city Department of Architecture. Special agency of the city on the Neva River can provide a sufficient range of services in creating and conducting advertising campaigns of various sizes, ranging from the placement of small stritlaytov complete manufacture of complex three-dimensional letters in Petersburg. The undoubted fact is the assertion that such advertising – one of the most effective methods of advertising. You can be sure that the ads will find the target audience, as the posters every day sees a lot of people, they are used in all seasons, whatever the weather. Some – more original – attracted worldwide attention, and some, without being something special, nevertheless remembered for a long time. Correct the geographical location of such ads – another important aspect of advertising company. Recognize that advertising banking services will become more relevant in the central part of the city, advertising upholstery Russian firms – in sleeping areas and main boards, calling to buy different models of lawn mowers – on the way to the cottage.

If you're puzzled by the creation of corporate identity, logo design, or information booths, please contact professionals. They will develop a design of various banners, help in the manufacture of large illuminated letters, light boxes and much more. Any sign – a way to provide benefits to any organization and make of it necessary information. Qualitatively, produced a sign of your organization can help produce favorable impression on potential customers. Your attention will be given different types of signage for the exterior ads – simple non-illuminated, bright lights, big letters, original signs with lighting, spectacular light boxes, neon signs and light boxes and stylish – it all depends on certain requirements.