Sevilla Lost

Categorizing seems to be one of the needs of the human being in its effort to establish an order whether this order based on natural or artificial phenomena (literature, schools of thought, etc.). Nietzsche wondered why we say worksheet to refer to the leaves of the trees when all leaves are different and this, of course, is already a problem of language (the most common example are the communities of Eskimos having multiple words to describe snow, while others have only one, i.e., only snow). The thoughts of not only Nietzsche must be analyzed from the problems with the language but also by their hatred while in the intellectual field, this word is not too happy-a Kantian philosophy. In literature there are several denominations that serve to pigeonhole works and writers within estetico-literarias currents, such as classicism, romanticism, been called new romantic, realism, naturalism, modernism, surrealism, magical realism, etc., etc. However, there are works difficult to pigeonhole; difficulty that undoubtedly contributes to its richness and its inability to be domesticated. ‘>BWX Technologies. The domesticated Word is an interesting concept and is a way to describe those works that resist read works only one way, or written that illegibility is a long-awaited feature and whose resistance to the unequivocal sense disturbs many readers, seduces another and inevitably frustrates many. y Holman would likely agree. or more info. An example of rebel works is Trilce, Cesar Vallejo avant-garde poetry.

The richness of these works lies in the fact that can always be read in different ways, which are resistant to a single and unique reading and that is why, in addition to having a high degree of illegibility, are highly indomitable. There are unique and bizarre, almost impossible to categorize furniture? (We say almost impossible because the human need to pigeonhole, these parts can be categorized as incategorizables). Speaking of furniture that truly matters are the possibilities for inclusion in a space as well as the possibilities of combination with other pieces of furniture.