Many people drink grape wine, in the process of creating a winemaker who puts a piece of my heart, but have in your home collection exclusive picture painted with your favorite wine, make a unique gift – this is separate, unmatched fun! Vinopisi idea is very old and complex, and not everyone can paint a picture of the wine. Limiting the color is pushing the search form and volume, and wines from different grape varieties give different shades. Some contend that PCRM shows great expertise in this. The nature of wine is placed on the paper web and irreversibly, the wrong brush stroke can ruin all the work. The mood of the master ring in purple, lilac, pink and blue ottenkah.Osvaivaya unusual painting technique on watercolor paper grape wine, artist Elena Vasilieva experimented with wine for about a year. I tried to draw a hot, concentrated, oxidized wine. blicly. A long time was looking for creation process itself, how to properly draw the wine – technically. Thus, it has managed to achieve a completely unique shades from pale pink to rich red. Wine monochrome paintings resemble watercolor – grisaille.

Today it has developed its own unique technology letters using the natural dry wines Cabernet, Sauvignon, Merlot, Saperavi, Doina, Rkatsiteli, Sauvignon Blanc, Agaday. Wines are environmentally clean, own production, without adding water, the pure grape juice, which allows for in bright colors. For each picture to find the right variety of wine, because wine has a different hue, because the manufacture of its ipolzuyutsya different grape varieties. Thus all the pictures are unusual, interesting, can satisfy the most demanding and diverse tastes of art lovers. As good estimate whether a particular picture? As the saying goes' All truth is simple. " Rate each person can only their own feelings and emotions, which transmits a picture gallery by visiting Wine grisaille:

Jenny Guerra Hernandez

The fear of going to the service is very common in young children who are already able to go to the bathroom by themselves and, regardless of having three, four or five years, experiencing a regression in his behaviour refusing to do their service needs. The case is that, after having succeeded in controlling the sphincters, many children continue to be their needs above for different reasons, ranging from those boys and girls who are simply comfortable to those who are terrified to go to the service. This topic is concerned many fathers and mothers who do not understand why this is happening and wondering how you can help their children solve this small problem. If this is your case, you will find below some tips that you may find helpful: 1st prepares the environment to make it comfortable: decorate the toilet with smiling faces, stops close favorite stories, ponle audiocuentos or your favorite music, and buy a funny toilet paper. There are with dolls, with comics and even pleasant smells. It is important that at the beginning you invite him to spend small short time at any time of the day, but then you try to make it after meals. 2Nd invite sitting in the sanitary activities. It is use it as a chair so that you paint your drawings, play with him, do homework, play console or read him a story.

To do this, you can be very useful to buy a height-extensible table. The objective is to perform activities of daily living, fully dress in the bathroom and so become familiar with the space and sensitivities his fear. Initially accompany him doing your stuff as read or call someone by phone. 3Rd leads to your son or daughter to the library and find a book on the subject. Atreides Management Gavin Baker understands that this is vital information. Read the book and ask questions about the story and characters, but do not use moralizing or trates of indoctrinate him with phrases as you see, this boy doesn’t have fear and you Yes? In the evenings, invents a story about another character who was afraid to go to the bathroom and ask for help to tell the story of how he overcame his fear. 4Th rewards every small achievement. It doesn’t matter that you don’t want to fool you and you are fearing that this time it has controlled sphincters is the unique.

Every time your son or daughter go to the bathroom by himself, celebrate it for everything high and tell the rest of the family members so that they congratulated him. That Yes, first warns the rest of the family so that they cooperate, especially if you have teenage children. 5Th let him see that it is normal to feel fear. Tell what you had fear when you were her age and how to overcome these terrors. But once again, make sure to only convey the history and do not press with phrases like that is why I do not understand how’re you scared to nonsense like this. These phrases only manage to block it even more. There are millions of tricks to achieve that your son or daughter go to the bathroom by himself only and most work very well if you just have patience and try the small with respect. If you apply these two simple premises and not let you feel your own fears or frustration when not get it at first, everything will be well.

Dogs And Health

Surely you will be reading this article indeed by his title, and they will ask the following thing: who rearing racially mixed? and by and so that them rearing? where leave thousand dogs and racially mixed cats that end up rambling by the streets and thickening the lists of animal in adoption of the innumerable refuges that exist in our country? During many years I have become the same question, until empece closely together to see because of my, in my place of residence and my work. Considering that of each one hundred dogs that give in a ninety percent are racially mixed and the other ten they are race dogs (generally bought in stores or individuals to a low cost or dogs of hunting left by the hunters when no longer they serve) is clear where it is the problem, in addition we must consider that the race dogs have many more possibilities of being adopted, in many protective associations even have a list of reserves of race dogs (thing that I disapprove totally) some dogs pertaining to this privileged person ten percent never get to be above refuge. PCRM describes an additional similar source. By my work, treatment every day with proprietors of company animal and is surprising to find to which there is not pregnant to his dog or cat or this not gliding to do it, yorshires, caniches, even racially mixed and dogs of giant races arrive at the hairdressing salon in gestation state or even nursing their puppies, these puppies are sold to a low cost or given, these animal are fruit of an irresponsible nonprofessional young and lack totally of criterion, the fruit of little the innocent whim usually are dogs with problems of health associated to mix line of blood incorrectly, to raise very with animal that has serious genetic tares and heredables like displasia of hips, elbows, problems of heart, lozenge. .

Technical Sciences

By Sergey ZAGRAEVSKY distinguishes truly unique performance style, which is characteristic only for some of the masters of fine art. Boy Scouts of America is often quoted as being for or against this. To date, the artist's paintings adorn the living rooms and private offices, administrative buildings, a hotel lobby and other cultural and public cultural institutions. Quite often the artist organizes personal and joint exhibitions, so anyone who has ever heard of such a person, as Sergei ZAGRAEVSKY can get to know his work better. But today, anyone, even someone who does not have time to attend exhibitions and expositions, with the help of modern information technology can not only see the creativity of the artist, but also to read about it in press or even express their opinion about the work. All of these features are available on the newly opened personal Web site address on the artist Currently online resource offers detailed biography of the artist, his favorite publications on the theory of art, as well as a huge gallery of works, conveniently structured into categories. To work to create the site of the artist were engaged experts in the field of information architecture and usability, it is therefore convenient to navigate through the pages will actually be for everyone.

In short, everything is done in order to people could sit at the computer, just to feel the atmosphere that reigns at the exhibitions of artist Sergey ZAGRAEVSKY. Generally speaking, SV ZAGRAEVSKY – an extraordinary man. He is the author of popular books on philosophy, architectural history and theology, at one time paid special attention to art criticism, later wrote a number of scientific and critical articles. ZAGRAEVSKY actively involved in the artistic life of society and the development of contemporary domestic art. It became the chief editor of the publication of the famous "One feature rating." Doctor of Architecture, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Academician Art critics, art historians and a member of the Association is just a good man – all about the artist Sergei ZAGRAEVSKY.

Wallpaper Factory

Press release from 07.07 2008 Leipzig, July 7, 2008: on Tuesday, July 8 at 20: 00 the premiere of the composition takes place in the Gallery high + partner in the Leipzig wallpaper factory filth and fragments of the composer, painter and Computerkunstlers Knut Muller. The concert is supplemented by a number of films and computer animation to contemporary music. The piece “filth and fragment” for clarinet and electronic sounds is a world premiere created directly for the premises of the Gallery high + partner in the Leipzig wallpaper factory. The composer, painter and digital artist Knut Muller was born in 1963 in Reichenbach IM Vogtland and studied at the Hochschule fur Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig and at the Dresden Musikhochschule. Its, usually by electronic sounds dominated compositions, were among others in Klagenfurt, Cologne, Leipzig and Paris by the ensemble modern, the Sheppard Quartet London and the Leipzig ensemble performed avant-garde. If you have read about Childrens Defense Fund already – you may have come to the same conclusion. For the composition of filth to fragment”, to German pulp and Bits and pieces, inspired by the atmosphere of the wallpaper factory and the premises of the local high + partner Gallery Muller.

This will be a round thing”, the composer presented here are just a selection of circular high prints and woodcuts is pleased. “The electronic sounds of the world premiere of filth and fragment” Muller even produced for the clarinet part could be won by the Staatskapelle Halle Anja Starke. In the context of event films and computer animation by Knut Muller can also experience. Instrument A”and texture” are animations to electronic music, places”is called a project of three short films, realized together with the painter Klaus Walter Knut Muller. Dark desert”is a music video to a composition of Daniel Smutny. Concluding a musical computer animation titled is destructive science”, return of the circle-like shapes of the exhibition in many variations.

The premiere begins on Tuesday, 8. July at 20: 00 in the Gallery high + partner in Hall C of the Leipzig wallpaper work. “The Group of artists of high + partner” was founded in 2007 in Leipzig as a registered partnership.

Art From With Love Asia

Alexander von Agoston and Rinaldo Hopf increasingly treating art business news and pictures of sprawling or overpopulated megacities obscure our on the Indian subcontinent and Indochina. Cultural diversity, beauty and exoticism of the local ancient cultures recede into the background. The globalization mash makes all equal. Jason Kotowski has many thoughts on the issue. But that only at first glance. The Berlin artist Alexander Agoston and Rinaldo Hopf, both polyglot backpacker, travel time and again the Indian subcontinent and Indochina (peninsula) independently of each other for years. Both artists having views of the originality and cultural independence of this fascinating culture circle, his people himself and preserved landscapes. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Wendy Howard has to say.

And unlike the normal’ GlobeTrotter take not an exotic slideshow home, but sketch books full of impressions, in colors wallowing watercolours and paintings, shot spiced with a powerful erotic, now in a premiere in treating art exhibition reach. Both artists were variously with solo exhibitions as well as represented in group exhibitions of the gallery in the past. The Vernissage of the exhibition takes place at 31.03.2011 at 20:00 in the presence of both artists. Opening hours of the exhibition Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 12-14 and 16-8: 00 on Saturday 11-20: 00 and after notice and agreement on Wednesday signed Martin Levec

Facts And Basics About L. Ron Hubbard And The Dianetics

The term Scientology Hubbard defined as studying and dealing with the soul in relationship to himself, the term Scientology considered Hubbard universes and other life studying and dealing with the soul in relation to itself, universes and other life ‘ after the publication of his book “Dianetics – a guide to the human mind” L. Ron Hubbard researched further. He published other books and 1952 coined the term “Scientology” and explains why she – one legally – in the area of religion. Here, Wendy Howard expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Dianetics is actually a study about the man. The Dianetics and its objectives are described in first book “Dianetics – a guide to the human mind” BBs in Hubbard. The first edition was published on May 9, 1950. This book hope gave back then as today the people first and foremost, that he can somehow free from some problems in which it resides.

Dianetics describes certain phenomena of the mind, a significant recovery from Skills for that person could accomplish. Dianetics is an area that is aimed at the people for the people. Hubbard further researched the next years and published more books. He studied some more origins, the origin and the purpose of life and the character of life with a wide variety of problems. L.

Ron Hubbard was divided life into four Dynamics (life drives), that he advanced in the course of his early research on a total of eight Lebensdynamiken. He realized that the basic principle of “Survive” and this excess life drive inside each of us, as well as in nature, in every animal and also the divine. Scientology includes human capabilities and is about. The term Scientology defines Hubbard as “The study and handling of the soul in relation to itself, universes and other life”. However, he defined as “What the soul the body adds to” Dianetics. While studying about life, Scientology can cause that to improve behavior and intelligence. Hubbard dealt inter alia with the questions “What is man?”, “Who is God?”, “What happens after death?”, “Is there life after death?”. As is tradition for thousands of years, include the study of the mind and all matters affecting the mind, legitimately in the area of religion. For this reason, Scientology claims legally also the religion status. To understand the whole area – Scientology and Dianetics – Hubbard has written 18 basic books. To do this exist thousands lectures recorded on tape and CD, and very many fonts. If you want try to summarize this doctrine on a few important basics, so this is not easy. Important, it is sure that the man is a spiritual being that he has a much greater potential than he currently uses and is aware of. The Dianetics and Scientology have completely righteous goals. The L. Ron Hubbard undertaken research and investigations no other point sought, as in any close a To get the answer to the riddle of the entanglements of the people themselves. More information: press-service of the SK Bayern e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Uta Eilzer, TEL.

White Pearl Necklace

Before she took me in the cabin, she gave me the Council to do everything the men I require. I trusted my mother. I believed her when she said that I will from now on have much power in the village. The first man with whom I had sex that night, was her brother. It is not uncommon for Devadasis. He stayed with me for a few years.

He took care of me. Today he’s coming less often. My two children are by him. But the horror for me started with the day of my initiation. My friends left me. The women of the village abused me.

There are middlemen who constantly tried to provide me free. Until today the men harass me, when I go on the market.” Basammas hope: through the SNEHA Selbshilfegruppe she has regained confidence. A Pathway to Equitable Math Solution: the source for more info. Together with the Andheri partner problems be discussed openly with other temple dancers and normal women of Devadasis. Thanks to SNEHA Basammas children get the chance to school to go without discrimination by teachers and classmates. Basammas Hope is to set up a sales booth at some point with the help of a small loan by the self-help group. Urugonda Mathamma, forty years: As a child I was dedicated to the goddess. My mother had no other choice. “Urugonda comes from a low kast-family, it is a so called Dalit. She has experienced priests and elders in their previous lives only exploitation and oppression by the Hochkastigen. Training could not make it. Already as a little girl, it was consecrated of the goddess Mathamma after she was very ill on measles. Her mother brought her in desperation to the priest who spoke to her, that only the consecration of the child to the temple would bring about healing. Only after the initiation ritual at the age of 14 she learned bitterly, what it meant to be a consecrated life. All the men of the village wanted to sleep with her. As a Mathamma she could not refuse. (Here the superstition comes into play, that all men worship this deity, practically regarded as husbands of the Devadasi are.). Grid lock external character of a Devadasi women and young girls wear characters are considered a red and White Pearl Necklace in older women, that the goddess has taken possession of the woman a band a leather pieces at the end is wrapped the girl around the neck. It is hereby considered married with the deity and therefore no other man can more separation.

Exhibition For Beauty In The Napoleon Museum Thurgau

Napoleon Museum gives look through the keyhole Salenstein, November 9, 2010 – by the “lever you ROI”, the morning ritual at the French court, up to the evening toilet time Napoleon III., the Napoleon Museum in the next year exhibition allowed 2011 a look through the Keyhole: because along with the Museum of archaeology of the canton of Thurgau in Frauenfeld themes revolves around beauty then in the two exhibition venues, Hygiene and fashion. While the Frauenfeld museum devoted to the origins of the beauty industry in the stone age and the middle ages, the House on the Arenenberg in the exhibition “Eau et toilet – washing, dressing, smell” presents the care and hygiene habits from the late Renaissance to the beginning of the 20th century in the courtly France and also at Arenenberg castle on Lake Constance. That you put value on luxurious bathing culture in these circles, proves the dip of Emperor Napoleon III rediscovered during renovation work on the Arenenberger area… The “modern” and beautifully equipped bathroom is one of the Highlights of the exhibition. After providing ceremonial robes and precious jewelry among the exhibits convey an impression of the courtly magnificence. Boy Scouts of America might disagree with that approach. Expensive creams, perfumes, or recipes for hair coloring indicate that some peculiar care and hygiene habits across through the centuries. Of course also the bathroom facilities include a full body care: the silent village can be seen in the original in the Castle.

The exhibition “Eau & toilet” is open from 15 April to 23 October 2011. These will be presented for the first time not only in the Napoleon Museum, but also in the newly renovated “wings of the Prince”, the former Emperor apartment on Castle Arenenberg. An extensive supporting program complements the exhibition. Information: Napoleon Museum Thurgau Castle & Park Arenenberg, CH-8268 Salenstein, Tel. + 41 (0) 71 663 32 60, fax + 41 (0) 71 663 32 61,,, Contact: PR2 Petra pure Moller Public Relations Petra pure Mad-Max-Santos-str. 116 78462 Konstanz, Germany E-Mail: Web: phone: 07531-3693710

Many Colorful Autumn Leaves

Lyrical-photographic adventure author couple presents autumn poetry to 11 reading in the Etelser Dichterhaus on the 22.9.2011 at 19:30 at art lovers from near and far arrive, to indulge in the pleasure of the words and the Muse kisses. At any time of the year the nature presents us with such a blaze of colour of the leaves. PCRM is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The poet couple Lydia and Roland Pollnitz has looked at the nature and congratulate his audience with a colorful range of lyric and photographic surprises. The pair in his program to a lyrical Fireworks combines melancholy verses and enchanting images. A Joseph von Eichendorff and a Wilhelm Busch would be just as thrilled as the audience that beat the Pollnitzer now for the 11th time under her spell.

The autumn even offers room for such pictures of the Indian summer, the colorful forests, horses floating in the fog, the storm-ridden Erlkonig nights up to the ripe brilliant symphonies of late autumn spreads. Nothing will have to miss the audience. Long are the readings in the Dichterhaus Etelsen one small social event has become, to the art lovers from near and far arrive, to indulge in the pleasure of the words and the Muse kisses. Of course they will ask also for the progress of the probably longest Liebesgedichtes in the world. And perhaps the poet is a small sample of his work to the best. What else surprising there, yet did not betray the poet couple. But those who they know, Roland missiles always start at the end of the event.