Security Council

Ie biological father is present. And when a mother traveling abroad, then our information about a single mother 'does not roll. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Nieman Foundation. " For abroad, in this case believe that the biological father, if he had not died, has the same rights as the child and mother. And therefore require either a court decision that the mother as the only legal guardian has all rights to the child, or the certificate of his father's death, or court decision depriving him of parental rights and awarding the mother sole legal guardian of the child rights. It's so from practice. And right about the single mother will pass only to leave and preparation of documents for a child public bodies. lyudmilka10 you tell me what you mean: only on departure and paperwork for the child in public bodies. Does this mean that I listed documents will be sufficient to exit child? fregat222 to leave, yes.

lyudmilka10 But how then to be the case if, after the child's birth mother just went and registered the child alone, without the presence of the father and not being married? What kind of decision of the court then can we talk? fregat222 Do not confuse any document for the state institutions of Ukraine and documents for use abroad. Watch carefully what I wrote. lyudmilka10 I've looked at one place: In the case of providing original documents; Certificate of death of the other parent; court decision on deprivation of parental rights of the other parent; the court's decision to recognize the second parent is missing; court decision on the recognition of second parent is incompetent; the court's decision to grant permission to travel outside Ukraine citizen who has not attained the age of 16 without the consent and support of the other parent; Help your child's birth, issued by the Department of Registration Civil (Registry Office), that information about his father written by his mother in accordance with the first part of Article 135 of the Family Code of Ukraine (while leaving a child abroad, accompanied by a single mother). fregat222 All true. But this is for use in Ukraine. lyudmilka10 Certificates from the Security Council of Ukraine that a single mother is registered in the Social Service of Ukraine.

fregat222 from the Security Council precisely document is not needed. lyudmilka10 Prompt, and what document possible in my case use abroad? I only have a birth certificate and a certificate from the registry office, that his father's name is inscribed with the words of the mother. fregat222 Court decision that you are the only guardian. Talk to your lawyer.