Internet Choice

We say that Adults, like children. American Diabetes Association shines more light on the discussion. Indeed, millions of lakomok hote show. This may be the most banal box of chocolates. But still better puzzled to find and buy delicious original gift beloved that predispose to you and delight and surprise a loved one. In addition to cakes with unusual fruits and flowers, which are too colorful, but not always delicious, look for chocolate.

Many species of this incomparable delicacy can easily buy. Chocolate shaxmaty – for intellectuals, chocolate grand piano – for those whose way of life associated with the music, and a bouquet of flowers shokoladnyx replace the combination of two gifts. We are all a little bit of childhood, and chocolate as if a moment comes back. Choose a perfume – delicate thing. Some believe that giving their indecorous. It really is quite possible to extend the limits of decency: if the smell will have on the soul, then for a long time will evoke positive emotions, but it is not always the case. Pick up a lady fragrance of your choice, and even more dangerous in the choice of the seller, is strictly prohibited.

All the same every woman wants to be an individual, even in this. Nevertheless, the spirits can give, you need to peek at the brand of perfume or hostess to pick up the flavor. Men are no less pereborchivye, therefore, and the ladies should be more circumspect in the choice of perfume for a loved one men. However duxi, chocolates, flowers have become a tradition, almost hackneyed gifts. And as difficult to come up, find the latest gift ideas favorite to get to the apple and surprise and happy that a little shock. Here, it's not the real values and not exclusivity, and to a beloved woman's eyes lit up with delight. Today greetings through the Internet are nothing new. Who have not yet received congratulations by email? However, publicly greetings through a blog (online diary) still holds first steps outside the box. What to congratulate so you must first create your blog now and then videos, pictures, photos to use to express a feeling loved.


Thermostat (from the Greek. Therme – heat, heat; statos – standing, motionless), a device for maintaining a preset temperature. Thermostats call two groups of instruments: the finished product. For example, a laboratory thermostat to maintain set temperature for the cultivation of microorganisms; sensor that when a certain set temperature, enables or disables the actuator. Also thermostats are divided into two types – mechanical and electronic. In mechanical thermostats used mechanical (physical) properties of materials, such as changing the geometry of the material or its volume. Feature mechanical thermostat is that they do not have their own electricity.

The electronic thermostats used sensor, readings from which are read by an electronic circuit thermostat. Mercury thermostats are mercury thermostats one of the earliest types of thermostats, and now because of the toxicity of mercury are not used. There are two principles of mercury thermostats: mercury, rising to a height designated in thermometric vessel closes electrical contacts or impacts on some devices. The accuracy of the thermostat as high as 0,01 C. This thermostat is mainly used in industrial environments.

mercury sensor mounted on the bimetallic element, which is when the temperature changes its position or configuration and leads the mercury sensor. The accuracy of the thermostat was dependent on the accuracy of the bimetallic element and as high as 0,5 C. Thermostat used in both industrial and home environments. The bulb with mercury attached to the bimetallic element, a temperature-responsive and tilt the flask in one direction or another.