Dynamic Concepts

Static and dynamic concepts of accounting had an important influence on the future direction of the formation of accounting and in the world and in Russia. Filed under: CBC, Australia. In particular, the relevant theories have been borrowed by various methodological techniques, accounting principles, as well as contemporary accounts. The Russian accounting balance can be considered as an element of a static concept, and the profit and loss account – as element of a dynamic concept. But, despite the fact that modern accounting area formed under the influence of distinct concepts in the Russian Federation accounting focuses more on static registration. Vida Vacation New York has much experience in this field. Accounting is a streamlined system for collecting, recording and consolidating information in monetary terms, the assets, liabilities organizations and their movement through a continuous, uninterrupted and documentary record of all business transactions.

In recent years, in various articles of the special journals devoted to accounting, the authors began to mention an accounting of the new direction. In other words, the present while there are three types of accounting: – static – dynamic – static actuarial accounting – it's accounting, whose main purpose is to determine whether to allow the implementation of property (assets) entrepreneur at the moment to get the amount needed to cover its payables. Dynamic Accounting – Accounting is the main objective is the identification and calculation of reliable financial result of industrial and economic activities of economic entities. Actuarial Accounting – Accounting is oriented mainly to international financial reporting standards (IFRS), which expresses the interests of potential and current investors.

Signed Contract

But if you still need clarification, then please be patient and get through to the relevant units of the bank. In order to avoid confusion with payments, also recommend to make the amount designated in the contract in a timely manner, without delay with the regular payments and not paying for them ahead. Frequent situation in consumer loans – penalties for early repayment of the loan or repayment of the loan against a fixed schedule of payments. The same thing happened to our hero, but the fine was deducted by the bank with a credit card for through which the bank sought to write-offs still 22% per annum (the interest rate on credit limit credit card). Bank error in turn is a lack of proper training and supervision of employees own front office. Mistake number 4 What we have – do not store, lost – lament loss of the contract – not the most pleasant event, in addition, without the borrower is totally unequipped for the bank. The first step is to discover the loss, must be addressed either in the head office of the bank or a department in which credit was received (the loan officer at the store) and request a copy of the signed documents. Otherwise, you lose the possibility of something to defend and demand, since you have no documentary evidence of your rightness. Thus, if the contract or a copy you will be much easier to communicate with the bank, properly and promptly repay the loan and supervise bank activity in the exposed part of the requirements.


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