Plinio Lopez Builder

He might not be a priest but many want to confess to him neverthless. Not a doctor but knows a thousand remedies. Climber but not used to seeing the world from above. It is not a psychologist but gives tips for a happier life. Not the finance minister, but has the country’s economy in the head. His profession is an economist.

His vocation, maestro. His gentile, and his name maicaero: Plinio Lopez Jimenez. I met a warm morning in August 1983. The mayor of the time we had been granted a hearing and all the directors of the Association of Students of the University of La Guajira Residents Maicao (Eugrem) we come to consider the most pressing needs of the organization. There was no, that nobody had invited him, a new student of the many who were registered at the beginning of the semester. During the interview with the municipal president made some interesting contributions and in addition to the usual requests for gasoline, tires, spare parts and pay for drivers, making proposals related to literacy programs, tree planting campaigns and the like of interest to all those attending the meeting. When we left I decided to learn the identity of this surprising sophomore and making inquiries I got the surprise of my life: the alleged student first half proved to be a teacher just part of the University and, for better signs, a resident of Maicao.

The new teacher becomes a companion and since then was on our side in the most important battles fought from the student organization. The citizenship seemed to be in it a vice. Kept intact energy accumulated during his time as a student of the Faculty of Economics, University of the Atlantic and was always available for all initiatives in which we engage, including the founding of the Casa de la Cultura of Maicao, the beginning of the University of La Guajira Extension Maicao, the placing on the air radio program and University Life radiophone whereby we get the resources for the purchase of our first bus. Pliny was a student teacher’s face and heart of town. So much was the appreciation of students in more than one occasion proposed to chair the association that represented us. a l always declined the offer but went ahead in the fight. And went on to become the godfather, the putative father of all. The professors of the University when they met dis-apply the case of someone in his subject, knew what was the solution: put the complaints to Pliny, who used every persuasive means at its disposal to recover the family negroid veejay university . Pliny was born in Maicao on July 12 at home.