Blood Donations

One has promoted the Donations of Blood tediously, which is positive, but of equal way it would have to promote the Donations of Organs, so that we continued being the cellar of the World as far as donations of organs. According to the Ministry of health, the needs of Blood in the Hospitals of Peru border the 280.000 units, number reached in the last campaign of the 14 of June, that Garci’a told on the support of President Alan, like in the Telethon in favor of the Home San Juan de God but that there is really behind these transfusions? According to the World-wide Organization of the Health, 42 Countries, their 200 members, lack the capacity to analyze all the blood coming from donations and to discard presence of Virus and bacteria well-known, that is to say that in a quarter of the world, the Blood obtained in the day of the Donation, which they are thousands and thousands of units properly are not selected like Apt for a Transfusion, fact that can bring consequences unfortunate in short and the long term to the possible beneficiaries with a Transfusion the capacity will have the MINSA and hastens to analyze exhaustive near 300.000 units of Blood that have been donated, applying rigorous techniques to detect Virus, irregular antibodies, infectious tests of serology, tests to measure the level of Transaminasas and test of the NAT Hopefully! The same WHO, reiterates, that in 47% of the poor countries the analysis of the blood does not fulfill the basic procedures to guarantee their quality, this means that in a great amount of countries in via of development the units of Blood they are a risk, that immediately aid, but in the long run make damage. The President of the Republic, if an important roll plays, in the motivation to the citizenship, his show is important, necessary but is a pity that does not listen to the massive outcry of the thousands of people who require Transplant of Organs and that we have asked to him publicly, through newspapers, Internet and in the secretary of the Presidency that heads a campaign in favor of the Donation of Organs! but, neither it, nor their Ministers, nor their friendly responds to this outcry, the Transfusions and the Transplants are the unique medical therapy whose accomplishment depends exclusively on the Solidarity of the people, because the Blood is irreplaceable by artificial products and only the Organism is able to produce it. In conclusion we can say, that the campaigns in favor of the Donation of Blood, are important and necessary, but we cannot avoid the Risks that the same WHO notices and we like Country, we are in that group of Risk, many children and innocent adults walk with the Virus of AIDS and of the different Hepatitis in its Blood. In addition in the mysterious Blood, still enemy hair nets circulate, like were it up to 1989 the Virus of the Hepatitis C, for that reason that people benefitted with a Transfusion until before 1989 with blood units safe, finished soon infected by this Virus, without being able to make responsible to anybody, because this tiny beasts not yet were identified, nevertheless either circulated in the blood, or infected, or killed for that reason the MINSA would have to carry far the measures in order to avoid painful sequels.