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Family Protection Factory

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The gap between rich and poor is widening more and more and the Germans have to suffer increasing poverty. People who are themselves, or fault in a precarious situation, often unable to free itself from this situation. Most children have to suffer under the resulting offences. The charitable family protection work Association City Federation Berlin helps children from poorest backgrounds and contributes to greater equity in our society. The Club has established itself as a solid institution in Berlin within the last few years and provides vital support work for many families. Although the family protection work is already largely exhausted, of course no help will be knocked out needy children in urgent cases. Because the children in the family protection work is individually handled, the charitable work is very labour intensive. On the basis of which searches for qualified personnel, with whose help the support can be further expanded.

Berlin’s recipe for success is to be exported also to other cities. For this purpose, the family protection work plans to open a further children’s kitchen in Germany. Expected to be the second site will commence later this year its operations. With regard to the location, Phil Schneider, the founder of the family protection works e.V., still in negotiations with cities and owners of potential premises stands. Should continue the success story of the family protection work, can in the future with the opening of further locations in Germany be expected – the needy children will be pleased! Children’s kitchen can be contacted as follows: family protection factory e.V. Association of cities Berlin children’s kitchen Oldenburger Strasse 23 10551 Berlin 030 / 81617855

B16 Club

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New Ambassador for the B16 Club for children child poverty is one thing with the highest priority. Filed under: Center for Responsible Business. We are committed us at B16 to just to write this big on our own flag. We wanted and we got to do something. But as in so many endeavors the motto also applies to us: only together we are really strong. We are looking for companions and may new successes at ever shorter intervals. Also this time we managed again, a great artist for our cause to enthusiastically: Claus Eisenmann. Claus has become very well known in the German-speaking with the band “Sohne Mannheims”.

“Together with Xavier Naidoo I put then the foundation stone for the sons of Mannheim in the basement of my parents” tells us the very likeable singer from Mannheim and retold: “we started very small, have sung in front of 20 spectators, our band was something special and we knew that”. His features assume something special as he raves about the old days, “we have it “further upwards, songs such as ‘Go out of it’, managed to ‘Life’ hits were simply hammer”. And then, his eyes are shining: “with ‘ and if a song…’ I sang a Duet with Xavier, which will be forgotten”. Claus on the question like he because child poverty is: “it’s awful, what’s going on in our country. Each can usually move much, but I see something that makes me hope again in rock against child poverty, hope for a positive development in Germany, for our children. It was”not really hard by my management to convince me for this thing. His call: “all help, let us together something move”

Successful Drug Awareness Campaign

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Munich Club “Say no to drugs” organized education first “international drug – awareness campaign” which is the most effective weapon in the fight against drug abuse. Therefore, the drug prevention plays an important role in modern times. “” The Foundation for a drug-free world “and the affiliated clubs say no to drugs, say yes to life,” the Church in the life created by members of Scientology, perform different actions to the drug education all over the world, to educate children, youth and adults about the social effects of drug abuse. Over 20 years experience with the world’s largest drug awareness campaign, the drug facts about drugs was information kit”issued 10 handy small info books consisting of. They contain facts about cannabis (marijuana, hashish), methamphetamine, ecstasy, crack, cocaine, heroin, methylphenidate (Ritalin, for example), strong medications LSD, as well as information about, since some time like for supposedly better performance, as well as against the pressure at school and work by students, increasingly be taken high-school graduates, students or managers. “The booklet facts about drugs” contains short descriptions of all relevant drugs, including alcohol, inhalants, of the new and extremely dangerous fashion drug Crystal Meth and oxycodone, a prescription narcotic drugs. The respective effects on body and mind, on the basis of facts and descriptions of parties are described in the booklet.

At the weekend, from 23 to 24 August 2008, one was for the first time international drugs awareness campaign”carried out in different cities and countries in a joint action by the Foundation and the affiliated clubs. These actions in the cities of Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf took place in Germany. The members of the Munich Club say no to drugs, “organized a March from the ISAR gate to the East train station in Munich and distributed to stakeholders “and interested the information booklets the truth about drugs”, which were also very good appeal. Drogenkonum means: unhealthy, less efficiency, impairment, school failure, etc. For those who want to do something with regard to drug abuse, the Foundation provides a packet of information with their affiliated clubs for free. It does not have a manual for the prevention work with precise activities, you can perform a drug-free community, to bring about school, etc.. “The information package the truth about drugs” also a DVD that rounds off the package containing the 10 educational booklets. The DVD includes a video presentation that shows the extent of the international drugs prevention programme and contains a series of TV spots, with which young people will be prompted to obtain the necessary facts, to make an informed decision to remain drug-free.

Properly conducted drug education works. You save Millions of lives. The responsibility of the Foundation and of all affiliated clubs is to ensure that the necessary facts get children and young people, the self-certain choice to be able to lead a life without drugs. That there are solutions to the drug problem, already author and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard knew in 1969. There is, therefore, the first step is to understand why anyone ever of drugs will depend.

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