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Self understanding, tasks, principles and vision the mission statement of voluntary exchange Hamburg from the virtual database in the Internet to the FreiwilligenBorseHamburg, the Agency for burgerschaftlichesund economic engagement in the metropolitan region of Hamburg. Situation from the original static online database evolved since 2003 continuously the FreiwilligenBorseHamburg. The Agency for civic and economic engagement is now a recognized hub for corporate social responsibility in the metropolitan area. The digital, ever-expanding Internet presence is maintained manually, be discussed at several strategic locations around the theme of volunteering personally interested citizens and volunteers. Staff of the FreiwilligenBorseHamburg are willing to dialogue outside regulated working hours. Today, more than 1,600 items reside in 1,100 projects of over 600 different organisations in the database (Status: February 2009), the civic Hamburg’s engagement across religions, cultures and Association membership, maps.

The database is still accessible for anyone and at any time on the Internet. Task as Agency for civic engagement makes it FreiwilligenBorseHamburg to the task to inform people about the regional volunteering to show possibilities and in volunteering to mediate. Organistationen can find volunteer through the volunteer BorseHamburg. This concern is supported in addition to the personal advice by employees through a broad and intensely linked website ( Through continuous commitment and intense networking in the social space of Hamburg has FreiwilligenBorseHamburg bundled and diverse knowledge and contacts.

All this offered demand and free projects, organisations, and companies at different stages of life. The FreiwilligenBorseHamburg accompanied formation intermittently, Changes and collaboration processes. Understanding the FreiwilligenBorseHamburg is a dynamic project. You is voluntary and voluntary commitment and see himself in a continuous, open-ended process. She want to encourage civic and economic engagement and instigate and operates this from the power of the idea and the necessity. Thus, the FreiwilligenBorseHamburg see volunteering as a process of everyday life and not as charity”- thus paving the way to a socially engaged civil society. Principles the FreiwilligenBorseHamburg acts: transparent, tolerant, solidarity, dialogue, apolitical, religion-independent, not for profit, prejudices – and least. These maxims describe the moral and legal framework of action of the FreiwilligenBorseHamburg, thus allowing no extreme views in their ranks. This demonstrates and promotes the FreiwilligenBorseHamburg variety and linked to a wide range of people, organizations and all levels. The FreiwilligenBorseHamburg is committed exclusively to the public and not-for-profit work. The FreiwilligenBorseHamburg is part of which involved supported initiative Hamburg by the Senate of the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg”. The citizen is at the Centre of action voluntarily engaged learn appreciation, support find support. Vision / purpose of the FreiwilligenBorseHamburg considered the public space as part of society and wants to actively participate in their design. The goal is the implementation of a policy approved and funded model project, which can be transferred to other metropolitan areas. The FreiwilligenBorseHamburg aims at linking economic, non-profit organizations and voluntary work to the mutual benefit. In its function as a social hub for volunteering, the FreiwilligenBorseHamburg will support diversity and expand. Social projects are developed in cooperation with partners according to need and igniting ideas- regardless of financial resources.