YLOD – Four Letters Which No Gamer See

Reballing – the solution to the well-known YLOD problem gamers hate even more defeats, but yellow lights! It is 2-2 in the 119th minute of extra and the defence of the opponent varies. The victory is within reach, and shortly before the victory over the best buddy and simultaneous nemesis can be celebrated, assume the lights of the console. Source: Prof. of Internet Governance. All the lights up on a yellow flashing signal lamp in the display bar of the console. Hardcore gamers will immediately know what happened: not only the prestigious match was not just won, also the beloved PlayStation has adopted for an indefinite period in the Kingdom of Fables. The perceived 50 degrees in the room are not lead, but on the console, which has been working since a long time already at the limit back to the high blood pressure of both Contracting Parties. Among professionals, one speaks of the yellow light of death’ (yellow light of death) and is nothing more than an ad that the console is for the time being no longer suitable in principle.

What happened? The long-running of the console requires it, that the graphics chip (GPU) long non – stop most work is. As a result, more and more with the built-in fan unable the unit heats up, the temperature in the same way as she rises again sufficient to curtail. As a result, The contacts between the motherboard and the graphics unit melt (usually lead bullets as a transmitter be included) and can not receive signals correctly more/send. Early solutions were presented but (re adjustment of contacts by radiant heaters), which again brought everything up and running, but not long-term solution can be considered, because in a few cases, the actual source of the error is handled. Basically, no console to the healthy state is produced as a perfect alignment of the two units would take (too) much time together during the production. The help has a name: Reballing a professional repair of the problem PS3 deals that, to reorient the contacts on the graphics chip. While the old contacts must rendered are so into the empty socket of the Board new lead bullets can be melted (Reballing). This procedure requires that real equipment, provides maximum efficiency and above all long-term fix the YLOD but because chip and motherboard are also perfectly locked to reassemble. Lioncast GmbH