Create A Paradise !

Finally it happened! Last spring, for me, as a landscape designer, began to address not only those with big beautiful houses on the outskirts of Minsk, but those who know the most common garden plots of 6-10 acres of land. To broaden your perception, visit PCRM. Personally, I'm pleased with it: people are beginning to change their conservative view, saying that giving just to exist and to grow cucumbers on it, tomatoes, potatoes, that is, all the time from sunrise to sunset is in position "sic." This situation, unfortunately, in most cases, still exists today. What kind of self-denial, fighting for full self-urozhaygorodskie farmers! Trains, buses, pedestrian crossings, 6.5 kilometer times, carts, backpacks, weeding, fertilizing, watering, pest control and the June-chills are just some adversity and work with experienced cottager every weekend. I'm sure if there was a device that measured all these man-hours – it simply would any high! Had long been paid off, such work up a sweat. And if we add to it the cost of a horse for plowing, plowing, buy seeds and "gold" manure? .. And the result? Several kilograms of tomatoes, carrots, onions – and not one hour of rest.

Our neighbors in the country, for example, each fall, collecting his tiny harvest swear: "Everything will be enough for next year area planted with bushes, lawn – and we enjoy life. "Spring comes – and again they make lots and lots of beds. "But what about pootdyhat?" – I ask. Instead of answering, the owner of the hostess just smiled.


It so happened that the house – it’s not just patrimony, but also the indicator of social status. Business card at home – is facing facade, which can tell you about the status of the owner, its practicality, numeracy savings. Except all finish at home not only to “odezhka” in which the encounter, but the protection cottage from the cold, damp, heat. Therefore, the problem at least in the choice of facing materials – Durability and comfort of living at home in it. The task of maximum – and add beauty, harmony, environmental safety of the material.

Lining material, which can easily perform all tasks – clinker. With all the variety can not find that other material with so many positive qualities. Clinker is a special place and that’s why. Clinker is the strength of natural stone, presented in a convenient format facing brick, maintenance free and repair, and retains the original new look for an unlimited time. Clinker is absolutely clean and safe material, because it includes only clay and water, and no dyes. Gains its unique properties due to high-temperature roasting, about 1,100 degrees. So profitable and differs from the usual ceramic bricks high strength, resistance to moisture, frost.

For the quality of coating materials is their demands, here are some of them are up to 6% water absorption, frost resistance over 50 cycles, the strength of 35 MPa, the density of a hollow stone – 1600 kg/m2, the thermal conductivity of 0.5-0.7 W / mC. All these requirements are met by any clinker brick. Clinker brick, a material that is presented in a wide color scheme. The whole palette of colors achieved by mixing different colors of clay, without the addition of colorants. Therefore, the color is uniform on clinker the entire section of brick, and will never fade or tarnish. Another method used to expand the range of toning – is causing engobe or glaze. So, can produce glossy, smooth surface clinker product. The composition of the glaze and engobe also contains only natural ingredients. In addition to color effects are widely used and structural nuances, such as grooves, adding sand, traces of coal burning. Technology clinker facade facing the same as the ceramic facing brick. Facing may be conducted simultaneously with building brick masonry, and may after the construction process. Clinker bricks are well combined with many construction materials: concrete, wood, stone. If your budget includes sufficient costs to build a house, choose a clinker. This material is proven by many years of service in European cities. In Europe, there is no other brick, except for clinker. Admiring the century-old buildings of clinker bricks, which have preserved the spirit and history, and a neat appearance, you realize that the clinker – the best tile material. In the house of clinker will be able to live your grandchildren.

Insurance Companies

Investigation of the chimney with modern heating appliances (especially with the increased efficiencies) have shown that the construction according to current building codes even in the year one negates the valiant work builders. Responsibility for errors inherent in the project chimney, newly constructed houses are completely on the organization embodies the idea into reality. The new modern heating equipment homes, properly installed, saves money not only host, but also its neighbors throughout the country. During the construction of the chimney except for technical terms are taken into account the natural characteristics of the location of construction, as well as the fact that the new generation boilers and provides indisputable high efficiency of 75-90% or more, by lowering the temperature, the yield of products of combustion. Low gas temperature at the boiler outlet (less than 100 C) leads to the formation of condensation in chimney, which is fraught with the destruction of the latter, if no action is taken to its waterproofing (1m3 of gas when burned produces up to 1.7 liters of water).

Brick chimney, built the traditional method, does not stand for long in such conditions, because it can not quickly heat up, which leads to condensation of flue gas on the walls. In this case, the steam condenses and creates an aggressive acidic condensate, which breaks down at a rapid pace brick chimney which may fall on a neighbor's "Mercedes". Given all the factors of environment, you can choose a solution in which the headache for the chimney will not be attending for many years. Tracking the progress of new developments, the second decade, we can give useful advice when choosing the most appropriate project chimney new home and its heating equipment. Hoping to chance during the construction, recommends insuring your health in five or six of Insurance Companies, as costs while guaranteeing the accident should not shoulder the family. The company "smoker" chimneys in the form of offers stainless steel inserts (00X17H14M2) in the existing brick shaft. Information support new projects included in the list of services provided by the company, as well as a full range of specialized services. Complexion modules made products both imported and domestically produced.