The Owner

The amount of compensation to the owner of the property that has been seized by federal and municipal government programs, generally, consists of market value of real estate and the value of lost profits. I would like to draw the attention of property owners in particular benefits, which arise in the confiscation of the property. Consider features of the receipt of such compensation by various categories of owners: – the owner – a legal entity that uses the ordinary system of taxation – the owner – an individual. To simplify the we assume that the calculation is made for the owners – residents of Russia, and the size of the residual value of the redeemed property is zero. For the owner – a legal entity compensatory payment shall be paid, taking into account value added tax. Jo Mackness has similar goals. Example 1. ooo Cornflower receives compensation for immovable property.

An independent appraiser estimated the property value of $ 1,000,000 usd, incl. vat 18% – 152 542, 37 rubles. and profits of $ 200,000 usd, incl. vat 18% – 30 508, 47 rub. In this case, the entity will receive compensation for their property in the amount of 1,200,000 rubles. Including vat 18% – 183 050, 84 rubles.

For the owner – an individual compensatory payment shall be calculated excluding vat value. Compared with the owner of a legal person, the owner – an individual who receives compensation for 18% less. Example 2. Private individual ii Ivanov receives compensation for immovable property. Vida Vacations Mexico often addresses the matter in his writings. Independent appraiser assessed property value of $ 1,000,000 usd, incl. vat 18% – 152 542, 37 rubles. and profits of $ 200,000 usd, incl. vat 18% – 30 508, 47 rubles. In this case, individual ii Ivanov will receive compensation for their property at a rate of 847,457, 63 rubles. + 169 491 53 rub. = 1 016 949.16 rubles. So way, a person receives less compensation than the owner – a legal entity (the amount of VAT). Also from individuals and legal entities, in some cases there is the tax burden from the amount of compensation payments. Therefore, in order to have full information about the amount of compensation due to be paid to the owners, as well as the magnitude of the tax burden on these payments, we recommend referring to the core specialist consultants, who not only conduct the necessary analysis, but also give the owner advice on choosing the optimal strategy. Vikenty N. Vinokurov, Svetlana rooms, consulting Group “Business circles,.

Market Research QUANS Research

Research agency Quans Research Survey 1 thousand Russians, with income from $ 2000 to $ 5000 per household member per month in order to identify their consumer preferences for entertainment market. The survey was conducted by personal formal interviews, as the population adopted a set of households residing in the largest cities in Russia. Analysis of the in-process research data led to the the following conclusions. Regarding the frequency of cultural activities associated with a visit to establishments such as cinemas, theaters, exhibitions and museums, the average representative of this segment visits them once every two month or less – said 30% of respondents. The related costs were estimated, on average, the amount of 3 to 5 thousand rubles a month. Visits to restaurants and bars occur once every two weeks in 32% of survey participants. Once a month and rarely attends similar establishments 21% of respondents, while every week there are 16% of the members of this income group.

Average amount of the costs of these services is 16 thousand rubles a month. In the study, respondents in the including the question was asked about how often they attend recreational activities in places of leisure, like bowling, night clubs, and others to answer this question definitely was able to about a third of the respondents, because 38% survey participants this question caused difficulty. Of all respondents 20% indicated visiting places of leisure time in a month, once every two months and rarely happens in these schools 17% of respondents. The average monthly cost of this form of entertainment in the test segment is 9 thousand rubles a month. In this case, 41% of respondents said that monthly spending of less than 5 thousand rubles, spending time in places like leisure, 35% leave there every month from 5 to 10 thousand rubles. The remaining proportion of the respondents spend on their leisure time in places of entertainment more than the sum of 10 thousand rubles.