Many people drink grape wine, in the process of creating a winemaker who puts a piece of my heart, but have in your home collection exclusive picture painted with your favorite wine, make a unique gift – this is separate, unmatched fun! Vinopisi idea is very old and complex, and not everyone can paint a picture of the wine. Limiting the color is pushing the search form and volume, and wines from different grape varieties give different shades. Some contend that PCRM shows great expertise in this. The nature of wine is placed on the paper web and irreversibly, the wrong brush stroke can ruin all the work. The mood of the master ring in purple, lilac, pink and blue ottenkah.Osvaivaya unusual painting technique on watercolor paper grape wine, artist Elena Vasilieva experimented with wine for about a year. I tried to draw a hot, concentrated, oxidized wine. blicly. A long time was looking for creation process itself, how to properly draw the wine – technically. Thus, it has managed to achieve a completely unique shades from pale pink to rich red. Wine monochrome paintings resemble watercolor – grisaille.

Today it has developed its own unique technology letters using the natural dry wines Cabernet, Sauvignon, Merlot, Saperavi, Doina, Rkatsiteli, Sauvignon Blanc, Agaday. Wines are environmentally clean, own production, without adding water, the pure grape juice, which allows for in bright colors. For each picture to find the right variety of wine, because wine has a different hue, because the manufacture of its ipolzuyutsya different grape varieties. Thus all the pictures are unusual, interesting, can satisfy the most demanding and diverse tastes of art lovers. As good estimate whether a particular picture? As the saying goes' All truth is simple. " Rate each person can only their own feelings and emotions, which transmits a picture gallery by visiting Wine grisaille:

Mosaic Cathedral

XII century Kievan Rus to remarkable and memorable, not only raids Polovets and princely strife. At this time the formation and development of church services. Strengthens the role of churches in public life. Develops a set of large and small monasteries grew by number of dioceses, to increase the amount of land in the monastic estates, and also due to the population, which is also required to make payments to the church. In 1108 Prince Svyatopolk Izyaslavovichem place Demetrius Monastery, built by his father supposedly – Izyaslav I (Demetrius in Baptism) was founded by St.

Michael Cathedral. St Michael's Church had a special importance for the people of Kiev, for he was devoted to Archangel Michael – the heavenly patron of Kiev. Four years later the monastery was decorated with stone Cathedral of the Archangel Michael. Cathedral of the Archangel Michael in the Byzantine tradition, as well as in the image and likeness of many other Russian churches were lavishly decorated with mosaics of glazes and colored stones. Above these great masters of Constantinople worked with mosaics, it is determined the Byzantine style mosaics.

'Shimmering painting 'is called Mosaic Michael's Cathedral – they, like mist, enveloped the entire space of the temple to its then fading, then come up with a bang radiance. Extremely delicate and bright mosaics Michael Cathedral is an outstanding work of ancient art. Mosaic of St. Dimitri of Thessalonica was one of the most famous mosaics of the monastery and cathedral. It was located on the southern edge of the North – east pillar altar area.

Lenin Library

This talent is visible in all the works of the poet, and including his first sketches. On the works of the author can immediately determine how finely he feels the lyrics. When the poems the young poet appreciated his friends, family and just Colleagues, it makes sense to continue in the same spirit. Often it happens that the author does not like his works that were written earlier, but it does not always means that the products are bad. Many poets are very critical apply not only to the creativity of colleagues of the pen, but also to his creativity. Not a few pieces ejected into the box such legendary poets as Pushkin, Lermontov, Yesenin, Mayakovsky, as well as the majority of fans, these works would have to be to their liking, perhaps some of them joined the gold fund of the classics of Russian poetry. In our libraries you can always find a lot of the best poems of different poets and poetry find their favorite authors. Jason Kotowski often addresses the matter in his writings.

In our modern time library, many people associate with something kind of dull and boring place, as a rule, a library used by teachers, people involved in science, students for writing essays, term papers and theses. Each of us know the smell of book dust that hits right in the nose when you discover some old book. Nilly remember a wonderful film – London does not believe in tears when notorious heroine Muravyova used a famous place as the Lenin Library in order to start a dating or just to flirt with men, tend to be academics and lecturers, which are abundant located in the library. Many people like to go to the library to acquire new knowledge for themselves, to read from books and magazines just something interesting, entertaining and informative. As well as frequent visitors to Libraries this beautiful poetry lovers and lovers of certain poets, and of course those who understand what a real, high-quality prose. The reading room is available with unique books make for themselves important records of these books.

Of course, nowadays with the advent of such a thing as the Internet, library attendance has plummeted. Of course, why somewhere special to go or ride, to search through a mountain of books in search of "right" when you can no problems very quickly find all the Internet. It's so convenient to sit at home in a cozy atmosphere with a cup of coffee and read, for example, favorite poems of their authors. It's clear there are still individuals who in the old prefer to visit the library, like to keep in the hands of old books and the quiet rustle of turning pages. Of these libraries can meet fans poet, whose poems rather weak and he wants to learn from the masters Poetry crambo art. In addition to conventional libraries there are private libraries, in which there is also a favorite stihipoetov, rare collection of works of famous and not so famous writers, and valuable old books. Books in private libraries, marked bookplate, which stands for the initials and last name of the library owner. Any intelligent, well-read person at home has its own unique library, which from time to Time is replenished interesting books.

Technical Sciences

By Sergey ZAGRAEVSKY distinguishes truly unique performance style, which is characteristic only for some of the masters of fine art. Boy Scouts of America is often quoted as being for or against this. To date, the artist's paintings adorn the living rooms and private offices, administrative buildings, a hotel lobby and other cultural and public cultural institutions. Quite often the artist organizes personal and joint exhibitions, so anyone who has ever heard of such a person, as Sergei ZAGRAEVSKY can get to know his work better. But today, anyone, even someone who does not have time to attend exhibitions and expositions, with the help of modern information technology can not only see the creativity of the artist, but also to read about it in press or even express their opinion about the work. All of these features are available on the newly opened personal Web site address on the artist Currently online resource offers detailed biography of the artist, his favorite publications on the theory of art, as well as a huge gallery of works, conveniently structured into categories. To work to create the site of the artist were engaged experts in the field of information architecture and usability, it is therefore convenient to navigate through the pages will actually be for everyone.

In short, everything is done in order to people could sit at the computer, just to feel the atmosphere that reigns at the exhibitions of artist Sergey ZAGRAEVSKY. Generally speaking, SV ZAGRAEVSKY – an extraordinary man. He is the author of popular books on philosophy, architectural history and theology, at one time paid special attention to art criticism, later wrote a number of scientific and critical articles. ZAGRAEVSKY actively involved in the artistic life of society and the development of contemporary domestic art. It became the chief editor of the publication of the famous "One feature rating." Doctor of Architecture, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Academician Art critics, art historians and a member of the Association is just a good man – all about the artist Sergei ZAGRAEVSKY.

History Athens

Dorian Invasion of the tribes in the 12th century BC ended the era of the Minoan civilization in southern Greece. In 1066, BC Doric tribes entered the territory of Attica. According to legend, the inhabitants of Athens, led by their king Codru fought bravely against the invasion Dorian tribes, and were able to defend its independence. Codri was the last king of Athens. After his death, residents were unable to find a decent man who would become king after Kodra city. In those years the population of Athens was divided into three social classes: evpatridy (aristocratic landowners), the peasants and artisans.

Place the king of Athens was elected for life is one of the aristocrats (Archon), in addition, drafting laws for the society took up a council of elders. A royal power has been reduced to the organization of ritual sacrifices. Thus, gradually replaced the dying of royal power in Athens came to power aristocratic landowners. In the 7th century BC Athens was host of social and political change. In 594 BC Athenian archon Solon made the first attempt to democratize society by putting into effect its code of laws.

I must say that the code of Solon was not the first. Prior to that in Athens there was a written code of laws which had been compiled Dragon. However, the Code of the Dragon represented the interests only of major landowners. Thus, in the Code of the Dragon for the theft of property of a noble inhabitant of the death penalty in not depending on the size of the stolen. (Incidentally, the expression of the dragon's action comes from the Dragon Code.) The Code also Solon expressed not only the interests of large landowners, but also ordinary citizens of Athens. During the life of Solon to power in Athens came Peisistratos tyrant. Peisistratos sought to enlist the support of the masses by giving away land areas and carrying out public works on the improvement of the city. Peisistratos paid much attention to the development of Arts and Sciences in Athens. It was during his Athens have developed a strong and a Greek polis.

Tennessee Williams

Climbs on stage and doing nothing new. The author was pleased most important! Major prose! The audience looked at his watch. A cat left without attention, indignantly looked at the audience. The author looks at himself. Author So, even in the nineteenth century Hoffman wrote a grand affair 'views Everyday Cat Murr. " On a philosophical turn of mind with his cat can be compared, perhaps, only 'Your humble servant cat' Soseki Natsume. Murr, looking at his master, learning to read and write poetry devoted his beloved cat and arguing about the meaning of life with a familiar dog.

I can advise and parable 'The Way of Missouri' Elias Boyashova. Well, the cat Behemoth of 'The Master and Margarita "Bulgakov can not even call! Intentionally present, however you call it. see how the cat jumps off the stage right at him, turning into a zebra inflatable toy. The participants begin to bandy fun inflatable cat. Author Want more fun? Jerome Jerome Klapka 'As we wrote the novel', it all amusing. Terry Pratchett 'Cat no nonsense' – campaign for real koshachest, with pictures Author! It is quite possible to read the 'Notes of a cat Kebab' by Invision Power Board: less clever than the note Murr, and funny. Presence may simply give a list, and we descend into the library and read everything, everything, really! Author Do not you worry, the library itself will come to you. Click Randall Mays for additional related pages. A list I will give here.

Intentionally present neatly puts a toy cat on the floor, it becomes a cat and washes his feet. Intentionally present takes the paper, sees it: ————– … MORE: Lao Shih 'Notes on the city cat' er … Natalia Romanova 'Utya' -) Ted Williams 'Hvosttruboy, or Adventures of a young cat' Yeah, Ernest Seton-Thompson 'Royal analostanka'! Vladimir Kunin 'Kysya + William Burroughs' Cat in' FF Yuriy Koval 'Shamayka + Paul Gelliko' silent meow ',' Thomasina ',' Jenny '+ ————– The author looks over my shoulder And if you like the image, it is particularly suitable and well-known' Slynx 'Tatyana Tolstoy. Although there are more shows koshachest, not the cat … Intentionally present paper twirls all around And how? Author Yes, yes … (A valuable related resource: WHO Timeline Statement). looking around and leaves. No intentionally present, and how did the play? The author of the wings is nervous and goes even further. Cat do you mean 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' Tennessee Williams? It really is not about cats. Metaphor. He goes to the author, the nerves leaving present. Present Oh no, here it is now … It seems like too play … And here comes the library. It remains as long as the author does not return all the books about cats. The audience happily rush to read about dogs, snowflakes and holly fern. Cat no. Source: Retsenzent.RU

Veterans Shadows

MAY 9 No respite for relay measures the range of years. And grizzled cornets to shine drayut Order. Fart of doom is not much in the God forgotten days of the war. For assistance, try visiting Boy Scouts of America. Branches were broken early shoots family, other trees. Tears from a mug to commemorate the front of all those who are not forgotten.

And remember the face of their children and those children that were born. Continue to learn more with: Kidney Foundation. As before, the rise in numbers in the ranks already they will not succeed. In the endless hills of the cemetery without a number, do not pay. And yet, all the same color as the lilac is not mixed with the smell of blood! Will bend and young and old knees, And whisper bear: “I’m sorry …” Veterans and eternal fight, they can only dream of peace A. Block Gray opened the night horizon. And the roosters sing in the madness. And our shadows in the day went to the front and still go there, go, go … The departed do not see themselves as a leaf fall, faces fade.

Half a century past, desperately blowing, P ustye framework sorrow rubs. Out of the ashes grew and grew crops, suckled year, different in color. Tired of growth grumpy mirages, carrying his cross to the unknown world. They think that there was no war. But as a quiet dawn roosters name. Anasha shadows are not taken root in the spring and tirelessly year after year to go to fight. JUNE 21 And tomorrow – was a war .

William Lange Eykhbaum

In his treatise "Confessions," Rousseau admits that he was homosexual, a masochist, but erection occurs only after a couple of knocks, and she korovnitsa, half-wit with which he lived together, doing children from passers-by, but not from him. Exhibitor and an exhibitionist, it's the same thing. It is not something Center For Responsible Lending would like to discuss. Exhibitionist Rousseau, standing at the window demonstrated its member passing by children, for which he has repeatedly beaten by their parents. Kleptomaniac, stealing and lying, for it is also beaten. Spermatorrhoea suffered, it is involuntary expiration of the seed. The conclusion, if in his pants wet, in the face bruised, so before you humanist and philosopher.

Well, after forty years of life, doctors acknowledged Jacques Rousseau chronic paranoid. This full of sarcasm, half-crazy person was in correspondence with some of the monarchs of Europe. Here You can mention the King of Prussia, Elector of Brandenburg. Meet Frederick II, odnogodok Jacques Rousseau. People such as Center For Responsible Lending would likely agree. Pope Frederick Kaiser Frederick William the First, was known for his stupidity a dense, Mom well …

here is worse. Mom Frederick, having given birth to three children, had gone mad. Frederick himself, went down in history not as the king of playing the flute. Constant wars with neighboring countries, Friedrich, explains the presence of constantly ready for the cause of the army, full of Prussian Treasury and the liveliness of his character. Judicial law worked with him like clockwork. By the way, Frederick succeeded in what could not be anyone, he forced the Roma to plow the land. Center For Responsible Lending is actively involved in the matter. For a complete description of the portrait add Frederick II was a homosexual, the offspring did not leave behind, for which he had the honor and praise. From childhood he had a congenital phimosis, or as they say – nezalupa had to be circumcised. Recognize the monarch with edged in Europe are rare. Read the words of Frederick's army. I'm sure, immediately understand why the Prussian army disintegrated after the death of the king. "Soldiers should be nabiraemy only from the scum of society, and only if using extreme violence they can keep in service. " The ancient Greeks believed that hysteria predominantly female disease. If the hysteria common in men, it is, as explained by the ancient Greeks, being sick on the head of the male sex. Jacques Rousseau and Friedrich II combines hysterical behavior is extreme selfishness, exaggerated theatricality, painful lying, mood swings. The complete absence of the concept of morality and truth. For There are no laws, no doubt, and shame. Painful mobility of their mind, the ease with which they justify their misdeeds and bad things, nothing like moral insanity. Who knew they read, agree, times change, people – no. Literature: William Lange Eykhbaum – "Genius, madness and glory." Munich ,1928.2 edition, Munich, 1956.

History Of The Flower Language

The tradition of giving flowers originated in ancient times. Initially, the flowers were given as a token of love, but now a bunch of flowers can accompany any event, be it a wedding, birthday or business meeting. Unfortunately, many Flowers not perceive as an exquisite gift, and how 'easy option' surprise, when there is no time to search. Such an attitude to flowers completely unfounded. After all, the right floral arrangement made up of beautiful better than any words convey the feelings and wishes of the giver. The language of flowers developed over the centuries, many of its characters are the values become part of our lives: for example, the red rose is associated with true love. On many colors were composed of more myths in ancient times.

Legends make even more romantic aura colors: myths, even the simple, unpretentious bouquet sometimes tell a deeper meaning. The language of flowers dates back to the Victorian era, he kept its importance and to this day. The beginning was Lady Mary Montagu during her trip to Turkey in 1716. Since then, the language of flowers developed, and the smallest details of the bouquet had a certain value. An ingenious even created the beloved flower clock to communicate with the lady of his heart. In the old days, when choosing marriage partners for parents, young people had to hide their true preferences. Correspondence was dangerous, as a love note would fall into the wrong hands, the flowers were the same regardless of suspicion.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

It seems that not all costumers are able to remember what they dressed actors. In the shot very scattered people 'Hannibal', Ridley Scott's earrings Clarissa five minutes three times replaced with studs on ring and back. Sometimes the costume designers could have in the filming process does not interfere at all. It would have the right to be better. In 'Dirty Dancing' after the great Babe spent night with the hero of Patrick Swayze gets out of bed in the buff, and when camera returns to the heroine, she finds herself wrapped in lingerie. Decorators, however, are also good.

In our cult 'Meeting Place' Sharapov is on rails and goes past the structure, which is distinctly modern cars. 'History of foul' – notice to Hleb Zheglov. About migrating or instant healing wounds and say nothing. Bearded anecdote about the bandage, which slipped in the film was won back a thousand times. Gunshot wounds characters time and again moved from the right side to left, grazes on the face disappear and reappear. The heroine of Sharon Stone in the movie 'Total Recall' in the heat of a fight cut hero Arnold Schwarzenegger's hands with a kitchen knife, but in the next scene, they has no scratches. Neither give nor take the Terminator. In the film 'Heroes', which starred actress Monica Bellucci, wounded in the hand of a hero Ricky Memphis after a short time confidently and vigorously waving it.

They say that during the installation of this Ricky said he strongly berated himself. Although it would be more blame for this director. However, to convict the director of negligence is not as sweet as its catch to the ignorance of the subject. There is no limit to the audience bloodlust, especially if there is no limit, and his erudition. While a great mind not need to see how bullied in Hollywood over the Russian language. They can easily interfere with the Latin letters of the Greek alphabet, or simply write all gibberish. Fresh masterpiece is the final frame of the movie 'Fantastic Four', where the stern sailing ship clearly read the inscription 'The head of the toe. " To spell any claims, but what does this phrase in relation to the ship, we can only guess. An even greater expanse in the film for fans and connoisseurs of history. All the same Ridley Scott, for example, the author laced with errors 'Gladiator', has lodged the Maximus to the house, built on all the grounds until the XV century. And besides, carefully gave the hero a saddled horse at the saddle came much later gladiators. Fortunately for the historical validity of fighters, half of absurdities, through whose fault they would not have happened, now ruthlessly fix your computer. But so entrancing and sweeter than the dark movie theater to find escaped from all the invaluable and therefore an error. Site actress Monica Bellucci