RECYCLING DOLAF continues with its policy development and awareness, extending their previous promotional offers and enhancing them with an attractive additional gift: a practical mini-destructora of documents. The only requirement necessary to achieve without commitment this gift, is participating in a short survey of five multiple choice questions and exercise any professional or business activity in the sphere of the community of Madrid. How to access this survey and request without commitment this interesting paper shredder, is entering in the website of the company:. We know that most of the companies that have not yet implemented an effective system of destruction of residual documentation, unaware of the existence of technical and commercial options offered by the market says Francisco Donoso, Director-General of RECYCLABLES DOLAF. With the launch of this new promotional campaign, the company aims to reach more than 25,000 professionals or companies, so that they experience the tranquility that generates the fact of view between your fingers, the residual documentation duly destroyed, before disposing of it.

Parallel to this campaign, recycles DOLAF has extended its ecological security promotion, consisting in the provision of massive destruction of documentation services residual, in particularly advantageous economic conditions: free of charge when material is deposited by the customer recycles Dolaf in Madrid (C /, September, 1) installations, or for the reasonable price of 175, including collection and transport to an unlimited amount. Since the start of this promotion, more than 1,000 companies or self-employed have benefited from it, which has resulted in a volume of more than 5,000 tons of confidential documentation useless, destroyed in high security conditions. In recycling Dolaf, the processes of evacuation and destruction of documents follow a strict security protocol, certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, being also the holder of the documentation, authorized to witness such destruction in the facilities of the company, without prior notice. The recycling of the material paper – once crushed, is marketed as a raw material for the manufacture of new paper, allowing the company to provide these services in economic conditions highly advantageous and fully respectful with the environment. You can report at: for more information: recycling Dolaf, S.L. Tel.: + 34 917474765 E-mail: Web: about recycling Dolaf recycles DOLAF, is a company dedicated to the recovery of paper and CARDBOARD for recycling since 1982, supplementing this activity with other related services, always guaranteeing the maximum quality and ensuring an actively by the respect for the environment. Noteworthy for its importance among these complementary services destruction of confidential documentation. The development of these tasks, recycles DOLAF participate in human resources with extensive training and experience, we also have the most advanced technical means, achieving greater efficiency in their duties. In recycling DOLAF, design plans individualized waste management, giving priority to recycling from other routes of elimination and optimizing their economic possibilities. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information or request our services anywhere in Spain, or consult our possibilities of supply of paper recovered anywhere in the world.