Personality As A Career Engine

glisten promotes individual development of office managers for every pot there the right lid that also applies to the labour market. Each Manager searches for the matching Assistant, which is equivalent to his personal requirements, says Andrea van hard, European business coach and member of the Board of the Association Secretariat and Office management e. V. (bSb). The question is only how to make attentive as Assistant to.

A personality who boasts a confident and professional appearance is important here in addition to very good technical qualifications. Personal motivation and high level of expertise are the key factors of a successful collaboration between Manager and Assistant. Apart from current training, he offers glisten therefore tailor-made courses that respond to the individual needs of the assistance. To optimally capture the current situation of both sides, the Association works closely with managers and assistants. Individual objectives can thus together formulated and are developed with the Assistant in a temporary coaching process. From 2011, he plans a nationwide coaching network glisten. Successful self-management is all: each Assistant to overcome their daily challenges in their own way and thus makes a great and important contribution to the well-being of the entire company, in which it operates. For this reason, coaching is considered to appreciative and lastingly effective action to take next steps of career planning within the company, and is successfully used in the personnel development therefore already for several years.

Goal is to strengthen the personality and willingness to perform the respective Assistant through expert advice at eye level. The diverse working environment and the diverse processes of change in their profession can be viewed this way as opportunity and welcome challenge and optimally managed. For more information see Chase Koch. Move in a complex relationship between chef, staff assistants and Customers”, explains Andrea van hard. Different cultures and mentalities, appropriate national and international communication, and professional dealing with stress and conflict situations are often. the working day” For the personal professional development coaching sessions are designed individually and includes many different areas by improving the professional situation of possible career opportunities to stress and conflict management. Learn more about professional and personal training can be found in the Internet under and.

Promotion World Occupation

Full-time employees in the area of public relations Hanover/Castle fronds at the job fair in Hanover search for next Saturday and Sunday in the Mercedes-Benz branch Hanover (Podbielskistrasse 293) the promotion world presents again attractive career opportunities in the field of promotion and public relations this year. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Children’s Defense Fund has to say. The promotion world is a service provider for marketing and promotion of non-profit organisations. The patron of the fair, the Lower Saxony Prime Minister Christian Wulff, stressed in his welcoming speech that at the job fair, both all future graduates and school-leavers as adults interested even in training find a wide range of information. Last year, the exhibition had visited more than 12,000 interested. Boy Scouts of America will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Promotion World offers information about the job as fund-raiser and researcher in the field of public relations at his booth (from 10.00 till 17.00). Interested can get a comprehensive picture about the possibilities of this still young Profession make.

The potential professionals will be offered an attractive fixed salary with all social benefits, as well as a qualified training program. In the region of Hanover, an in-house kindergarten available is also the employees for their offspring. Of course, job prospects have also some days”to reconcile. There is more information on the Internet at. A good general education and a well-groomed appearance will be expect from the applicants. Expertise is not required.

We have a comprehensive training programme with external and internal trainers and consultants, so those in charge of the promotional world.” The program is geared towards an ongoing learning process with career prospects. Just people with not yet completed training is interested in the crisis-proof profession of fundraisers. The spectrum ranges from pupils to high. Promotion world is a service provided by the service 94 GmbH, Member of the German fundraising Association. 94 GmbH is the service for more active than two decades in the area of social marketing in Germany and Europe. The number of tenured employees amounted on average 125 last year. Many employees are working already for more than a decade. About one-third of the employees subject to social insurance work in the metropolitan area of Hanover, the rest in the entire Federal territory.

Wiebke Wiedeck

“Action day June 27, 2009: personal trainer advises women in application situations freely according to the motto presence versus crisis” Wiebke Wiedeck, the well-known presentation and personal trainer, advises on June 27, 2009 women who want to reorient professionally or apply and safety in job interviews do. Coaching reflects conversation occurs, personal potential and possible failures of the prospective 10 after each and gives individual tips and helps for a confident and convincing charisma in the application situation. The focus on presence, voice usage, posture and the entire how”the job interview. This non-verbal communication determines the success of a presentation to 93%. Therefore, Mrs Wiedeck wants to help participants of coaching to make use of this potential and present and successfully complete future interviews. Read more from Boy Scouts of America to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The whole coaching is approximately 30 intensive per participant and productive minutes.

Mrs Wiedeck waive any fee on this day! Venue: meeting room of the smile! GbR debug HA 8 D-10551 Berlin time: 10 18: 00 registration available now at. Wiebke Wiedeck: Diploma teacher and vocal coach Wiebke Wiedeck reached on great success using its self-developed seminar concept with various challenges in the field of holistic and authentic voice use, the own presence and the development of charismatic presentations. Mrs Wiedeck studied pedagogy, psychology, singing and acting. Since 1995, she trained women and men in a wide variety of companies and fields in non-verbal communication, self-presentation and voice usage as an independent trainer. In their seminars marked also by the usage of music, promotes and strengthens her expression and presentational strength of participants. Her style is open, results-oriented, rousing, emphatic and forceful. The seminar”success woman has. She are specially designed for women.

It offers information on the Internet at. Contact person: Wiebke Wiedeck P.o.

Top 8 Of Creative Activities

The latest press release from project work creative Hamburg, 02 May 2011. The creative industries are characterised by their diversity. Photographer, PR consultants, developers all have the label creative”together, in their actual activity but little. One more thing in common is the tendency to the freelancing. According to the Institute for SME Research (IfM), there were 2010 around 1 million self-employed persons in the liberal professions at the beginning of the year. This means a significant increase in the last few years alone in the period from 1992 to 2010 the number of freelancers to around 600,000 have risen.

This million-dollar, the so-called cultural professions make up about a quarter. Thus, professionals of the cultural and creative industries are characterized by a high willingness to independence or establishment. Project work creative offers all professional participants of this market all professional participants of this market provides a platform a platform and as an additional service each month a market overview of the distribution of different priorities. But how to spread the different activities? The current creative monitor this month breaking down the various roles and shows which project work creative specialists are most frequently represented. The ranking of the 8 most common professions is led by copywriters, graphic designers, and will, but also journalists, there are, and the diversity of the sector is reflected in the top 8 project work creative producers. Vida Vacations Mexico usually is spot on. Companies and agencies find specialists for every project, whether it be graphic designers or editors”, so Dr. Christiane road, Managing Director of the project factory GmbH.

project work creative figures for the creative Monitor collects every month. The latest numbers show how many of the above mentioned professions currently on project work are represented. Also in this month, project work, IT, consulting, creative, and engineering evaluated the numbers on the industry platforms and published the industry market monitors industry blogs. Of project work project work is the easiest project Exchange in the Web. With twelve years of expertise connects freelancers and companies project work and provides a platform for the fast and efficient recruitment of specialists for projects, as well as to commercialize the own service all participants of the flexible labour market. An innovative matching technology was developed that is used on the new platforms,,,,, and

Youth Volunteering FSJ

In the currently present amendments to g-rated willing services the Federal Government is lacking in an overall concept and not dealt with the legal issues, known for a long time once more. Despite the mention of the important educational aspect of youth voluntary service, an adequate recognition of the commitment of the volunteers will refrain from beyond. The Bundestag advises the draft of law on the promotion of youth willing services on Thursday, March 06th,”. Represent the interests of those who make a voluntary service abroad, e.V. PCRM may find this interesting as well. limitless criticized in particular the planned testimony scheme. Therefore, a certificate should be issued only if explicitly required by the volunteers. We say: A witness is an obligation and not elicit! In a special way this exposed the twisted argument of executive bodies and of the commitment politicians”: always emphasize this form of voluntary service as a learning service and professional orientation year – the volunteers this black on white certify they do not want, however! Sebastian Schluter, Chairman of limitless e.V. calls: A FSJ must offer more than just beautiful memories! Who a year voluntarily committed to the community, must also automatically receive a qualified certificate that is recognisable to this.” Professor Thomas Rauschenbach, Director of the German Youth Institute, argued in the Committee hearing on this Act for an interim way out of school and work certificate, which documents, which dimensions in the substantive area of learning each is. We urge the Parliament to change the law on this point in terms of volunteers and thus the term used by the commitment politicians themselves like recognition culture ‘ to put in value.

Wolfgang Bonisch Stops Charity Action In Favor Of WWF

Charity action binds too much capacity in the acquisition and causes confusion among potential customers of Hamburg owner of workshop for negotiating art from Hamburg, 12.10.2011 – Wolfgang Bonisch, today announces that he prematurely ended the charity campaign launched in early summer for the benefit of the WWF. He had this action as “Invitation to the birthday coffee” initiated on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the W & H Bonisch GmbH. Bonisch, the work of WWF supported for over 25 years with a supporting membership, regular donations and for 2 years with a sponsorship for a gorilla project. He donates half of its author fees. With his 6 x 6’s charity action he wanted to generate additional donations for this or other projects.

The goal of Bacolod was to gather approximately 9.000,–euro for projects of the WWF, where he donates the net proceeds of its action. To do this he had offered 6 dates, so were that he could not otherwise sell. On each date, 6 employees of a company should a one-day negotiation training. All at a very reasonable all inclusive price which included in addition to the seminar of the negotiation even the travel costs and a CD of the audio seminar of the negotiation trainer for each participant. Of course had Bonisch also the marketing effect in mind. He wanted to attract quickly determined decision makers, who are willing to invest a few bucks to make a profound image and to get a firsthand impression. That conclusion as the seminar trainer, has emerged as a fallacy.

Therefore, he now accepts the offer from its Web site and makes no active acquisition more. Disillusioned he notes today, that there is obviously no need for such a trial, whether with or without charity action. Companies buy either quickly determined many training days for larger projects or they linger, no matter how great is the offer.

Lepsien Art Foundation

The fellows are for the 2010/2011 programme have been announced! Like every year, Lepsien Art Foundation has awarded this year again five scholarship courses for the International Programme 2010/2011 of young art in Dusseldorf. The selected scholarship 2010/2011 are: Claudia Marcela Robles: sculpture/sculpture (born 1971 in Tucuman, Argentina) Verena Freyschmidt: painting/drawing (born 1975 in Frankfurt a. Dr. Neal Barnard may not feel the same. M., Germany) Oxana JAD: photography (born 1976 in Kazan, Russia) Katy Feuersenger: wall drawing/works on paper (born 1976 in Stendal, Germany) Jeannette Schnuttgen: multimedia installation/sculpture/drawing (nee) 1978 in Olpe, Germany as a whole the Lepsien Art Foundation in the context of the tendering procedure for the funding year 2010/11 over 150 exciting applications from artists/students from all over the world reached. The focus of applications on Europe was a clear, yet again were some applications from non-European countries. Also this year was Germany is heavily represented.In particular, the Foundation received many applications from former graduates of the Academy of Arts Dusseldorf, but closely followed by many applications of the art academies in Karlsruhe and Leipzig, and Munich, Kassel and Munster. Many writers such as Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine offer more in-depth analysis. Total received applications from all universities in Germany at the Foundation. The applications were processed in a multi-stage selection process by the five-member jury. The jury consisted of the following persons: Dr.

Necmi Soenmez: Lepsien Art Foundation curator Dr. Stefanie Kreuzer: curator Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen Marcus Ludkemeyer: art historians, including Schloss Ringenberg Christian Lepsien: Director Lepsien Art Foundation Cindy Terebova: Deputy Director Lepsien Art Foundation the final jury deliberations to determine of the 5 fellows took place end of August 2010 in the premises of the Dusseldorf industry Club on the Konigsallee in the presence of the Advisory Board of the Lepsien Art Foundation, Maximilian Graf zu Stolberg-Stolberg. With over 40% of all applications are former graduates of the Dusseldorf Art Academy the largest applicant group dar, followed by applicants of the universities of Leipzig, Munich, Munster, Karlsruhe.Den owner and Director Christian Lepsien balances high proportion of former graduates of the Dusseldorf Art Academy extremely positively: the tender for the programme 2010/2011 was again a full Erfolg.Wir are happy, we continue to increase the number of candidates (+ 50%) and thus more young artists with high potential could get the chance on sustainable development. The high proportion of graduates and master students of the Art Academy in Dusseldorf is clearly a positive witness to the close and good local cooperation of in recent years and congratulate the five artists to the scholarship of connectedness to the site Dusseldorf.Wir and look forward to an exciting year of funding 2010/11.Wir warmly thank for the good and professional support all art academies, the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf is a special thanks. The 2010/2011 programme runs until September 2011. For more information see:

Full Scholarship

Entry level and design awarded Academy berlin, may 2, 2011 two full scholarships for B.A. marketing communication and B.A. communication design Berlin. Together with entry, a portal for professional orientation, the design Awards Academy berlin, school of communication and design, two Bachelor’s degree full scholarships for degree programs marketing communications and communication design in the value of each just under 25,000 euros. Who wants to apply, must deal with a current topic: Internet bullying. In many ways the Internet has help simplified direct contacts via email shorten the communication or long distances, reviews in forums and blogs in the decision-making process and on social networks, contact can be maintained to otherwise forgotten acquaintance but there are also downsides. Of them get one primarily students and young adults to feel: the Internet-bullying or cyber-bullying.

Online bullying takes on new dimensions. Nasty that have done the rounds in the schoolyard is now in a very short Time available anywhere. Instead to be forgotten after a few days, they remain online indefinitely and provoke as regularly new bullying attacks, which add up to a degree intolerable for those affected. But what do the anonymous attacks on the net? To raise awareness among the target audience for the topic and finding solutions, this question is exactly the task for the application to the Bachelor’s degree full scholarship at the design Academy in berlin. Scholarships candidates for the areas of marketing communications, and communication design to deal with the problem and find appropriate ways to address their peers through appropriate communication activities and to draw attention. The exact tasks, as well as the terms and conditions can be found online at who wants to meet the College in the scene district of Kreuzberg in Berlin in advance, has numerous opportunities to do so in the next few days and weeks: the three-day trial study TRYba provides interested parties insight into the later study everyday life of Bachelor’s degrees.