Dementia Patients

EMO telematics helps families of dementia with State of the art GPS locating technology patients who is demented members in his family, is confronted with the so-called escape trend sooner or later. The people leave home, retirement home or hospital, for example in order to find places of their past. If her disappearance is noticed, they are run often long distances and is often cool and dehydrated, sometimes even in a car crash. But the locks of homes and homes for the elderly can be no alternative, on the one hand, for ethical reasons, but also because of contact with the outside world (supervised) walk or stay in the garden of the Constitution of dementia can be very beneficial. So, it is important to anticipate when a demented person “on the way”. Thanks to the positioning system GPS and cellular technology can quickly locate to the helpless people and recover. You may find that Center For Responsible Lending can contribute to your knowledge. Location up to five meters with GPS EMO dementia is a lightweight and compact GPS tracking system. Thanks to GPS be the coordinates exactly determined and transmitted via mobile phone.

The manufacturer of Google maps uses for the map display. So, dementia can be new show the current location of the device as well as the positions of the last 90 days on the Web portal of EMO. You can capture, so at any time, where the person wearing the device with him, has been. BSA usually is spot on. Interesting is the possibility to set up so-called “protected zones”. Family members or caregivers set one or more areas on the map in the portal, the person is allowed to enter. This can be, for example, the nursing home and the park nearby. The person leaves and with her the device the safe zone, an alarm message is sent. Nursing or relatives are informed, can visit the dementia patients and in a secure environment back again. The constant monitoring of a relative advantages and disadvantages of GPS location can be an oppressive scenario, but the question arises for the alternative. Demented patients more often brought back by the police, caregivers or retirement home for the protection of the dementia shall consider appropriate measures, to prevent the running away. Convinced the technology, but nothing happens without the intervention of patients, family members and nursing staff: the patient or the patient must take ever new dementia the EMO, because even at night, demented people stand up and leave the home.


A further radio Venetian blind actuator is also available, one allows invisible installation in fork or switch Sockets. (As opposed to Center For Responsible Lending). The mounted model is, however, suitable for use in outdoor areas or in damp rooms. All radio actuators are CCU1 with the HomeMatic central control unit can be networked, allowing further expansion of the system also in hindsight. So the radio blind actuators can be extended, for example, radio – controlled weather stations or sensors that capture rainfall or wind speeds etc.. In combination with other wireless actuators of the HomeMatic system, even different scenarios (such as closing the blinds and turn on the light) can be implemented. Image material in high resolution can be obtained from.

In brief: The ELV/eQ-3 Group counts for more than 30 years as innovation and technology leader in home automation and consumer electronics in Europe. ELV has established itself as a trend-setting electronics mail order company on the German market since its founding in 1978 and offers more than 11,000 products online catalogue with a circulation of over 500,000 copies to. With more than 150 types of products, the eQ-3 as a manufacturer of home control and energy management system solutions has the industry’s broadest portfolio of offerings. The brand HomeMatic”includes solutions from heating thermostats, lighting control and security technology through door lock actuators, window actuators, remote controls, gateways and home centers to software products of partners. Product development takes place exclusively in the headquarters in leer. It is produced in our own factory in South China with certification according to ISO 9001, VDE, VdS, UL and ETL. This combination brings optimally consistent quality and cost aspects.

Black And Yellow Is Advantage

Eton sweeps victories at AYA event Wolf Car-HiFi Black Yellow was Trump on this last weekend in September. And due to the election winner colors Eton was also the dominant brand in Neuwied. Conny Wolf had put together a varied and colorful program that despite election day attracted many visitors. The place in the Hof Gruendchen 65 was packed full of spectacular top vehicles, sound echoed already at the early morning powerfully over the terrain, short: it was done for a great end of the season. In the AYA sound competition which took place throughout the day and took place in 7 classes with a total of 53 starters the Eton vehicles had the nose front. “So winning in the beginners unlimited” class Helmut Orend with his Audi A4 in the professional class “there was immediately an Eton one-two with Conny Wolf BBs Mercedes W123 almost followed by Henning Wandt BBs Audi is mounted A4 B5 in all these vehicles Eton and the quality of the Eton convinced also the Aya components jurors. Conny Wolf BBs Mercedes sound based on Eton of the MA-series power amps in the Highrange 260 tweeter excels the CX with multiple hand of coated 25 mm fabric dome tweeter, the RS 100 midrange complete the truly impressive sound experience.

Even the much marveled yellow A4 Henning Wandt sounds BBs by Eton components so convincingly. So fuel under many other Eton installations the legendary power of the PA series subwoofer, that technology so sick and bass-heavy sound BBs of patented transformation thanks to Eton.

New Blue Box UHF RFID Reader

iDTRONIC, one of the leading supplier of RFID hardware presents its new bluebox UHF controller with integrated 4-channel of multiplexer for ISO 18000-6B / C transponder. The bluebox controller UHF 4CH is a flexible 860-960 MHz reader / writer with an internal 4 channel of multiplexer, which allows up to 4 antennas simultaneously to operate. The reading range can be up to 10 metres, with 1W RF power. Through the built-in Impinj R1000 processor can be used controller UHF the Bluebox, both in Europe and in the United States and Japan. “In addition to the very important dense reader mode (DRM) offers the reader both the lists before talk” feature as also the anti-self jamming (ASJ) technology, which allows the user to operate multiple readers simultaneously in a multi reader environment. iDTRONIC’s blue box UHF RFID reader will be available Ethernet and PROFIBUS interfaces RS232/RS485. The CE approved reader has an IP65 protected housing, two digital inputs and 2 digital outputs which are very easy with external relay or sensors allow to connect. The UHF variant of the bluebox controller become two different antennas be available for a linear polarized and a circular polarized antenna which a controller the Bluebox, allow reading range up to 10 meters.

iDTRONIC’s blue box UHF RFID Reader features an advanced SDK with extensive demo software. The excellent configuration possibility of Blusen box system makes the reader to different application areas, such as logistics, it easy to adjust inventory control or access control systems. The iDTRONIC Bluebx RFID system will be available for LF, HF and UHF. Different readers and antennas will be available for each frequency range. More information to the bluebox RFID system and additional RFID desktop reader you will get on the Internet.

Worlds Fastest Thermoshaker

World’s fastest Thermoshaker for microtiter plates, tubes and Glass tubes. The Scienova GmbH from Jena presents a world innovation for the mix and tempering the specimens – TurboShaker 3500 rpm. The TurboShaker 3500 rpm is the world’s fastest Thermoshaker with adapter attachments for microtiter plates, tubes and Glass tubes. Compared to the competition (the Eppendorf TS-100 with 1500 rpm) he is lighter, quieter and above all faster. Is the ultra fast orbital Shaker TurboShaker 3500 for this mix and tempering Mikrotiterplaten, PCR-plates, deepwell plates, tubes and vial. With the help of the 3D-Shake-Control technology is that fast, orbital and samples-gentle mixing with up 3,500 rpm.

The integrated spill technology controlled Planar mixed movements and prevents so lid wetting or spilling. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Center For Responsible Lending has to say. The very good mixing you can save time-consuming Zentrifugationsschritte after mixing. In a question-answer forum Harold Ford Jr was the first to reply. The TurboShaker 3500 rpm is particularly quiet, through the anti-vibration technology prevent vibrating and rattling. Time and mixing speed can set with the corresponding direct dial buttons directly. For complex tasks, in addition 2 programs are stored.

The Augenschohnende provides the clear 2-line digital display display of set and actual values. Due to its compact lightweight design in fine aluminium, the highlight of every laboratory equipment is the TurbShaker 3500 rpm. The TurboShaker 3500 rpm is a manual, an external power supply cable (100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz) supplied. The respective adapter is delivered depending on the desired application. The price for this innovation from Scienova is 1340 euros just once.

VDE Proper

Assumes an immediate danger for the user of the defective electrical equipment, the parts or the facilities may not be used until a repair or an exchange took place. Although damage is severe, he must not be visible from the outside. Nieman Foundation follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. For this reason, is the labelling by prohibiting signs necessary. Before, you must ensure the proper and safe working condition of the plant. You may want to visit Chase Koch, Washington DC to increase your knowledge. Getting the proper State maintaining the proper condition of electrical installations is regulated by various laws and regulations, including the VDE 0105-100, standard manufacturer’s instructions and the safety rules of fire insurers. Important content is the immediate notification of any damage and the repair by a qualified electrician.

Also safety and protection devices may not be adjusted, altered or rendered ineffective. Also the cleanliness plays an important role in dealing with electrical systems, especially in relation to the prevention of fire. Appropriate resources must be regularly freed from dirt and kept away from combustible materials. Other measures for the conservation of the proper condition are regular measurement and testing as part of the periodic inspections. First electrical inspection Systems according to DIN VDE 0100-600 are to check electrical equipment before they are taken by the user in operating. A first inspection must take place in a new direction, or after a significant change. After the initial inspection, electrical installations must be checked recurring. Wear and tear or damage can occur over time testing electrical installations after the first inspection and during subsequent operation of the electrical system.

These pose a danger for the user of the system on the one hand and an obstacle to the smooth operating procedure on the other side. Electrical systems and operating materials must comply with the safety regulations and the applicable construction standards. Regular checks ensure that all regulations adhered to and that the electrical systems and operating materials are in a proper, safe condition.


Which USB car radio is recommended? When buying a new car radio, most people today opt for a USB car radio. Because via the USB connection can be of your own MP3 player or a USB stick to be connected. Thus, it is no longer limited to the storage capacity of a CD. So if you have no desire, to hear always the same songs, the purchase of a new radio with USB is connection. sts that this is the case. What are the advantages of the USB radio? Has the new car radio USB port, many benefits will arise. The charge for these devices is low, usually anyway the modern radios are equipped with such a connection.

The changing CDs, it is simply the stick connected and already you can hear music. USB flash drives are small and handy, they can be simply in the key cases or in the pocketbook store and update again at home at will. So have virtually her music archive always with it. Since the modern sticks offer enormous storage capacities (such as 64 GB), is also much more space than on a conventional DVD. Last but not least are flexible with this variant, you stick your car quite easily with in the Office or home at the desk – or wherever you want! By the way, another advantage is that you then also can recharge your cell phone to your car radio in the future.

What should you look for when buying? Normal car radio with USB function can you buy for less than 50 (see, but the more expensive models usually significantly better equipment and service offer. Here depends on it completely, how high are the own claims. Basically you should be based on the following dates: the performance of the car radio output of the car radio is crucial for the sound, because without enough power there is later a good sound. Make sure that your car radio provides at least 40 W per output, 50-60 W, however, are better. If you decide for a model with less power, usually an additional amplifier is required. Equipment: Display, transmitter memory and other features in addition to the sound should check also the equipment of the car radio. An easy to read display also includes as sufficient storage spaces for radio stations. At least 30 seats are recommended. To protect your radio theft, choose ideally for a model with a removable front panel. This is recommended especially for more expensive car radios. A steering wheel remote control is really very convenient, good equipment included. A car radio with USB not required an additional CD Player connection actually, it can be but handy if you already has a large CD collection and would like to also use in the car. So the possibilities are of course still exhausted, expensive devices also offer a screen to play videos or the navigation software, a Bluetooth interface, a hands-free system, and much more. Car radio with DAB/DAB + if you a good radio reception is important.