VDE Proper

Assumes an immediate danger for the user of the defective electrical equipment, the parts or the facilities may not be used until a repair or an exchange took place. Although damage is severe, he must not be visible from the outside. Nieman Foundation follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. For this reason, is the labelling by prohibiting signs necessary. Before, you must ensure the proper and safe working condition of the plant. You may want to visit Chase Koch, Washington DC to increase your knowledge. Getting the proper State maintaining the proper condition of electrical installations is regulated by various laws and regulations, including the VDE 0105-100, standard manufacturer’s instructions and the safety rules of fire insurers. Important content is the immediate notification of any damage and the repair by a qualified electrician.

Also safety and protection devices may not be adjusted, altered or rendered ineffective. Also the cleanliness plays an important role in dealing with electrical systems, especially in relation to the prevention of fire. Appropriate resources must be regularly freed from dirt and kept away from combustible materials. Other measures for the conservation of the proper condition are regular measurement and testing as part of the periodic inspections. First electrical inspection Systems according to DIN VDE 0100-600 are to check electrical equipment before they are taken by the user in operating. A first inspection must take place in a new direction, or after a significant change. After the initial inspection, electrical installations must be checked recurring. Wear and tear or damage can occur over time testing electrical installations after the first inspection and during subsequent operation of the electrical system.

These pose a danger for the user of the system on the one hand and an obstacle to the smooth operating procedure on the other side. Electrical systems and operating materials must comply with the safety regulations and the applicable construction standards. Regular checks ensure that all regulations adhered to and that the electrical systems and operating materials are in a proper, safe condition.


Which USB car radio is recommended? When buying a new car radio, most people today opt for a USB car radio. Because via the USB connection can be of your own MP3 player or a USB stick to be connected. Thus, it is no longer limited to the storage capacity of a CD. So if you have no desire, to hear always the same songs, the purchase of a new radio with USB is connection. sts that this is the case. What are the advantages of the USB radio? Has the new car radio USB port, many benefits will arise. The charge for these devices is low, usually anyway the modern radios are equipped with such a connection.

The changing CDs, it is simply the stick connected and already you can hear music. USB flash drives are small and handy, they can be simply in the key cases or in the pocketbook store and update again at home at will. So have virtually her music archive always with it. Since the modern sticks offer enormous storage capacities (such as 64 GB), is also much more space than on a conventional DVD. Last but not least are flexible with this variant, you stick your car quite easily with in the Office or home at the desk – or wherever you want! By the way, another advantage is that you then also can recharge your cell phone to your car radio in the future.

What should you look for when buying? Normal car radio with USB function can you buy for less than 50 (see autoradiotest.org), but the more expensive models usually significantly better equipment and service offer. Here depends on it completely, how high are the own claims. Basically you should be based on the following dates: the performance of the car radio output of the car radio is crucial for the sound, because without enough power there is later a good sound. Make sure that your car radio provides at least 40 W per output, 50-60 W, however, are better. If you decide for a model with less power, usually an additional amplifier is required. Equipment: Display, transmitter memory and other features in addition to the sound should check also the equipment of the car radio. An easy to read display also includes as sufficient storage spaces for radio stations. At least 30 seats are recommended. To protect your radio theft, choose ideally for a model with a removable front panel. This is recommended especially for more expensive car radios. A steering wheel remote control is really very convenient, good equipment included. A car radio with USB not required an additional CD Player connection actually, it can be but handy if you already has a large CD collection and would like to also use in the car. So the possibilities are of course still exhausted, expensive devices also offer a screen to play videos or the navigation software, a Bluetooth interface, a hands-free system, and much more. Car radio with DAB/DAB + if you a good radio reception is important.