For A Good Performance, Control The Climate

Numerous studies have indicated that organizational climate can make the difference between a good performance and a poor performance. Continue to learn more with: Boy Scouts of America. Good management is required to be vigilant of organizational behavior where the company provides its services and to measure the organizational climate, product their actions, the impact of surrounding variables. The measurement of organizational climate is often done through surveys of workers in an organization, or any area within it to be measured. Although there are different tools, methodologies and surveys to measure the organizational climate, almost everyone agrees on the need to measure the properties or variables in two parts: one, the organizational climate that exists today, and another, the organizational climate should be. The gap between the two measurements is useful for diagnosing organizational problems, which could be further explored and corrected.

Some of the relevant variables in measuring the work environment, and have proven to be an important difference in the outcome of an organization, include flexibility, accountability, standards, way of rewarding, clarity and team commitment. All members who are part of the team of organizations play a decisive role in support of organizational behavior, therefore, in results of climate, jobs are individuals with knowledge, behavior, personality, needs, performance, habits, culture should sabersele manage to get the best of the best of them. All organizational climate involves a series of elements, components can not be ignored as we remember them Luis Martinez: Climate refers to the characteristics of the working environment. These characteristics are directly or indirectly received by workers who work in that environment.