European Championships

From the lecture to Olympia to London Cologne. Yesterday with Finally, is at the Olympic Games, which take place in London from 27 July to 12 August, certainty, Jonas Plass, master student media management & entrepreneurship at the Hochschule Fresenius in Cologne by the game. For Plass, who due to injury, missed the last Olympics, a dream come true so: the daily graft and torture has finally paid off. Of course I am very happy.” But the hard training with the nomination for London yet long not end took: we are now once again two weeks in South Tyrol and then just ten days in Kienbaum. You may want to visit Viktor Mayer-Schönberger to increase your knowledge. There we can all of us fine-tuning a regular pick up. l’>Clive Holmes. We are still working on us. I’m quite confident. At the Olympic Stadium in London you can push himself probably more and then everything is open.” For his nomination, Plass laid the groundwork last weekend.

The last of a total of 42 competitions of the European Championships in athletics in Helsinki could start runner Plass together with the German relay team of men won the bronze medal over 4 * 400 m. A European championship medal on the German 4 * 400 meter relay of men went back for the first time in 16 years. The German team ran in third place finish behind Belgium and Great Britain. “But besides the preparations for the Olympic Games has to do a lot of the Hochschule Fresenius-student: the last lines are written, tomorrow, the master’s thesis is submitted before it hopefully goes then from autumn in my professional life”, as Plass. “Here, too, the student has a clear goal in mind: like I would be working in the areas of corporate communications.” For more information about Jonas Plass at: or in the news area of the Hochschule Fresenius: Hochschule Fresenius updates/news/about Fresenius University with about 5,000 students belongs to the largest and most prestigious private universities in Germany. founded in 1848 as a chemical laboratory of Fresenius”and since 1971 State-recognized University of applied sciences privately admitted, Hochschule Fresenius has locations in Idstein, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich. In the departments of chemistry & biology, health, business & media training, study and training opportunities will be true here. The three departments with their five schools offer also in-service courses in addition to Bachelor’s and master’s programmes in full time.

Fitness Studio Equipment

Who doesn’t like the workout at a fitness center for any reason or in its surroundings can find no suitable, who must dodge on alternatives. The training at the power station primarily serves building the muscles and the increase in power. For these reasons, the power station in the area of the muscle training is ideal. It offers enough variety so that different muscle groups can be trained during a workout. Hear other arguments on the topic with PCRM. Is established by the targeted weight training the muscles and the joints will be strengthened. This is an important process for the health and fitness of the athlete. Recent findings have shown that people who don’t exercise and do nothing for their fitness after her 30th year as annually lose one percent already in muscle mass. Less strength and schlaffere muscles are the consequence.

Who doesn’t like the workout at a fitness center for any reason or in its surroundings can find no suitable, who must dodge on alternatives. For this People there is the possibility to a fitness or gym for at home to purchase. A lot of manufacturers today offer power stations, that hardly any are in the studios in their robustness and their function. For the home, there are also Studio equipment in used, mint condition. See also offer of professional fitness fitness studio equipment “.” Online equipment shop in the fitness equipment. What is an effective training on the power station? The athlete should exercising regularly and between workouts about 48 hours pause up to the regeneration of the body. The slogan for beginners in particular measure: much will not necessarily much help! “.” This means specifically that especially beginners training should not exaggerate. It would be much more important to find the right amount and hold especially in the beginning not from the sore muscles.

Who has little time and wants to train intensively in a short time, the so-called method of usage is ideal for. Here she is trained special exercise as a set in a specified number of repetitions. This is very suitable for beginners. In contrast, the more set method is available. Here, multiple sets of the same exercise will be completed. Sufficient rest is required between sets. This time-intensive training, however, has the advantage that it is a long-lasting increase in muscle. In order to unteerstutzen the process of muscle building, access many athletes to muscle building products. Who applied them correctly and dosed, can actively promote muscle growth and return the missing nutrients to the stressed muscles after training. The correct purchase of a power station providing a power station for domestic use requires some considerations of course. First and foremost, you need appropriate premises, where the station can stay on. It would best if you too have a complete room in your own house or home. You can set up then this as a gym. Des Further there is sufficient motivation. The new investment will also pay off. By the number of brand-name manufacturers holds a few years and a fitness station, so it should be used sufficiently at this time. Before it chooses to do so, its own power station for home to purchase, you should temporarily work in a gym. Here you can put together a training program by an experienced trainer. This can be continued later at the training in your own four walls. Her personal trainer Horst waiter wishes you good luck with the training

Senator Frank Henkel

More than 100,000 participants are expected for ten rounds. Munich, 29.05.2013: The countdown for the start of the German companies run Championship. Who makes the start B2RUN Dortmund this year, 9,000 participants will be at the finish line in the SIGNAL IDUNA PARK, and offers and again provide a subscriber record. More than 100,000 runners from 5,000 companies for more health and team spirit at the start will go on all ten sites. On 6 June 2013 first the German companies run Championship kicks in Dortmund before the home stadium of the BVB 2013. The Lord Mayor of the city of Dortmund, Ullrich Sierau will send the 9,000 Dortmund runners in the race for the Crown of the fittest company runner. After follow the cities of Hanover, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Munich, Nuremberg and Hamburg.

In Berlin, the grand finale against traditional backdrop in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium will take place on August 28, 2013 and awarded the winners of the German companies run Championship. According to the motto down by the Office Chair into the sports shoes”experienced the entire staff, from the trainee to the Board, together the unique finish in Germany’s largest arenas. ICH-AG or DAX group, company and team size are irrelevant here. The six-kilometre route is feasible for everyone, also for beginners or Nordic Walker. “” “And not just the fastest men and women make it at B2RUN on the podium: in various categories, such as Fittestes companies”, best original team”or even fastest boss / fastest Chef” participants with prizes of the B2RUN partners DAK, SportScheck, ERDINGER non-alcoholic, fitness first and SAUCONY reward.

In addition the winner to the final invitation (arrival plus accommodation) can look forward to Berlin. We are in the starting blocks for a moving season and can hardly wait the first run after the intensive preparation”, so Sebastian Wirtz, Managing Director of B2RUN GmbH & co. KG. He is looking forward to many “Highlights, such as the commitment of the printing and copying partner KYOCERA at five locations under Captain Joey Kelly a donation for RTL, we help children” will walk. Also be including Ingalena Heuck, Dr. Christine Theiss, Daniel Aminati, and Senator Frank Henkel at the start. In addition to two premieres in Frankfurt and Stuttgart, the ten-year anniversary is celebrated in Munich. The flagship of the B2RUN series is sold out for years with 30,000 runners, and represents the largest company run with timing in Germany. Ten years common welding driving will also then celebrated with an anniversary party at the traditional P1 Club. About the B2RUN GmbH & co. KG B2RUN has a new face given the company running and created a unique corporate run series: the German company cross country Championships. “In ten major cities qualify company for the great B2RUN final in Berlin and ran money for Charitypartner RTL together we help children”.

Manuel Huber

A generally applicable rule is, ‘If you do not start your project in the next 48 hours, you’ll do never it.’ “My answer is: today” right now many people push their intentions from one day to the next. Most weeks, months, and even worse, years pass away. In this long period, even the desire then is weaker and weaker. In the end it disappears completely. Really motivated people who want to do something good your body and soul, put your projects without any excuses into action. A generally applicable rule is, if you start your projects in the next 48 hours, you’ll do it never. New York City. “This case involves a target to achieve your motivation really. A beautiful, healthy and fit body.

In the special stomach legs bum! Do you have problems in the morning with full ELAN on feet? Who doesn’t know that? Through regular exercise and a healthy diet, you feel fitter from day to day. Other leaders such as Dr. Neal Barnard offer similar insights. Of course I have always kind of day in between, can But assure them, that they become less from week to week. Detailed instructions to proper diet, while I speak you of course of no diets and the like, get of course in my current course 😉 It suffices, if you make movement in the aerobic zone beginning just 20-30 minutes. About 3 times a week. The easiest way is to walk or jog. That is roughly, that you have during your training partner or your training partner.

Alone that can be easily checked, just sing along with the mp3 music player, etc it should be especially fun! To learn the exact area you shouldn’t pull of course seek medical help, and may develop a load ECG etc. Would I advise you in any case. Regular exercise has of course a variety of positive side effects “:) ==> healthy and vital body ==> boosts your self confidence ==> activated your charisma ==> your can Problem zones”stomach legs bum disappear ==> strengthens your immune system ==> strengthens your entire musculoskeletal system could still page positive points are caused simply through regular training. I hope that I could give you a taste of your athletic future with these few lines! Until then your Manuel Huber P.S. come on my abdomen legs website and learn all that necessary details.