Monolithic Building Belt Construction

Practical advice for prektirovanii foundation conversation will go on a monolithic strip foundations under the wooden frame. Foundation wall design for better strength characteristics, but not heat. Cheaper and easier to insulate the basement walls, applying the constructive solutions which do not lead to an increase in their monolithic thickness. In this case, the economy and fill the base for the walls. Organization of excavation and foundation layout as usual. Making the base under the foundation wall is not of great complexity.

The walls of the basement you can start pouring in 2-3 days after making the base. To provide a connection wall and the base is necessary to provide node connection. Best in the center of the base along the entire length to depression (groove) with laying block. Beam section is given by a trapezoid in order to be easily removed from concrete after setting. Can be used to connect different trim valves, pipes, etc.

Construction of foundation wall foundation walls the most difficult stage of development. Best of all concrete walls in one reception. So it turns out not always, depends largely on the design of the formwork. The foundation is calculated for a static load, so it can be concrete, with interruptions, but with the mandatory treatment of construction joints. Better concrete layers of 0.3-0.4m. Before concreting must be secured in a mold for forming bonds of openings, holes and recesses for the installation of beams. At the top of the foundation wall, to stiffening of concrete, you must install the bolts at a distance from each other not more than 2.4 m in the concrete they must be to a depth of 100 mm. Diameter bolts must be not less than 12.7 mm. From the corners of the basement, they must be placed no farther than 575 mm. Concreting floor basement to perform better to install ceiling. It must be remembered that the coupling of sex work, propping up the wall at the bottom. Until the complete installation floors, walls can pour the foundation only to the level which is defined for not supporting walls. The level of the final plan should not be higher than 150 mm from the top of the wall.