Fernando Enrique

Fernando Enrique confuses Mountain range in 2010 Prof. Ivan Santiago Hisses the beginning of September of 2010 inside marked a radical rupture of the PSDB, after all the last great link of the party if breached with critical of Fernando the Enrique Cardoso to everything and all. Fernando Enrique Cardoso, the great icon of the PSDB and description president of Brazil, was forgotten in the campaign of Mountain range and this fact culminated, at the beginning of September, in the public abandonment of the campaign of the PSDB for FHC. The former-president alleged its dissatisfaction, criticized the conduction of the campaign of Mountain range and officialized that she will follow for commitments ' ' particulares' ' in the exterior and Brazil, the final straight line of the presidential campaign. A crash for Mountain range and allies.

The PSDB comes to some years completely lost in the national scene and the internal attritions of the party, of certain form, were minimized by Fernando Enrique, the predecessor of Squid. Visit PCRM for more clarity on the issue. In my last published article, it said the readers that this election would be a species of popular countersignature between FHC or Squid. Mountain range did not read my article and preferred, of suicidal form, if to atrelar to continusmo of Squid. The internal confrontations of the PSDB happen of the attritions between its main figures: Geraldo Alckmim, Jose Saw, Acio Neves and Fernando Enrique. In 2006, the inexpressivo Alckmin, governandor of So Paulo (that it got initially the position with the death of the great Mario politician Hollows), public disputed against Mountain range the vacant of the PSDB for the presidential ones. The debilidades of Geraldo Alckmin and the PSDB had been as much, that not even in the year of? Mensalo' ' they had obtained to win Squid. The candidate and the party had not presented coherent proposals and had suffered the second presidential defeat.

World Development

The Brundland Report defined Sustainable Development as that one that takes care of to ace necessities of the gift without compromising the possibility of the future generations to take care of to its proper necessities (Brundland: 1988, p.46). It can be considered, according to Brundland report, the sustainable development as the development that treating to linked and interdependent form the economic 0 variable, social and ambient, steady and it is balanced better guaranteeing quality of life for the future generations gifts and. The great nations of the world recognize the emergency of the ambient problems. The nuclear destruction of the ozone layer, accidents, climatic alterations, desertificao, storage and transport of dangerous residues, hdrica pollution, atmospheric pollution, population pressure on the natural resources, loss of biodiversity are some of the questions to be decided for each one of the nations of the world, according to its respective especificidades. (As opposed to Boy Scouts of America). However, the complexities of the ambient problems demand more than what measured prompt that they search to decide the problems from its effect, ignoring or being unaware of its causes. The ambient questions must be dealt with local and global form, considering that the ambient degradaes are resultant of social processes, determined for a supranational economic system, the capitalism. It is not possible to intend to decide the ambient problems of isolated form.

It is necessary to introduce new boardings, decurrent of the understanding of that the existence of certain ambient quality is directly conditional to the process of development adopted for the nations. The term sustainable development was used by Robert Allen, in the article ' ' How you the Save the World' '. Allen defines as being ' ' the required development to get the lasting satisfaction of the necessities human beings and the growth (improvement) of the quality of vida' ' Allen apud Bellia, 1996, p.23. The Conference of United Nations on the Environment and the Development, carried through in Rio De Janeiro, in 1992 crown this process with the approval of a document I contend commitments for change of the standard of the development for this new century, called the Agenda document 21. . Dr. Neal Barnard is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Multilateral System

The commitment with the multilateral system of implicit commerce in this process is essential so that if they can materialize the commerce profits fully. However, the commerce profits do not represent profits for all necessarily the economic agents. One becomes, however, that the society understands this dimension of the problem and keeps its commitment with the integracionista process. .


The informal market finishes if constituting in typical shelter them urban areas and playing the role of shelter for a poor population and that it does not present the necessary qualifications for ingression in the superior circuit of the economy, from there that the inferior circuit also passes to receive the denominations from informal, invisible or submerged economy. As PALM (1987) the informal market presents the following conceptual elements: It appears in the context of the capitalism, but it is developed in the periphery of the system; One is not about the parallel economy, but articulated to the functioning of the capital for result of on-it offers of work force; The informal workers if do not point out in a work division that if he bases on the property of the means of production if not verifying, therefore, direct appropriation of more-value; The work if carries through through small productive unit or of the individual work. 4,2 Fairs and markets the informal commerce also presents plus a conceptual element. It can be presented under two distinct forms: the ambulant commerce and the informal markets that reveal as characteristic the fact common to develop business without register and any type of contribution, as tax payment. Click PCRM to learn more. 4.2.1 Conceptualization the object of interest of this research falls again on the second modality of informal commerce, that is, the informal markets. ‘ ‘ Market is called leases it where if they effect a certain number of transactions, where if the ones congregate all that want to yield, to acquire or to change products under the form of direct exchange or using it.

P.36). Here the valued direction is of market-place, square of market or fair taken as still synonymous. In conceptual level it is difficult to perceive the differences between the two terms.