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Chamanes says that ayahuasca speaks in a symbolic language, is a Masterful Sagrada Planta and mother, of the amazonian mystical world. That ingest who it they see what she hurts to them and what they need to evolve. For that reason they consider that the plant is wise. The Ayahuasca, has an important value and meaning, the fundamental thing of the Ayahuasca drink, is an authentic source of knowledge and means to develop bring back to consciousness human, to an extraordinary capacity to allow to accede to infinites conscience levels. In this sense, Ayahuasca is equivalent to God, in the amplest, deep sense of the concept. It is the fundamental spiritual food, that it releases and it amplifies the conscience to us, is in order car-to examine or to consult themselves with the inner teacher, over all dogma or cultural parameter. It is the key to develop the personal self-knowledge (Biological, physiological-anatomical and Psychological, spiritual-transcendental).

Ayahuasca is the culture of knowledge inspired by our extticos deliriums with Masterful Planta. The Ayahuasca makes understand us the fundamental principle of our dynamics and interrelation with the nature; the plants, not only feed to us materially, but also and mainly they feed to us spiritually. The wide-awake Ayahuasca in the human beings, the impulse to the well-being and the search of the health. It is as plant that teaches, for the divination, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in ceremonial contexts. The Ayahuasca brings about states of curative, mystical and visionary character.

When one drinks Ayahuasca, it enters in a dimension of the conscience, where referring the space temporary, to which we are daily customary, changes radically, a state of brings back to consciousness, with which it is very easy to us to remember all our past and our present is to us transparent. It is as plant that teaches, for the divination, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in ceremonial contexts. The Ayahuasca brings about states of curative, mystical and visionary character. It can extend the information given here puncturing in the following Link: chamanismo Original author and source of the article

Quickly Offer

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Whereas in the last years to barriers and protections have been developed to maintain the accounts of free electronic mail of Spam, still people exist that subscribe to the messages that promote their products, services and their site. This must mainly to that they want to know more envelope which these Web sites offer and as it can be beneficial for them. They hope to be able to stay informed in which it interests to them and what he is new in the market or the field that has chosen. The companies would have to be lucky when having this type of clients, whose element basic and necessary to obtain them is the confidence, that ended up compensating with its fidelity. Many users of Internet have done all the possible one to protect their accounts of electronic mail of Spam. Some suppliers of Internet that offer gratuitous electronic mail and the suppliers of services of Internet offer protection against the Spam, whereas there are some companies Internet that send their post office screen for you. With a list of mail opt-in, the post office that you send with your promotion materials such as bulletins, catalogues and mass media, will be read perfectly by your adressees who will be able to see what you have sent, which is a success of the information transference.

In order to be able to be authorized to do it, you will need the permission your adressee, to obtain this permission, must be able to obtain its confidence, a great profit, since with the scorn to the privacy in Internet, to obtain the confidence of a user of Internet that you do not know personally it is an odyssey. In order to construct a good list of opt-in you need that people to trust you. The more fast you construct your list opt-in the more fast you are able to present your business.

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