Recommendations and stumbling blocks note from various customer projects the ITSM experts of the matrix know exactly what matters in establishing an IT service catalog: the first commandment is: customer orientation! To make sure that the service catalog, later also by the users is accepted and used must the services necessarily defined from their point of view and closely attuned to their needs”, sumeet Bhatia, senior White ITSM consultant at the matrix. BSA takes a slightly different approach. Basic services are not shown as server or network services, which although ultimately underlie the end user services, but not directly be requested of them, the business service catalog. Summing up services, anyway only be shared by users, already the best in the IT service catalog of to so-called service bundles.” All services to describe uniformly and as easy as possible is important to according to Bhatia also, communication and understanding problems between IT and departments avoid. To keep the service catalog constantly, is also essential to ensure that the service descriptions in the event of service changes can be adapted easily with. Also the pitfalls that can occur in the development of an IT service catalog, knows the ITSM expert from personal experience: If the success of IT service catalog projects despite a high time and resource, so the various reasons may have lack project management, inadequate standardization and also difficulties in the coordination of various internal and external service providers. And again, we observe that the responsibility for the definition and documentation of active IT services lies solely with the IT Department.

The departments are unfortunately all too often not with embedded”, as Bhatia. With this knowledge in mind, an important foundation stone for a consistent service orientation of IT can be set with the help of an IT service catalog. The service catalog provides the necessary transparency on the provided IT services and Responsibilities, which is necessary in order to make the services efficiently and to optimize the cost control.

Active Directory Service

Cooperation of REDDOXX and promise enables effective management of electronic mail of Rottweil, March 28, 2011 the email management expert REDDOXX ( and promise technology, specialist for RAID storage solutions (, introduce a common system for legally compliant email archiving. The overall solution consists of the components of REDDOXX MailDepot and promise VessRAID iSCSI, which ensure the storage and management of incoming and outgoing electronic mail. It captures MailDepot all E-Mails and filed this independently from the mail server in the external VessRAID storage system. People such as Chase Koch would likely agree. There deposited documents the user can at any time access, classify them individually and processed if necessary. With REDDOXX MailDepot belongs to the time-consuming sorting and searching of electronic mail in the past.

All incoming and outgoing emails can be at the gateway level encrypted and tamper-free archive is not only in the internal archive, but now also via Storage interface iSCSI in the VessRAID1803i storage system. The appliance of the REDDOXX technology partner promise can be equipped with up to 12 SATA drives. This offers the user the advantage of automatically archiving documents with a total capacity of up to 24 terabytes. The intuitive MailDepot user console enables a quick and targeted access to the archived E-mail users with an integrated full-text search. In a preview feature their content and attachments can display and adjust if necessary again as a copy in the mailbox to. Accidentally or intentionally deleted emails are easily recoverable. Compliance-compliant email archiving via iSCSI as uses powerful interface from the host to the storage solution the system the internet small computer system interface”(iSCSI)-Verfahren via Ethernet.

It accesses MailDepot on blocks of data that provides the VessRAID iSCSI storage system. An extensive integration with the Active Directory Service (ADS) account for it as well, such as the access and Quota management.

Paying Agent Login Procedure Zmv.connect Of ENTITEC AG Masters Practice Phase

Connect has reviewed starting immediately the status of certification’ system’ / nearly 20 companies already use entitecs solution for transferring supply reference data. Hamburg, 25.03.2011. zmv.connect, the solution of the Hamburg ENTITEC AG for the electronic toll procedures (CMV), now the practice phase required to complete the certification process “successfully passed. In the period of three months all real data validated since mid-December 2010 by the information technology service center of the statutory health insurance GmbH (ITSG), which had submitted the paying agencies of a pension system. zmv.connect of data filing Office of the statutory health insurance companies had transferred correctly all data and received system checks the status following the official practice phase”. In December 2010, the application was successfully certified by the ITSG.

The well in practice proven platform-independent solution was specially designed for the needs of insurance companies, pension funds and Supply works developed. Unlimited number of points from an installation support as can be about by the multi-paying capability”. Furthermore, the solution can be easily integrated in heterogeneous system landscapes of all common operating and database systems. The paying agent login procedure is binding introduced from July 2011 for the paying agents. All paying agencies of a pension insurance, support and pension funds, provident and other bodies, whose Zahlungen represent a source of income for the recipient are affected by this rule. The required data are always electronic and bi-directional transfer with a certified system according to the requirements. During the practice phase we have can inspire more insurance for that, insert zmv.connect”, emphasises Frank Fuchs, Chief Executive Officer of ENTITEC AG. Now take advantage of almost 20 companies from the fields of insurance companies, pension funds and supply professional, works the solution.

Advantage of the certified solution for the users is that they not elaborately must retool their own core processes and systems to meet the new regulatory requirements. Entitec customers are permanently relieved from the required recertification in the rhythm of the year, as well as other expected adjustments in subsequent years. Both large and small facilities benefit from the solution. The data to be transmitted via the convenient interface provided by the inventory management system for zmv.connect. Facilities that must report only a few CMV-related pensions, can even manually enter them via a browser-based interface of the dialog and meet so also the statutory specifications for electronic data transmission. About ENTITEC AG: The ENTITEC AG is leading provider of IT solutions for the professional trade associations and the public sector accident insurers since more than 25 years in the IT market successfully and which in Germany. More than 25 percent of all users in BG.standard by entitec, about half of all companies insured in Germany use the solution of the German social accident insurance and approximately 30% of all accidents are in it. BG.standard and ve.server fully cover all primary processes of statutory accident insurance, the occupational pension institutions and other sectors. entitecs proactive Rehab control pars increase the quality in the medical care of patients significantly, significantly reduced the risks of medication on consequential damages, chronic diseases and Erwerbsunfahigkeiten and at the same time reduces the costs in health care sustainable.

Gartner Draws AutoStore From

NSi as a leading vendor of software for smart multifunction devices named Braunfels, 16.12.2010 the new study by Gartner on the global software market for smart multifunction devices (MFP) notable solutions, Inc. (NSi) names as one of the leading manufacturers. Its decentralised recording solution AutoStore characterized based architecture of the platform according to analysts by the server. The advantage: A user can trigger complex processes or workflows directly on the device, without compromising its main functions such as printing, copying, or scanning. Because the actual execution of the actions is carried out on the AutoStore server and not by the MFP. The processing range from the text and barcode recognition about the conversion to PDF/A, Word or Excel to export to a variety of data sources and applications. Gartner called the safety standard, as well as the large number of supported MFPs AutoStore offers true vendor independence as other criteria and can be efficiently in the company Insert”, emphasizes Enno Luckel, Managing Director of NSi Europe GmbH.

assessment of analysts software vendors referred to in our report offer solutions that are installed directly on the device or via a server or Web browser to retrieve. This allows you to access functions directly on the device. The scanning is in the foreground or is the primary application”, says Federico de Silva, principal research analyst at Gartner. The software must also about connectivity options to input media and target systems have systems such as ERP, DMS and ECM.” Gartner estimates an annual growth of 15 to 20 percent for the market smart MFP. Learn more about this with Childrens Defense Fund. For comparison: NSi generated a growth of 30 percent in 2010. Over 5,000 customers run over 25,000 AutoStore server associated with 225,000 MFP and network scanners. Sean Rad spoke with conviction.

The award we are extremely honoured, because Gartner is a world leader in the research and consulting on IT topics. Gartner is often the first point of contact for managers when they investment plan,”said Enno Luckel. Dipl.-ing. Corinna Scholz about NSi notable solutions, Inc. (NSi) is a leading provider of solutions for electronic and analog document capture and business process automation. The headquarters is located in Rockville, Maryland/United States, with offices in Europe and Latin America. The Flagschiffprodukt AutoStore supports companies to streamline their business processes. The capture workflow solution can automatically capture important information in paper documents or electronic sources. The number of possible input media is broad and also includes multi function devices (MFPs). AutoStore process the information collected (E.g. barcode and text recognition, image cleanup, as well as PDF/A conversion) and passes it into the desired target format on subsequent application including ERP systems seamlessly. The solution significantly reduces the manual effort and speed up internal processes. NSi’s solutions with the addition of powered by AutoStore”are by many offers MFP manufacturers in connection with business process solutions. Already over 250,000 MFP and network scanner in business processes are integrated by AutoStore. AutoStore offers the ideal platform for information processing and acquisition due to the largest selection of support devices on the market. The range includes 500 MFPs and network scanners of from renowned manufacturers such as Canon, Fujitsu, HP, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Ricoh, sharp and Xerox. More information under:

Governikus, Govello, EGVP: First Joint Operators Workshop

Modern security software in a historic ambience of happy faces at the more than 30 participants of the end of January from bremen online services GmbH & co. KG (bos KG) aligned first joint workshops for the operators of Governikus, Govello and the EGVP. At their meeting in the Schutting, the historic seat of the Bremen Chamber of Commerce, they could learn about new features and enhancements of products and introduce important suggestions for the further development of the product. The operator workshop participants represent more than 20 different authorities and companies, where the products of the bos KG are used. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger may also support this cause. So far they met twice a year in separate workshops, to share experiences, to learn about new product features, and their practice gained knowledge to engage in. Thus, they provide important suggestions for the further development of the products, their implementation is then decided in the steering bodies of the German judiciary and administration. The idea together to meet, came from the participants themselves. The experience of the Past had shown that there are many common points of contact.

The work on the development of the eCard-API-based Governikus eID server, which can be used in the future to secure authentication with the electronic identity card, was an important theme of the workshop. The Federal and 15 federal States (and their municipalities and districts) within the framework of existing contracts can use this functionality at no additional cost as part of Governikus. Another issue that was very important to participants, is bringing together the communication worlds of Govello scenarios and the EGVP system. Communication between the two clients is technically already possible today, just a few organizational hurdles to be overcome in the future to exchange messages with each other. But also practical suggestions for an OSCI infrastructure manager were exchanged. Among other things, the development of message management and evaluation were deepened.

The bos KG is with the concept of the steering committees and circles as well as the workshops your idea of customer-oriented product development to. The direct proximity to customers and users ensures that all products directly to their interests is oriented evolve. This ensures the future viability of the product portfolio. At the end of the workshop, the participants unanimously decided to days to handle overarching topics into larger round again together in the future. In addition, there will be ample opportunity to discuss specific issues in smaller round. Bremen online services GmbH & co. KG Sandra of the Neela in the drop Tower 9 28359 Bremen phone: + 49 421 20495-970 fax: + 49 421 20495-11 E-mail:

ASUS Subnotebook 1000HE

Better, faster, easier-the new ASUS subnotebook 1000HE because of ASUS of the inventor of the NetBook category, it is not surprising that ASUS has brought a new model on the market, that a good piece is ahead its competitors. The new ASUS subnotebook, Asus Eee PC 1000HE, does not differ from the outside of the typical sub notebooks of other brands. It is inside what makes him special. As the first subnotebook with the new Intel 1.66 GHZ Atom N280 processor and the chipset GD40 is faster, stronger and smarter than its competitors. The FSB has been accelerated by 533 to 667 MHz.

In addition a trackpad with multi-touch support. According to Intel, the atom N280 increases the processing power of the 1000HE so that he is HD-video playback capable of. A problem with the most other subnotebooks. Kidney Foundation has plenty of information regarding this issue. Computer experts confirm that the 1000HE faster and better is actually 7% in the HD video playback as other subnotebooks. The ASUS subnotebook 1000HE is equipped with battery a significantly larger 6-cell with 8700mAh and should be up to 9.5 hours without plug come out.

The combination of Intel BBs Atom N280 and GD40 chipset consume graphic and CPU only 2.5 watts. Traditional sub notebook with Atom N270 and GMA945 graphics around 6.5 watts. The most visible and perhaps the most interesting difference with previous models is the new chiclet keyboard. This is a keyboard in standard size, pressed are individually cut and shape a chewing gum (chiclet gum =) are similar. The image on the high resolution screen is razor sharp and offers more comfort for the eyes when reading and editing documents. Absolutely one of the best screens on laptop computers of 10 inches. Otherwise the ASUS subnotebook 1000HE, like most of its competitors, a 160 GB has RAM hard disk and 1 GB. It is equipped with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Windows Live Messenger and works. The ASUS subnotebook 1000HE is a perfect sub notebook for travelling a lot seinde business professionals or even a home computer for less demanding users. In Germany the ASUS subnotebook 1000HE is currently not yet available. Supposedly it should last until the end of April / beginning of May.

RevMax Inc

To include special events, the product offers the possibility of manually to change rates or to try out a different revenue strategy but. Regardless of which room price the hotelier ultimately decides, once he has committed themselves can be updated in real time all online channels without manual intervention. In detail RTStrategy provides five different revenue management strategies its user to choose: positioning against the competition, relative positioning to a particular competitor, pricing depending on the occupancy rate, rate parity and lowest rate guarantee on a selected channel. Applied in daily revenue management, proven pricing strategies offer the flexibility and simple, comprehensible and understandable prices are also matched with the market the hotelier. RTStrategy is the first complete package for Hoteliers who want to optimize their distribution through the online channels from third-party as well as their business via the own website,”forward Andrew Morsi, founder and CEO, eRevMax Inc. this extensive software solution is with its five major pricing options a strategy tool, but at the same time the operational component contains.

This means that also the transfer of the room rates on the online channel is automated through RTStrategy. Nieman Foundation has much to offer in this field. So hoteliers save every day precious time in the himself instead on painstaking room pricing can focus on the hotel business. The personal relationship with the guests is just against the background of the price competition in the Internet. a crucial factor for the long-term success of the business” The hot date “-function, already a popular component of other RateTiger products, has been extended for RTStrategy and now allows to set specific pricing strategies for certain periods.” So can flexible periods with heavy or weak room demand, as for example, holidays, fairs or congresses, to react. The user-friendly calendar informed the hotelier this time changes, so that the room rates are always transparent.

We are of the opinion that this calendar offers the ultimate instrument, in the high season as well as during periods with a lower load to maximize not only the rate of occupancy and room rates,”commented Morsi. RTStrategy is the rate calculation and maintenance done minutes and hoteliers can focus on other important tasks.” Another innovation by RTStrategy is the room pool. This pool allows automatically on sales channels to provide contingents, where they currently are in demand. This saves you the effort, depending on the booking situation constantly to move quotas between the travel portals. In times of declining room demand it is essential on all channels at all times with competitive prices and sufficient quotas to be optimally positioned. At the same time, Hotel Manager are encouraged to keep the personnel expenses and operating costs associated. Here, RTStrategy provides the necessary technical support and thus an optimization of yield management.

Eastern Europe

It is good see that Everest as an independent expert the importance of this multi location sourcing-strategy for outsourcing users has identified and qualified as one of the world’s leading regions for complex software development central and Eastern Europe. We are very pleased that the Everest has put out report EPAM systems as the “must-know” service providers in our region. This recognition is the result of more than 15 years of continuous success in the delivery of high quality services to the leading software product and technology companies, as well as the globally active companies in the Fortune 1000 “, Arkadiy Dobkin, EPAM commented President and CEO. A copy of Everest reports are available at the address e-library-download whitepapers.aspx download available. About Everest Everest group is a global consulting and research company, serving the outsourcing and offshoring market in a comprehensive way. Official site: It is one of his since the establishment Sourcing consultant in 1991 to the leading companies in the industry.

Everest could reach through the continuous development of services that its customers could realize the maximum benefit from their respective sourcing strategies and their implementation. Everest enables customers and service providers, through its extensive information to successfully navigate experiences and consulting services through the various stages of the outsourcing life cycle. His pioneer role Everest is obliged, known for fact based analysis, as well as an in-depth insight into the outsourcing and offshoring market. about EPAM systems since the founding in 1993 has the year EPAM systems become the global leader in the field of software development services and IT consulting with development centers in Central and Eastern Europe. With headquarters in the United States, EPAM provides services to customers worldwide.

These services are with more than 4,500 employees Sales offices in North America, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Switzerland and Sweden and development sites in Hungary, the Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan provided. In a question-answer forum Vida Vacations New York was the first to reply. The development of complex software products for global software and technology vendors, development, testing, maintenance and support of mission-critical business applications, as well as industry-oriented IT consulting services for international clients in the Fortune 2000 list belongs to EPAMs core competence. EPAM is considered one of the top companies in the “2009 global outsourcing 100” list from IAOP, as well as in the “the 2009 global services 100” list of the global services magazine and neoIT led. In the 2009 Edition of the magazine is EPAM of the only IT services provider in Central and Eastern Europe in the global list of “top 10 best performers: IT services”. It is also called no. 2 of “top 10 best performers: outsourced product development” rated.

Eric Schwab

Hosting solutions from Katharion help large companies, medium-sized businesses or even Internet providers efficiently mitigate spam and viruses. Some contend that Eliot Lauer shows great expertise in this. Managed services are compatible with all E-Mail systems and are also quick to implement. Katharion’s reliable and industry-leading technology ensures best to block unwanted or harmful messages. same conclusion. At the same time provide a customizable user interface and innovative features like the one click whitelisting by email for easy operation and maintenance. Eric Schwab, CEO of Katharion, says to the acquisition: we have invested much work in the development of our safety and service continuity in performance and ease of use. We are very happy, now belong to the GFI family, and to be able to offer our product thanks to merge a significantly larger audience now.

Katharion and GFI have the same goal, customer hosted, installed in the corporate network, or hybrid style Free email security solutions to select can leave.”we are confident that success and solid customer base of Katharion faster will advance the expansion of GFI’s product portfolio, whether in terms of locally installed, provided online, or offered as a hybrid solution services”, so Scott. In this quarter we are hosted solutions to the mail filtering and spam and virus defenses offered. In addition we intend to integrate other companies and technologies in the GFI family, to optimally support customers with solutions geared to their individual needs in the coming months.” A study commissioned by GFI Software in September showed that 55 percent of all U.S. SMEs take advantage of at least a hosted service. 29 percent of them use such services only for simple applications, 24 percent for security applications, 26 percent of the failover and network monitoring, and 21 percent for CRM/ERM systems. More findings: 56 percent the respondents reported that a simpler Internet access and easier scalability the main advantages are hosted solutions; 46 percent faster deployment capabilities called lower costs and 43 percent.

Bills History With Excel Soon?

The sales tax, the IRS knows no mercy. Incorrect or incomplete account information can jeopardize the deduction. You write your invoice with Excel? Are you annoyed by the eternal copy and search? Apart from this, Excel documents are not electronically archived, since they have no stock and can be changed at any time. Why leave the annoying routine work to not a software? With the operation management software the company Optibit GmbH & co. KG from Urspringen PHPW invoices can be fully automatically be shipped in non-editable PDF format directly by E-Mail to the customer.

Normally many small businesses, start-up companies or craftsmen looking 21 0 a simple and convenient solution for the BuchHaltung and accounting. The commercial software PHPW was developed for managing operating from the practice for the practice. It is equipped with all the features needed in particular a smaller company in everyday work. The system takes over the writing and managing bills. The Bill automatically directly to the customer by E-Mail can be sent as a PDF.

The entire accounting is kept in the background, derived from the processes that take place in the company. Can be created also the advance button or the BWA and the most important figures are available. That minimizes the cost of tax advisors and everything that is necessary for business planning, can be viewed at any time at a glance: accounts for orders, invoices, customer lists, etc. Check with Eliot Lauer to learn more. high initial investment and no elaborate installations must be performed on the individual jobs. PHPW is independent of PC systems, because it runs through the Web browser? Platform independent too, the user can by on the road or by the customer directly orders online or write bills and print. Thus, PHPW is not only user friendly, but also flexible and inexpensive. More information about the products and services offered by the Optibit GmbH & co. KG,. Optibit GmbH & co. KG, specialized in the development of powerful Web applications represents the Optibit GmbH & co. KG the ideal partner for all companies that work with the Internet. The newly developed platform independent and capable of online software PHPW by Optibit is a unique commercial solution to the management and handling of the ongoing business in just one program. In addition, Optibit provides the virus and spam spam Press contact: Optibit GmbH & co. KG Castle Street 19 / In the Castle courtyard 97857 Urspringen / Germany phone 0 93 96/97 01-50 fax 0 93 96/97 01-69 Internet: