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An adolescent with acute glomerulonefrite can develop hipertensiva encefalopatia or an pregnant woman with edema proteinria can present convulsion of the eclampsia with only 160/100 pressricos levels of mmHg. Both are considered as emergency and must be treated as such. The hipertenso can be complicating a concomitant illness as in infarto of the myocardium and the dissecante aneurism of aorta. Also in these situations modest degrees of rise of the Par they will go to need immediate treatment. On the other hand, Par of 240/140 mmHg in assintomtico patient of 50 years, without damage evidence the agency-target can not need parenteral anti-hipertensiva therapy or, even though, nor to need hospitalization if could be folloied of close. Learn more about this with BSA.

Many times the high Par can not be considered as hipertensiva crisis and can have risk if the pressrica reduction fast and will be made in intempestive way. Clinical examples include chronic hipertenso and severe assintomtica, with deep of eye degree I or II, in aged patient, causing ischemic cerebral vascular accident as iatrogenia it deals with mento. Also pressricas rises associates to the anxiety and pseudohipertenso can simulate a picture of hipertensiva crisis. Advances in the farmacoterapia had allowed acute reductions of the Par in the majority of the cases. The balance between reducing the Par of efficient form always must be considered and keeping the sanguineous perfuso to the noble agencies, so that the risk does not exceed the benefit. This article has as objective to introduce the subject ' ' crisis hipertensiva' ' how much the definitions, epidemiologia, etiology and clinical picture with focus in urgency and emergency. Educate yourself with thoughts from Nieman Foundation. The call hipertensiva pseudocrisis if folloies of accented rise of the Par, unchained, most of the time, for the abandonment of the medicamentoso treatment in chronic hipertensos patients, but also for pain, discomfort and anxiety. The marcante clinical evidence is the absence of signals of fast deterioration of agency-target.


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This acts as process where if of the transference of a message of an sender, for verbal, not-verbal, chemical, electromagnetic a receiver, being able to be among others. The act of if communicating would be the way for intermediary of which the individual displays its experiences, ideas, knowledge and feelings to another human being. Soon, through this, a message is codified and exactly decoded using sonorous, iconographic or gestuais systems and signs or symbols among others (PEN-CASANOVA, 1999). Such can be used with verbal communication, audible manifestation, in the form of speaks, but not-verbal, as of form also written, in the corporal language, among others. It is important, to stand out, however, that, amongst the human beings the transference of the verbal message, involves a falante and one or more listeners. Therefore, the individuals are programmed since early communicating itself. Composed of systems of transmission of messages, in its verbal form the communication has the language, that in turn says it has it as main element (PEN-CASANOVA, 1999). Soon, the language says and allows it the transmission of the message.

It says it, as Guedes (1997) is a function of the breath, on to the neurofisiolgicas changes of the larngeos consequences, of the musculatura of the joint that receives impulses volunteers of the cranianos nerves for where if they create audible sounds and meanings, that is, words. Thus, in its production the movements can be complex and changeable, if modifying in accordance with the phonetic context, with emotional load or the formality or informality of the situation, becoming the joint in some situations acurada and more intelligible. In it speaks, the voice is the sonorous emission produced by the larynx, generating sounds and the words, placing in practical the codification and decoding, necessary for the exchange of messages between the human beings. Therefore, the language demands the development of four systems that if relate and keep dependence, that is the pragmatic one, the fonolgico, semantic and the grammatical one (PEN-CASANOVA, 1999).


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In social scope, the low pertaining to school and socioeconmicos levels are associates to the DST? s, as well as use of alcohol and drugs, that already had been proven by diverse studies (TAQUETTE et al., 2005). Are known that the DST? s favors the possibility of infection for virus HIV. Of all the AIDS cases, in accordance with the categories of exposition, the sexual transmission are dominant (53%). Visit Center For Responsible Lending for more clarity on the issue. As the period of latency of the pathology he is long, being able to arrive up to 11 years, can be concluded that a good part of the carriers has been infectados in adolescence (TAQUETTE; VILHENA; PAULA, 2004). They is esteem that 10 million adolescents are carrying of the HIV, or present predisposition for development of the AIDS in next the 3 15 years.

One knows that approximately 80% of the transmissions of the HIV elapse of practical sexual not protecting. Frequently Dr. Neal Barnard has said that publicly. In the presence of infection for a DST, the possibility of transmission of the HIV it is of 3 5 times bigger (THIENGO; OLIVEIRA; RODRIGUES, 2005). 2.3 professionals of the health and the prevention of the DST? s in the adolescence In the adolescence always has time to correct distortions, missed concepts, so that it has necessary readjustments in the life of the adolescent. In this way, if it becomes important to know the beddings biopsquicos that generate the characteristics of the adolescent behavior in way to the expectations and requirements, as well as the familiar adaptations that involve the participation of the parents and the paper to be played by the when requested professional of health to intervine (COAST; SOUZA, 2005)..

Biological Products

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Well-known E, in the field of medical sciences, that practical of induction of the specific imunolgica reply, it can cause increase of the tolerance consequentemente, diminishing the capacity of inespecfica reply in the healthful organism and diminishing the capacity of the healthful organism of if protecting against the increasing gamma of .causing agents of viral infection. Which would be the reply of the professional of health, responsible for the Promotion of Health of the Family, when the healthful citizen, worried in preserving its health to ask to it: The virus is passvel of mutations? Of how much in how much time I go to have that to take the vaccine? The vaccine use as method of prevention against an infectious agent cannot diminish the capacity that the organism has to protect itself against the other viruses? Which is the risk benefits the health in the use of the vaccine against virus H1N1 in view of that I am healthful? In the imunossupressivo citizen; the exposition of the organism the vaccine will not be able to cause a still bigger consuming of the imunolgica reply inespecfica, and in such a way to generate an inadequate reply? Influenza H1N1 in imunossupressivas people was tested the effectiveness of the vaccine, says; people with deficiency of the imunolgica reply for production of antibodies? Which are the risks of an inadequate or inefficient imunolgica reply? While the citizen waits, of the ANVISA, a reply that is more enlightening with language of easy interpretation for the laypeople in Brazil, it is important that the population knows as to prevent the factors that the chronic exhaustion of the imunolgico system premakes use as form of Primary Prevention of the lethal contamination for virus H1N1. Boy Scouts of America has firm opinions on the matter. CITIZEN: He asks to its doctor, which are the factors that you premake use the chronic exhaustion of the imunolgico system? TO SEEM FINAL OF the ANVISA – Coordination of Biological Products? The virus influenza H1N1 is passvel of mutations.

Psychology Work

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How much to the qualitative data, it was possible to confirm the importance of the boarding of the subject estresse, that it not only comes being widely explored for Psychology as well as for the Nursing. The collection of data was developed with questionnaires in interview form, having searched the enrichment and agreement on the level of estresse of these nurses. The citizens had not been identified by name or any description that allows to characterize them of any form, thus guaranteeing the secrecy of the information. Results and quarrel the research was carried through in the Hospital of Oeste (HO), constructed for the government of the state in the city of Barriers in June of 2006 and is assumed by OSID (Obras Sociais Irm Dulce). Account with unit of urgency and emergency functioning during 24 hours, Unit of Terapia medical, surgical and obsttrica Intensiva (UTI), clinics, obsttrica emergency, Obsttrico Center, UTI Neonatal and Lactrio.

Destined exclusively for the users of the SUS, the hospital it makes use of 175 stream beds, being 24 of UTI. The data below will be analyzed from categorizao, such as: level of estresse, determinative factors, and used mechanisms pra estresse to face it. The reasons that estresse they determine it, in which are evidenced in literature the external, internal conditions, the work overload, demanded effort is some on characteristics to the exercise of the profession. Being that these causes had been also observed in the done interviews the nursing professionals. With regard to the overload in the work, the nurses had answered that they feel themselves overloaded in the work and with this if the situations feel more vulnerability of estresse, thus provoking, desmotivao of the team. Problems emotional, that if reveals for depression, disinterest, apathy and insatisfao, that can in extreme cases, to arrive the aggressiveness states. With regard to the paid wages the situation is still worse, a time that the interviewed ones had declared its insatisfao with regard to the paid wages to the category.

Health Analysis

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Studies epidemiologists had evidenced that the reduction of masculine mortality always was lesser and slower in relation to the feminine sex, this currently are comparativily observed in all the regions of Brazil: In the Country, in 2001, 7.8% of the total of men were in equal the etria band the 60 and more years and 0.9% had 80 years at least; for the women these values had been bigger, respectively, equal 9.3% and 1.3%. In 2002, of the total of masculine internments in hospitals of the SUS or they conveniados, 4.5%, 12.4% and 21% had been neoplasias malignant, illnesses of the circulatrio and respiratory device, respectively, whereas for the ones of 60 and more years, the values had been 7.3%, 29.4% and 20,1%.Para the greaters of 80 years, the ratios had arrived 4.8%, 30.5% and 25.1% for respective causes. (LAURENTI, JORGE, GOTLIEB, 2004, P. 37). It is fact that some illnesses reach more to the men what it reflects greater mortality, and how much to the exposition the risk factors such as violence, excessive alcoholic consumption and drugs also the use of the tobacco, among others cause an increase of the morbidade in this population, another factor verified in research are low adhesion of the men the campaigns of promotion and prevention. The research of Gomes, Birth, Arajo; (2007) they inform on the masculine morbidade and sample that the sensitization of the men and its profile of morbimortalidade strong is not associated with the values of thus described cultural sort and: The imaginary one of the man can imprison the cultural masculine and mooring cables, making it difficult the autocuidado adoption of practical of, therefore to the measure that the man is seen as virile, invulnervel and strong, look the health service, in a preventive perspective, could associates it weakness, fear and unreliability; therefore, it could it approaches it of the representations of the feminine universe, what it would possibly imply diffidences concerning this masculinidade socially instituted.

Brazilian Services

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In the chapter health one parcels out considerable of the population that possua formal job or without conditions not to appeal to the private services had started to have access to the services of health in all the complexity levels and that before they were restricted to the charity and filantropia. An important accomplishment in this process was the insertion in the constitutional text of the health as right of citizenship and duty of the State, what it enhanced and it gave to legal force of public relevance to the actions and services of health. The SUS is consequence of the Brazilian Sanitary Reformation, originated of the sanitary movement, process politician who mobilized the Brazilian society to consider new politics and new models of system organization, practical services and of health. This deep reform in the public health also serves of reference for others public politics. country transforms a system centered, privatized, based in the health concept as absence of illness and with the focus in the health care attention in Only System of Sade (SUS): decentralized, participativo, universal, with social control, taking care of to all without distinction and with an extended concept of health as quality of life. It enters the devices of the Constitution meets it creation of the System Unified and Decentralized of Sade (SUDS).

Based in the beginning of integration of all the services of health, particular public and; to constitute a hierarquizada and regionalizada net with the participation of the community in the administration of the local units. Being that the private sector of health was defined as complementary form to the public services and the filantrpicas entities they would have paper auxiliary in the functioning of the SUDS. The project of municipalizao of the health services found obstacles that had condemned to the failure other decentralizing projects in virtue of many cities to apply part or total of the mount of money destined to the health in other sectors of the public administration and the refusal of the rendering of particular service if to submit to the unified system.

Sisters Medicine

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I think about an including shelter, with which we can demonstrate to love and interest for the life of the patient and the will to brighten up its pain, assisting it to become it its calmer death and with little suffering in the cases of patient terminals. The objective of this work is to prove how much the religion can influence of beneficial or maleficent form in the treatment of patient terminals, verifying the possibilities of that the same one can or not to help in the relief of the suffering of the terminal customer and to show the necessity of the attention to the espiritualidade with the terminal patient. 2 ESTIMATED 2,1 THEORETICIANS the History of the Espiritualidade in the Care with Patient Even so the indication of the necessities spirituals of a patient as part of a medical treatment is seen as something today new and different, this practical is in the very old truth. But inside of the last hundreds of years the medicine and the religion had followed different ways and the doctors had started to ignore these subjects. For all the history of the humanity, religion and medicine had walked together. During good part of the time, the Christian church controlled the universities where the medical training was done and directed the license so that the doctors exerted the medicine. (KOENIG, 1997, P. 11).

Still more strong of what the connection between medicine and religion is the historical linking between religion and nursing. The craft of the nursing came directly of the church, with the Sisters of Charity of Is Vicente de Paula starting to organize nuns catholics to serve as many religious and not-religious hospitals in 1617 (KOENIG, 1997, P. 11). Each time more science if curve ahead of the largeness and the importance of the espiritualidade in the dimension of the human being.

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