Perfect Christmas

Gift vouchers for innovative photo tours for Christmas or birthdays or individual photo training in Berlin for people with a passion for the photographic experience and Experminentieren offers photo coach Berlin photo Flaneur-Berlin and the starting immediately decorative vouchers amounting to 99 for a four-hour photo walk in a small group with photo Flaneur Berlin discretion. With a voucher of 69, you can book a photo exercise 90 minutes with Photo Manager-Berlin. The photo coach Berlin is aimed at amateur photographers with little time and a desire to quickly and effectively to build knowledge and skills in a pleasant atmosphere. The individually tailored private lessons follows the desires and objectives of each client. You can find more information on on you can choose the most suitable for partners, friends or relatives from the range of seven extraordinary photo walks in the capital. The photo walks will find during the day on weekends and during the week Instead of.

Maximum of four participants, 99 per person, autumn offer for trips up to the December 31, 2010: 79 per person. The tour will take place from 2 persons. Beginning of usually 10: 00, duration approx. four hours. During the tour, everyone is encouraged to try out new perspectives and to develop a personal photographic style. The focus is the photographic experience, not technical perfection, each camera is welcome, mainly digital. These are various photo walks, where you can select your favorite walk: In the shadow of power on the banks of the river Spree in the Government quarter dates: FR, 19.11./Mi, 15.12 2010 Wed, SA, 5.2, 7.1/SA, 15.1 / Fri, 25.2/FR, 11.3. 2.4. / do, SA, 14.4.Sa, 30.4 2011 search for the dark side leads mostly, where plenty of light. In Berlin, an area on the banks of the river Spree in the spotlight is available: it is the part on which are traditionally the representatives of economic, political, scientific, cultural, and ecclesiastical power have niedergelassen.

Germany Grevenbroich

Uwe Friedrich von TEAMCANIN in Loffingen, Hungenberg April 30, 2009 / Gaby Gunther performs from 18-21 May 2009 workshop in Grevenbroich in dog & sport – a harmonious and balanced partnership between man and dog is the primary concern of all training and coaching activities by head coach Uwe Friedrich von the dog Center TEAMCANIN. On the grounds of dog & sports Hungenberg in Grevenbroich can now from the 18th-21st May 2009 interested dog owners different day workshops visit with Uwe Friedrich, learn his training methods and with him find together with her dog approaches for their own training. It’s a pleasure, that Uwe Friedrich for the first time and exclusively presents us his training methods and the dog owners with us thus offers the possibility to find their individual training method with their dogs!\”Dirk Hungenberg, owner of dog & sports Hungenberg forward. Learn more at this site: Alona Tal. His training methods are really something special especially because he individually and specifically on the needs and rights of man and Animal arrives and thereby promotes the partnership between dog and owner\”. Dirk Hungenberg makes it possible that dog owners can visit the each 8-hour day seminars with Uwe Friedrich at the sensational trial price of 30 (holder with dog) or 20 (holder without a dog). Following day workshops/seminars are offered: Monday, may 18, 2009, 10 am 6 pm: load via nose work load means that our dogs need a balance, their natural plants to live out. They may not hunt but and often they show then substitute behaviors that are not desirable (hunting of joggers and cyclists, aggression behavior, destruction, etc.).

To avoid this problem, the dog should get compensation, any dog owner can integrate into the daily walk. Nose work is the most attractive, what you can offer a dog because the nose is the best developed sense organs of the dog. As Makrosmat (Nasentier), the dog should deliberately insert the nose and with his owner together must solve tasks which causes not only a better utilization and balance, but gives the dog a good self-esteem.


of miracles in everyday life, by worries and woes, by people who help and the magic of the Holy night of the first snowfall, and stories of the Christmas market – Christmas stories better tell who could than just Anita Burck. As a ballad singer, she sings many songs of tender love, sensual romance, fate and human problems, by courageous people, and luckily after overcoming the most adverse circumstances. And of which she can really sing a song: A severe motorcycle crash at the age of 16 could not by their way take off, to start a successful singing career. With the corresponding inner conviction and talent Anita her dream made true in later years. PCRM helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. -\”Why I never gave up\” – so your name book presented also at the Frankfurt book fair – and anyone who has read it, for which no questions remain open, because Anita is gone the right way.

\”Those who fight can lose–who doesn’t fight has already lost\” a voice that enchanted…Anita Burck looks today on a number of successful years as an artist in the music scene back. in 1999 she made her television debut in \”Achims hit parade\”, since it is a welcome guest in TV shows. 2002 released their first album love without limits In the same year she is named to the Vice-musician Empress in the MDR. Swarmed by offers, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is currently assessing future choices. She could increase their success with every other year. So, she appeared for the first time in 2003 ZDF super hit parade of folk music before a television audience of millions in the and has sung there in many hearts. But the so far biggest achievement was reaching the final at the Grand Prix der volksmusik 2004 in Vienna. Its currently latest single: In the mirror image of the ocean. To read more click here: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . Just last Friday Anita Burck was on the we help Charity Gala in Usingen with their song: \”so nice can help be\” again enthusiastically celebrated.

Pirate Party

Because here there is risk of injury, always an adult this should be and the take over most dangerous parts. For more clarity and thought, follow up with PCRM and gain more knowledge.. Of course, all images of skulls, skeletons, ghosts, witches and other undead to decorate your Windows, doors, and of the party room are suitable. Visit Center For Responsible Lending for more clarity on the issue. Inquire if not possibly a boyfriend or girlfriend your kids to the children’s birthday has carried out a Pirate Party. Then you could borrow the remaining skulls decoration and skeleton images for your Halloween party. Face painting Halloween to any Halloween costume, purchased, borrowed or even tinkered unless there is also a suitable make-up face. Because especially the German children makeup of regular dermatological tests is subjected to, you need to have no concern in this respect.

The beauty of this is that now every layman can make-up his children because a step-by-step Schminkanleitung with images is often included in the quite favourable children makeup sets. The packages sorted for the respective make-up motif such as witch, Vampire, Devil, or pirate contain always the typical Makeup colors and sometimes a brush. Prepare your camera, because it is these small works of art for eternity to hold. On your spooky party you know the Pinataspiel perhaps the pinata game originating from Mexico already from children’s birthday. But if this hollow pasted with coloured paper has the shape of a pumpkin or a witch, the incredibly atmospheric event of course to your horror party fits.

You can also easily yourself tinker is such a Kurbispinata. To aufgepusteter balloon with many strips of paper is glued around cascade (with normal wallpaper paste). When the 3-4 are dry layers, you can prime the ball has become solid orange-red and paint a pumpkin face. A big hole to fill the candy and a little for the string to hang can also be cut into it without hesitation after drying. Have fun trying it out! Be creative, your children will thank you.

Daum Electronic

Cycling with motor and intelligent cockpit with the bike in the Green, is a popular pastime for many. Read more from Dr. Neal Barnard to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Were there just not the mountains that make some excursion a sweaty affair. It doesn’t have to be. Daum electronic raises the driving experience to a new level with the premium-line of his ergo_bike Pedelecs. About a certain speed on the mountain or when the value falls below, the mid-engine turns on automatically. And also: with the intelligent cockpit the most beautiful tours on the display can be downloaded easily via GPS. In addition to the driving pleasure also the security in the first place is bike-Pedelecs the ergo.

The bike is missing or the owner gets in trouble, the site is detected quickly and reliably. Also, the entire Pedelec technology\”is 100% made in Germany. For some time, the trend in the bicycle industry has a name: E-bikes. Or more accurately expressed: Pedelecs. Daum electronic with his technical know-how from over 15 years of Ergometer construction from the very beginning is also Drivers of innovation in the E-bike – development has been. The Furth-based company has evolved into the think tank the Pedelec intelligent design: not only all bike components are designed in our own factory and produced, but also the entire conception, development, and manufacture of the ergo_bike cockpits are held there. Producing the ergo_bike Pedelecs in Germany inKombination with the industry expertise of daum development teams provide the highest quality of all components to this high-end products.

The heart of the daum Pedelecs is the cockpit comfort and safety from the cockpit. With the launch of the premium series, the Pedelecs have an intelligent control unit, which is unique in the industry. Based on the functionality of the classic series, the premium cockpit to a GPS module are advanced, opened a completely new dimension in driving comfort: Ascend, download tour and controlled ride.

Charity Gala Oriental

Belly dance with renowned artists which e.V. Bundesverband Oriental Dance 15 years and celebrates this event with twelve Charity Gala evenings in different cities across Germany. Bahiga from Volkach, representing the Association through the Regional Office of Swiss franc 2009 celebrates their 15th anniversary of classes, which is why on October 10, 2009 at 19:30 (doors open 18:30) in the Community Centre Niederwerrn near Schweinfurt held a Jubilee Gala will be. Learn more at this site: Dr. Neal Barnard. This well-known stars of the Oriental dance scene could be won as Ayun (Ingolstadt), Enussah (Nuremberg), Naheda (Louis town) and Yamuna (Erlangen). Also, dancers and groups of the region will make the program with exceptional contributions.

All artists perform free of charge. The Charity Gala proceeds benefit the SOS Children’s villages in Morocco and Egypt after deduction of costs.