Africa is a balkanized continent?, B. Credit: Center For Responsible Lending-2011. Ben Yahmed wondered since its indisputable authority and prestige. The problem is by the absurd inclination to admire the greatest and the most expensive. Similar to many confuse value with price, not a few are still yoked to the sophism that much more better; instead of how much better, more. Balkanization we understand the situation that this region of Europe was when it was dismembered arbitrarily, because of ethnic groups, religions, or periclitados nationalism. Jennifer Aaker shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Both under the Empires Russian, austro Hungarian, German or Ottoman, as well as with Yugoslavia, there is a bleeding wound. They say that Africa is too divided and that is why it is so vulnerable. The powers colonizing made a cruel distribution of peoples and lands in accordance with their economic interests and their desire for power. There are the proceedings of the Berlin Conference of 1885 dividing the great continent like a cake. There is more to contemplate a map that looks like crazing bevel and Plumb. And esa predation with the consent of European religions that are supported in the force to civilize, christianize and open to (European) markets while they squatted in the consciences of people who had traditions and worldviews, in many respects, broader and more open than the of the imported monotheisms. That’s the load white man’s claim to save everyone, whatever.

I heard it at the top of the parent white: to be able to explain the need for redemption before we had to convince them that they were in sin. But we come to the data. Both America and Europe, including Turkey, have a population of Africa, close to one billion inhabitants. America has 35 countries while Europe 46. 53 Africa. Asia is divided into 47 countries but its population exceeds four billion.

Campaigns Advertising

Who does not understand a look, nor shall include an explanation No surprises us, that many companies used in the promotion of their products large figures, characters in fashion, according to your skill, ability, success, fame attained in the field that have been given to know. The important thing is to know if really use them helps increase sales, what is the role that really play, how this influences the consumer purchase, where are their advantages and disadvantages. Wharton.Universia.NET on the matter presents an interesting contribution where manifests, which for a company, using famous advertising campaigns has many advantages, from the Association of the values that represents a character known to the public with the brand to a more rapid recognition of the advertised product. However, until now, it was difficult to calculate the return on investing in a famous face. A research carried out by Ana Rumschisky, Professor at the IE Business School marketing area, has shown that the use of personalities in an advertisement has a directness about the return on investment, among other reasons, because the public is willing to pay up to 20 percent more for the same item, depending on who is present it. To conduct their research, entitled the value of the use of celebrities in advertising communication. A quantitative analysis of prices for a product of fashion, Rumschisky selected a wrist of a prestigious international brand watch and drew up an advertisement with two models, one anonymous and other known.

Half of the 513 Spanish university students aged between 18 and 25 selected for the research were shown the announcement with the anonymous character and the other half advertisement with the known face. The famous chosen for advertising was Jesus Vazquez, a popular Spanish television presenter with great success among young people of the country. Add Ana Rumschisk that, the famous character helps to create and maintain attention consumers towards advertising.

Divorce Mutual Agreement

The first stage in the process of separation for mutual divorce agreement Peru ends with the issuance of the sentence of separation of bodies. This judgment declared legally separated spouses. Swarmed by offers, Kidney Foundation is currently assessing future choices. The second stage this related end process and the subsequent delivery of the final judgment of divorce. The time required to reach this port is two months. As you can notice it is a much shorter process that will allow you to save both time and money. Today there are lawyers specialized in the topic. It should be noted that the process is carried out entirely by internet, you won’t have because to go to the respective court.

There are several advantages that can be found in this type of process. First that nothing the mutual divorce agreement Peru is the fastest and cheapest divorce form. Nobody wants a long and cumbersome process. With a prior agreement of both spouses unable to start the process. Another advantage is that it allows to save reserve about the reasons for divorce thus avoiding any kind of conflict. Finally, and most important point to take into consideration is that it minimizes the psychological damage in children. Requirements for requesting the transaction and begin the process is that marriage must be at least two years in duration, otherwise will not be feasible.

If the couple has children must reach a prior agreement on visitation or tenure in case the children are very small. Generally go where his mother. Having the documentation rule is needed to initiate the mutual divorce agreement in Peru.

Ovary Polycystic

Frequently women with syndrome of Polycystic ovaries (PCOS) intrigue them to know how it affects fertility, whether they can or not pregnant and there are risks. Be diagnosed with this type of cysts in the ovaries can leave the light symptoms such as HIRSUTISM, which is when it occurs hairs on the face and legs, oily skin, acne, weight gain, depression, in cases chronic Anovulation with loss of menstruation of infertility, relating largely to the over-production of hormones androgenitas is given. It is common in young women, these types of cysts in the ovaries are given without distinction of races and in their treatment may be indicated to encourage the control of hormones such as insulin to lose some kilos. Metformin is a drug which is used in addition to contraceptives that can stop the presence of male traits that settle to suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome. Some experts mentioned, are mostly benign; but it is important that the medical review if the symptoms are long term and you can through the removal of the tissue determine whether it is cancer. Symptoms should not be extended for more than 3 months, pelvic pain can give notice that the cysts have been increasing in size and its hardness and volume caused by torque in its stem, or pressure on the fallopian tubes, making that if is complicate, the fallopian tubes should be removed along with the uterus matrix.

The hormonal problems is the basics for not resorting to surgery, since when there are cysts on the ovaries, it can also be functional type, i.e. those which may be formed by the same hormonal reasons, before the term of ovulation, as accumulation of fluid within the follicles found in each ovary, and stay for long without being noticed even after yearsHe suffered before since they are only autoeliminan. Want to know how to treat ovarian cysts in a non-intrusive way? Please Click here to read about a method that you can eliminate the symptoms in as little as 12 hours. Original author and source of the article.

The Girl

Those campaigners who were born throughout its history and for different reasons. Humans idealize their heroes, they infuse them hope and courage even in difficult times. Humans admire and learn from them in moments they need them, especially in periods of war. But once they are no longer needed, that admiration becomes envy. Envy, a mask that actually hides a sense of inferiority.

If they think that someone is better there than sink it at all costs, even if you need to your help in difficult moments. More still in that case because once they are well, they jealous of having to depend on another. Of course that happens not only with heroes, great friendships, actually false friendships, they have broken when someone sees the possibility of overcoming that which has helped, the one that has been admired and envied, and that possibility is betraying him and sinking him into a delicate moment. The heroes are admired when they are required, but people never endured to live with them, precisely because of that feeling of inferiority, precisely because of envy. How many teachers betrayed by their students. They learn from their mentors everything they can, but one day envy corrodes them and seek to overcome the master betraying him and sinking it. The currency is normally returned them. It is always the same, envy, selfishness, self-destructive human nature.

Yesterday I saw a girl in the ruins in flames of what a time was a building, their cries amused me. It would inevitably die. A young, lame by a fractured leg, delved into those vestiges of construction. He demonstrated a great value, it was literally a flaming hell. Shortly after she appeared with the girl in her arms. When they were about to leave, a burning beam struck the boy leaving him unconscious, the girl fell beside her terrified and unable to react.

Social Marketing

Carlos Mora Vanegas SOCIAL marketing is important that educational institutions, universities particularly, through its schools of administration, provide its graduates a more complete view of the applicability of the knowledge of markets in various fields, as in political, environmental tourism, social so they have a more complete vision of the importance of this function, their relevance, scope, advantages. Is time that should give radical changes in teaching the fundamentals of markets and adapt to the needs, characteristics of the current scenarios, not can remain anchored in traditional knowledge, most when the reality of the present requires another vision, the professional training of the Administration and even market specialist in order to play a role efficiently according to the demands of the present. FIGUERA Daniela, Minotti Keimy, Cedeno Elinet, remind us that in 1970, and with the participation of theoreticians and practitioners of general marketing, it begins to develop social marketing, trying to adapt and transfer the commercial elements to the activities devoted to the interests of society.

Philip Kotler defined social marketing as: design, implementation and control of programs that seek to increase the acceptability of a social idea or practice in groups. It uses concepts of market segmentation, research communication, consumers, incentives, ease and change the idea of utility for the maximum satisfaction of the group. The nonprofit field covers many entities that have many differences and similarities between them. Non profit marketing encompasses cases as disparate as selling education (schools, school boards), care (hospitals) health, Philanthropy (like Big Brothers or older siblings); without leaving behind to marketers who also pursue different objectives: perhaps want to know something (the nutritional value of certain foods) or elicit a response (join a massive vaccination campaign)..

Positive Attitude

The attitude of a person towards life is crucial to living life to the fullest or to wander through life without a defined purpose; with the right attitude a person can develop, seize the opportunities that you can find or discover, achieve the objectives or goals must be set, achieve success and happiness. With positive attitude problems that probably will be found during the day of our life can solve more easily. The positive attitude provides optimism, will allow that the concerns will not affect us and change ideas or negative thoughts that froze to our minds in adverse circumstances and replaces them with constructive and creative thoughts. If we adopt as part of ourselves a positive attitude will be much easier to see the good side of things and wait always the best. Frequently Boy Scouts of America has said that publicly. How manifests the attitude positive in the journal operate? How is that a person with a positive attitude facing challenges on the path towards its full realization it? A person with attitude positive you will have always a positive thinking, a creative and constructive thought looking for alternatives or solutions before problems, permanent optimism and self-motivation to achieve the goals proposed, persistence, perseverance, confidence in himself, faith, hope, and high self-esteem. The positive attitude leads to happiness and success.

When looking at things of life is always appreciated the positive side, life itself will be nicer, brighter. This attitude is not only reflected in the same person but in everything around him, at his home, family, interpersonal relationships at work, with friends and your entire environment. What is the difference between a positive and a negative attitude? With negative attitude will say: you can do, it is very difficult, it is impossible to achieve this, you can’t. With positive attitude will say: you can do, if it can be achieved, can be. Decide to have an attitude positive and see the great change. Everything will seem easier and you can see more opportunities where before maybe saw only problems. By the same author: Center for Responsible Business. Positive thinking is a mental attitude that supports only thoughts, words, images, favorable for their growth and personal development in different areas of life.

It is a mindset that expects only the good in everything what should be undertaken. That is why a person with a positive mental attitude radiates confidence and achieved favorable results. To succeed and be happy you must have positive mental attitude. The positive mental attitude has a huge force already that everything we think we can achieve it. Dr. Wayne Dyer, renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development, in his book change your thoughts and change your life Express: the State of your life is not anything other than a reflection of his mental state, and Ralph Waldo Emerson, American philosopher: the same world, for two different minds, is heaven or hell. What a person thinks, that is.

Earn Money Quickly

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Switzerland Revealed Las Accounts Of Mubarak And That Of The Other

JOSE BRECHNER began revolts in Algeria, Yemen and the West Bank. Israel begins to be in a situation similar to 1948 surrounded by enemies who want to throw the Jews into the sea. But this time Israel is stronger. His enemies also with the fall of Mubarak, the democratic, neutral and leftist Switzerland, initiated the control of his millions. It seems that they are more than those who Hugo Chavez, Cristina Kirchner, Evo Morales and Fidel Castro have combined. In Bern surprisingly were decent, they reveal what kept Mubarak after removing huge profits at their deposits which were kept under discreet Swiss secrecy for 30 years. Surely they will be delivered to the next ruler in Cairo, which assume that it will be an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is their way to ingratiate himself with terrorists.

The same unveiling of possession of unexplained capital should be made in Switzerland with the money of the South American Presidents, but these are more of its progressive line, that will keep mouth closed, at least while they remain in power. As they did with Mubarak. The correct Swiss should also return the Jews money and gold that the nazis stole and hide in their banks since the second world war. On the values of today are trillions of dollars that would follow you very well to Israel. But that’s tightening puncture wounds that could make them choke with their cheese. Trying to show honourable, the Swiss have inadvertently brought afloat, the thorny issue of the ill-gotten fortunes, that could serve to bring authoritarian rulers progres, mercenaries, smugglers of arms and dictators, in jail. Among the more wealthy arms dealers are members of the Palestinian Authority, which scared by what happened in Egypt called for elections to September. Of course, these will be won by Hamas, so that Fatah leaders prefer to vanish with time, not going to be that their pockets are reviewed.

Saeb Erekat, the second after Mahmoud Abbas and main billionaire Palestinian negotiator, resigned from his post. The qatari Al – Jazeera television network showed documents of their negotiations on Jerusalem posed to be contrary to Arab interests. Erekat in his defense, accused the Qataris to be partners of the Israelis. Hamas accepted the excuse and spared him. Erekat opened the umbrella much until it starts to rain, because the adorable boys of Hamas, who also live in the war, will want to initially show probity before the people and probably will question the multi-million dollar heads of the AP, mounting a show pro dignity. The issue of the money stolen always generated sympathy when its possessors are prosecuted. Erekat will go to live in a beautiful villa in Europe, their tastes are Western Court. The unnatural talks about two States, which were not going to reach any satisfactory result, since Muslims refuse to recognize the right of existence of Israel, so that everything returns to zero fojas will end. We are in 1948. Arabs seek war, Israel is defend, will expire, and something more than insurance may be Mohammedans and progres partners. Israel will not make the mistake of giving a square centimeter of what recover from its biblical territory. It will eject until the last Arab to Mecca and Yerushalayim (the legitimate name of the capital of Israel for 3000 years) will impose rules of conduct without negotiating anything in return. Obviously, nor will there be more free money for traffickers Palestinians’s death. original author and source of the article.