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A Muscovite who has planned this year a trip to Nicaragua can do it in several ways. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Center For Responsible Lending. The worst thing is that there are no direct flights from Moscow to the city of Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. So to get to Managua a traveller has to choose one of several routes that make you change aircraft at least twice. Behold these routes: Moscow-Frankfurt-Caracas-Panama-Managua Moscu-amsterdam – Panama-Managua Moscow-Paris-Caracas-Panama-Managua Moscu-madrid – San-Jose-Managua these routes are offered by several airlines. The first is performed by two companies: the flight from Moscow to Caracas is offered by Lufthansa company, at the same time, the flight from Caracas to Managua is offered by Copa Airlines. What is the best? What are referring to routes? 2 and? 4 these are the cheapest, since they come out approximately US $ 2300 in high season.

The best thing is that these routes do not require visas. In addition, there is a route to laughter in comparison with the previous price, or Moscu-madrid – Miami-Nicaragua. This comes to cost approx. $1700. The worst is that which take this route to get to Nicaragua need a U.S. visa, by what this special offer fails to attract many customers. Which of the two offers is favorable, Ud decide same.

This year I did the trip to Nicaragua and then took the route number 4. As I speak the Spanish but yes, do not speak English, for me the of number 4 is the best, since an aircraft made stopovers on the Spanish-speaking Paice and then, I have not had any problems. In addition, I was traveling with company Iberia, which is in Spain, by which the stewardesses were Spanish speakers. The pros of this route:-does not require a visa – stay in transit area does not exceed 12 hours – best price cons:-a traveller coming back to Moscow is with having to wait in the transit zone of the airport Barajas (in T4S) 12 hours unless you can exit to the city – this route does not enjoy much demand, so it is offered infrequently. Original author and source of the article.

ID Pocket

Clothes in which you feel comfortable, comfort and complete safety. These are the characteristics that make up a perfect warning waterproof trousers. Of course, there are different types of trousers. We go into each product. Fristads is a manufacturer that has a variety of such different warning protection pants. At the PLU collection, two materials are combined.

The fluorescent parts are made of water-resistant polyester (85%) and cotton (15%) with a fabric weight of 310 g / m. The non-fluorescent parts consist PR25, i.e. made of brushed polyester (65%) and cotton (35%). Fristads this material is durable. Warning protection pants is designed so that sit the non fluorescent material in the places most likely to pollute. The safety is not affected. A the PLU 243 trousers would be equipped with 2 front pockets, 2 back pockets with plate and velcro closure, which prevents the self-concepts there.

The pants also includes a rule pocket, which is placed for comfort on the side seam. A tool bag, as well as a pencil case, a button for working knives, D-ring, existing for the ID-card pocket, which is hidden. As well as a leg pocket with mobile phone pocket and tool bag. These pants are warning protection is in accordance with EN 471, class 2 approved. Taking the PLU-213, trousers to the comparison you will notice differences. Because these pants has no D-ring and is permitted only in accordance with class 1. A different model would be the trousers PLU-292. Has 2 loose hanging, pluggable front pockets with Cordura strengthened one with extra pocket, the other with 3 small pockets and tool loops. 2 large front pockets, like ID Pocket hidden in the previous model, back pocket with flap and velcro closure. Warning protection pants has of course also a leg pocket with mobile phone pocket and tool kit, a hammer loop, a D-ring, a rule pocket, which is placed for comfort on the side seam.


Let your personal photo on canvas print your own photos from a photo on canvas can be printed in the blink of an eye, original gifts for every occasion. Especially with the pop art photo canvas to a very personal gift Lasse your photo on canvas print you have long been a favorite photo, a photo that you accompanied every day in your purse, as a screen saver on your mobile phone is finding or maybe even as a picture on the wall hangs. But somehow you feel, you could have your photo be something really unique and very creative? Then you’re right, there is a way that you can turn a simple photo into a wonderful artwork namely by making to print this photo on canvas. It not much more than the desired photo and a computer, the order takes photo of making canvas… Create your canvas art photo print a photo on canvas can be with a pop is a now very popular idea to get beautiful photos to the Application to install. The canvas there are in a variety of sizes and options, making sure everyone can find his perfect photo canvas. In addition to the pressure of the photos in color, in black and white or in sepia, there are also the special option, kind of photo edit the photo in a pop as well as the possibility of a complete photo collage print. There are different designs, according to which our designers from your photo design a unique work of art, which then becomes a pop art canvas.

Surprise your loved one with a pop art canvas there, for example, in the style of Warhol, Che, or even Banksy is a pop art canvas. On that page you will find some of our design ideas and can best to friends then decided, or even of the fits to customise. Who likes love bright colors, will certainly be art canvas Che satisfied with the pop, pop art canvas Banksy is a little simpler but no less said. Find your perfect pop art canvas and surprise your loved ones.

Individual Living Style Connects Art Emotions

Luxury furniture: Dusseldorf meets unique living ideas CS Interior & design – people with taste and style strive for individualization. Especially in the living room, the trend is often to mass production and monotony. The newly founded company CS Interior & design offers exclusive luxury furnishings and decorations hand made in Germany, which clearly stand out from the mainstream. The furniture is, that are both technically and artistically perfect and elegantly processed all of them. People such as Nieman Lab would likely agree. Consist only of the finest materials such as original wood, brushed stainless steel or high-quality stone. The furnishings receive a personal character by various motives and individual design desire.

The high-quality and expensive upper surface designs on wood, glass, ceramic and metal are characteristic of the furniture. You are worked up with airbrush drawings or gold ornaments. The future owners can actively influence the design of each piece of furniture. Consulting offers individual furniture design CS Interior & design up to the complete private and professional object design – in particular in the establishment of exclusive homes, offices, hotels or practice. The idea is based on the successfully established concept of the internationally renowned designer and furniture Carpenter master Michael Munch based near Stuttgart. He plans and designed individualized pieces of furniture and interiors for 15 years in his own factory in southern Germany. Michael Munch is partner at the same time by CS Interior & design.

His creations are already in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha and many other luxury cities of popular. The furnishings are aimed at providing life, luxury and uniqueness, says owner Carlo Staudt. We place value on individual solutions, which express the identity and character of its owner’s. This enables us, a lively home decor in harmony with art and emotions to combine. The pieces of furniture are not offered in the trade. They are available exclusively through the personal sales. CS INTERIOR & DESIGN Carlo Staudt owner Tel.: 0 21 31 / 20 11 892 mobile: 0 173 / 98 31 197 Web: In August 2009, the 35 year old owner Carlo Staudt from Neuss with CS Interior & design started his way into independence. With the founding of the company he offers national and international luxury furniture, interior design and consulting. Initially targeting North Rhine-Westphalia with the concept of Carlo Staudt and also here is planning its first showroom in Dusseldorf. In the medium term the distribution will be developed on the American space, Asia and Russia. CS Interior & design planning unusual events in cooperation with contemporary artists and charity organizations. In the future, there will be also an own CS furniture collection.

Enlightenment Of Modular Furniture

Modular furniture systems adapt not only to any room situation, but more recently also the current mood thanks to integrated LED lighting can be controlled with a push of a button. For even more opinions, read materials from BSA. This design principle characterizes the work of architects and designers (tdx) form follows function”for more than 100 years. He says that the shape is said to derive things from its function, so their purpose of use. Including the Artmodul furniture designers follow this motto: its modular furniture systems adapt to any room situation with its clear design language and its timeless, functional design and can be flexibly arranged in the room thanks to its cubic basic shape. But this flexibility was extended even to a component: shine thanks to the integrated LED technology Cabinet, sideboard and co. now depending on the mood in different shades. Rich red, soothing green or rather soft yellow? The new module furniture by type module, covering a wide range of cabinets and shelves of low and sideboards to tables, Showcases and roll containers include, tenants get the proverbial enlightenment”, because thanks to a built-in LED lighting, you can change color according to your mood and adapt it to the particular mood of the householder. To increase the comfort, this “transformation” takes place via a remote control.

Starting point for the shape of the furniture are individual modules, framed on-demand different high, wide, and deep. To many, the furniture in the room opens possibilities to place and to combine them with other furnishings. It does not matter what style prevails: the clear, timeless design of module furniture blends with any interior no matter whether classic, rustic and very modern. At the surface, living lovers between elegant high-gloss lacquer, precious woods, can choose for example Zebrano, Wenge, walnut, oak or beech, or modern aluminium. The anodized aluminum profiles give the furniture a timeless and clear structure. Hotels on the Soft indentation, which doors, flaps and pull-outs close softly and silently can provide necessary convenience. Thanks to an electronic locking system, it is also possible to protect personal documents and objects from unauthorised access and the equally comfortable: the fronts behind which everything is recorded, can be opened on button individually or together and close, greatly simplifying the organization. Also, the access itself can be managed and very simple furnishings. To gain yet another important function”Artmodul furniture system, enables tenants a safekeeping of their belongings.

Ofcourse Please

Why a House and not a building or a car or a toaster? Good if you understand some money you know toaster and the car are assets that are depreciated, that is to say that for every day that passes its value decreases, I do not mean that they are unimportant, the point is that if you know money and want to put it to work to get the most out of what you’re going to do is reverse it. And why not a building? Because most of us don’t have enough money to buy even a House, then are we going to buy a building? Even more, do not think a person with enough money and surplus interested in reading the input that I have entitled why a House?. I am sure, in the first instance, that person would not come to a place called I want a House when that phrase is less than even a concern for him while you enjoy your Beach House on weekends. Additional information at BSA supports this article. And that such a House? Thats a better option, not because it is a commodity too cheap or economic (though is it compared to the building) but because it is as more logical for a parent who is renting, for one older person who has saved save, or for anyone who wants to invest a small capital, examples abound. Nothing simple task you’ve searched, that if you live in Spain the crisis situation does not help anything, that if you live in Argentina is impossible to access to credit, and so each country has its difficulties. There is a double reward for those who decide to invest in a housing cooperative plan.

On the one hand when you pay a fee is doing what percentage cancel the total amount of your future home. This means that as you bring money, the percentage is increasing, up to 100% which is when you have completed the payment of your House. On the other hand, the advantage of this type of investment is that you are investing in the long term to get home. Then not only is paying your House, but that also is guarding your money. Is it because? Above all this making sure your money don’t lose value against inflation contexts and devaluation. Therefore, to give you an example, let’s say that the House has a total value of $100.

If you bring $20 means that it has 20 percent of its canceled House %. Now suppose that in an inflationary context, the value of the House increases 25% in a year. It means that to year 2 the total value of the House is $125. However, in spite of the House increase in value you maintains cancelled 20%, so that is as if you had contributed $25. Ofcourse Please note that not all cooperatives working in this way, maybe the majority does not adopt this methodology.