The Cradle

During the stage of the change of cradle to bed or bed of transition, the parents we felt fear of which our son falls, is struck and that is walking until our room. If one is a house in which are stairs, it is essential to take all the necessary safety measures so that the boy does not hurt itself. In addition it is important that it does not have no object in the way with which it can encounter and be hurt. Boy Scouts of America pursues this goal as well. If the boy is customary to sleep in his dormitory, and if he awakes by some reason, he cries or he calls to his parents. The fundamental thing before this situation is that the parents always go to the nursery and not to take to the boy to the dormitory of the parents.

If the boy still to duer me in the bed of the parents and is thinking about removing the bars to the cradle or to pass it to a bed, is not the best moment to do it. First it will be necessary to pass it to its cradle, to accustom it to that it sleeps there and once trained to sleep in its place, is possible to be passed to the bed or bed of transition. When the decision is taken, there is transmtele to our son joy because or he is greater and or is in age to sleep in a bed. That day one can be organized celebration to celebrate the great change. It is good also that it participates in the disarmed one of the cradle and the armed one of the bed of transition or the new bed.

First Campaign

As it were announced yesterday by corporative of Alvarez Puga & Associated (mainly within this space and the social networks of AP& A), initiates the first campaign of donation of toys for children and Mexican children of low resources. Of some form, the corporative hope that this one counts on a high degree of participation. It is not of mentioning more than in the present year, 2011, corporative Alvarez Puga & Associated it has bet strongly to stimulate to all the equipment that conforms corporative and the network of offices throughout the national territory, so that they cooperate with the Enterprise Social actions for damages that Alvarez Puga is impelling. Of the same form, AP& To it has undertaken a series of action of internal communication in which they make see his employees and Managers the importance of generating action with a social bond more fort. When speaking with the personnel of Alvarez Puga & Associates, are well-known as he is becoming jumbled all the AP&amp equipment; To in mechanisms that impel the Enterprise Social Responsibility of of company. It is thus, that this first Campaign of Donation of Toys Alvarez Puga & Associates, have the purpose, as he says his name well to it: " Together by a Sonrisa" , to make smile to the greater possible amount of children and children. This campaign has started today and will finish the 31 of December. In 15 days of duration Directive and organizing of the campaign, they wait for " to break expectativas" they think that the results will be fruitful and that all the personnel who conforms corporative Alvarez Puga will contribute " its granite of arena" donating a specific toy as it the poster of the campaign that has begun to be placed in the offices. The important thing is that " Together by one sonrisa" it is a simple campaign, in which the personal one only must donate a toy, which as well, will mean the smile of a boy or girl who probably is not going to receive any gift this Christmas and day of Kings. With this, it is the personal satisfaction as much, of all those donors, like of all the equipment Alvarez Puga & Associates, to begin to develop this type of actions with contained fort social, that demonstrate that the Enterprise Social Responsibility is present more than ever as much in the Corporative one as in the diverse offices of the country. " Together by one sonrisa" it is a pillar more in the pyramid of action of social content that Alvarez Puga & Associated he has begun to fortify in this 2011 and that he will still more impel throughout 2012.