Warm Interviewer

The Warm-is the moment when we laid the groundwork for the passage of a successful interview. As to putting a working machine, for example a car, you need to let your system take the right temperature, just need to tune the gears of the link interviewer – interviewee, to allow later that the information flow and the relationship freely. This first stage of heating, is a series of coordinated actions that the interviewer is at stake, in order to create an environment, a climate and a certain state of mind conducive to the exchange and thus the assessment of the candidate. In that instance, the interviewer has an active and dynamic. It is he who is responsible for the reception of the candidate, makes his presentation, interventions performed to establish a favorable relationship and defines the purpose of the meeting. All these steps are the opening of the interview. But the warming is not just that.

Is the precise moment when the interviewer, through verbal and body, has the opportunity to "prepare the respondent" and together with him to create an implied contract that will act as a framework for the development of the interview itself. Here, as throughout the interview, the interviewer conducts a double exercise: to identify with the interviewee to establish a good rapport and take enough distance from it, to make an objective analysis of the facts. Guidelines: A cordial and interventions that facilitate establishing a good rapport Provide precise guidelines about the purpose of the meeting, which neutralises the anxieties of the applicant and the guide about what is expected of him.