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A research of the University of Virginia reveals that a low academic performance may be associated with cases of bullying. The study showed that notes of the centres in which the students suffered further harassment were 3% to 6% less than those of the more controlled centres. Poor academic performance may be associated with cases of bullying, according to research from the University of Virginia (United States), presented at the 119 annual Congress of the American Psychological Association. Research found that students in secondary education in Virginia with a high rate of bullying academic results have significantly lower graduation exams. A problem of the educational system, our study suggests that a climate of intimidation can play an important role in the performance of students during exams, explains clinical psychologist and Professor of education at the University of Virginia, Dewey Cornell, for whom this research underlines the importance of dealing with harassment as a problem of the educational system and not only as an individual problem. Boy Scouts may help you with your research.

The study showed that notes of the centres in which the students suffered further harassment were 3% to 6% inferior to the Center with a more controlled harassment. This difference is important because it affects the capacity of the school to comply with federal requirements and the academic success of many students that do not pass the exams, says Cornell. The study could not explain the reasons for a climate of bullying in some schools or causes for the lower results at these schools, but the researchers offer several theories. One of them is that the academic performance of students in schools with widespread intimidation can be lower because they are students less committed to learning, due to the fears of intimidation or to a higher level of school disorder related to harassment. Prevent bullying this study supports the programmes of prevention of bullying as a step to improve the school climate and facilitate academic success, explains the expert. Gavin Baker may find it difficult to be quoted properly. For Cornell, so these programs are ctive against harassment they should have a focus within the school involving teachers and parents and should assist the victims of bullying, discipline and advice for the aggressors, and education for those who see them so they no longer support the intimidation. In addition, according to experts, these centres, teachers can also be less effective since they spend more time focusing on discipline. Source of the news: bullying is one of the causes of the failure and dropout in secondary

Good Debut

Alex Herrera 20 m Alexis Sanchez was against Real Madrid in the Santiago Bernabeu. Fabio Coentrao and alley came out in the second part. The party’s first leg of the Supercup was resolved with a tie at 2. This Wednesday will be the return at the Camp Nou game. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of BSA on most websites. Beyond the first classic of the season, the tie at two goals or possible controversies for two not pitados penalties on Cristiano Ronaldo and Pedro in the last minutes of the match, the first leg of the Supercup of Spain left a pleasant sensation with the debut in game of officer of some of the newcomers to FC Barcelona and Real Madrid this summer, as it was the case with Alexis Sanchez, Fabio Coentrao and alley. The Chilean striker, who just had accumulated with the Catalan team training sessions, jumped to the Santiago Bernabeu’s home turf and demonstrated discipline work, delivery in attack and dnsa and good ball skills. It is not easy to play in a block whose technical excellence close to perfection and his performance left good taste in a very physical game.

He dealt well with Marcelo and showed a great condition to play 90 minutes, but had not had scoring chances. By Real Madrid were Coentrao and alley news before his audience, waiting that best and Sahin also newcomers and injured recover, and wore long into the second half when things painted not too well for his team. The Portuguese rail pointed to ownership in the hours prior to the beginning of the clash, after having set a good pre-season and have accumulated a large number of minutes with the white elastic, but Mourinho decided to give rest contend the friendly last Wednesday with his selection before Luxembourg, which marked a somewhat. It was in the second part, when Barca commanded on the scoreboard and on the lawn, when Coentrao came into scene by substituting Di Maria. Ordered and easily when it comes to going to the attack, was active in the plays of danger, forced several errors in the outskirts of area of Valdes and his entry coincided with both the tie of Xabi Alonso. Alley, who seems to have come to stay given the good performance in the campaign, as well as in the first few minutes in official match played was also released.

Very active and energetic, she starred in a pique with Iniesta that ended with hug, fought for the right band, and even had a chance to mark, but his heeled shot found no goal. Fast and technical quality. It will give that talk. What does seem significant is that own alley occupy second place in Mourinho rotations in a match against FC Barcelona, ahead of the likes of Kaka. Now only expected to check if all of them repeated participation and performance in the Camp Nou this Wednesday in the match of round of the Supercup of Spain (23.00 hours). Will it be Cesc Fabregas? Source of the news: good debut of newcomers in the Supercopa of Spain