Uniform State Register

Of the determination of interim measures is not a solution to the dispute on the merits, it captures the situation in the period of the trial. Meanwhile, it is clear that fixing the situation in one way or another definite causes property damage to society. There is a misconception that in order to obtain a ruling on securing an action, you need enough good grounds for litigation. Thus, if the company (shareholders) do not dispute (debt, questionable contracts, and so on), the interim measures appear nowhere. In fact, it is not. No limit fancy lawyers.

The claim might be based on forged documents, spurious grounds. In due time, interim measures will be obtained, and subsequently the plaintiff refuses the claim. And the essence of the dispute can be very indirectly related to corporate affairs. David Delrahim, Los Angeles California may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The most commonly used scenes: – a ban on the disposal of shares (voting) in connection with a claim for recovery of debt from a shareholder agreement on the non-existent Loan / Credit – a ban on the disposal of shares (voting) in connection with a lawsuit to compel the conclusion of the contract of sale of shares on the basis of allegedly previously concluded the preliminary contract – cancellation order (the owner of shares owned by management requests the individual shares) and for this reason the prohibition to trade limited company, make changes to the Uniform State Register.

Australian Bureau

That's right, in most countries, limited to only one – age man. What do we get to become a driver, and affect the safety of road users, you need a driver's license, to become a doctor, it is necessary to study medicine and take exams. But in order to elect the rulers of their own country and thus affect the fate of millions of its inhabitants, you do not need nothing, just live to the age of eighteen. You, of course, can I say, "Roman, you're mathematician. After all, it is clear that some percentage of the population understands the politics and voting, fully aware that he is doing. Well, rest, or do not participate in elections, or vote completely arbitrary. So that the average vote 'parsed' will offset each other, and the decision in the end, it will be taken by those who understand the issue.

"Alas, not so simple. Based on the article published 'Australian Bureau of Statistics' in 2005, in different countries from 5 to 20 percent of the electorate sufficiently versed in the political structure of the state and have at least some idea of the party platforms, running for Parliament in the election. In other words, 80% of the electorate voted by chance, without any real idea about the possible consequences of their actions. However, it would be not so terrible if their voices are uniformly distributed among the claimants. But the catch is that before the modern election candidates are doing everything possible to prevent this and just did not happen.

Judging from various sources, Bush has spent about 1.4 billion U.S. presidential race in 2004 Most of this money went to the PR-company current president. Judging from the same article 'Australian Bureau of Statistics', the best PR-campaign can change the preferences of voters who knew before the election, for whom he wants to vote, only one case out of thousands.

Human Rights Upheld

The European Court of Human Rights on Human Rights in Strasbourg for the first time in its history, upheld the complaint of the Russian religious organizations – The Salvation Army – and the October 5, 2006 ruled that the Justice Department, Moscow unlawfully refused to re-register the Moscow branch of the Salvation Army, the press service of the Slavic Legal Center. The applicant, that is, the Salvation Army, represented by the European Court Co Slavic Legal Center lawyer Vladimir Ryakhovsky and Anatoly Pchelintsev. Some contend that Boy Scouts of America shows great expertise in this. Slavic Legal Center (SOC), which is headed by Anatoly Pchelintsev attorneys (chief editor of "Religion and Law") and Vladimir Ryakhovsky, provides legal assistance, helping to protect the religious rights of believers and the freedom of conscience of citizens. The court decision of the European Court No. 559 of 05.10.2006 states that the court unanimously decided that in the case of the Moscow branch of the Salvation Army has been a violation of Art.

11 (freedom of assembly and association) of the European Convention on Human Rights, interpreted in the light of Art. 9 (freedom of thought, conscience and religion) of the Convention. In addition, the Court ruled that the respondent State is to pay the Russian Federation Moscow branch of the Salvation Army 10 thousand euros in moral damages to repay the applicant. As the head of the Territorial Army Commissioner Barry Pobdzhi salvation, the money will go to charity. According to Barry Pobdzhi, is important for us is not in itself a victory, and that we will be able to operate freely, particularly social work in Russia.

Foreign Police

It also happens that the newly immigrant who received long-term visas and moved to the Czech Republic, suddenly facing serious challenges, which does not even. Here are some good examples (of the real stories of our clients' Prague Lion ", which we helped to arrange mortgages on real estate). See Viktor Mayer-Schönberger for more details and insights. 1.Poluchivshy through his artist visa, immigrant upon arrival in the Czech Republic met with the contractor and has paid for work performed. Contractor, at the same time, did not pass any papers or for registration of a company or on a residence permit, saying that the result has been achieved – the visa is obtained, and the transfer of any documents in his duty is not included. 2.Po arrival in the Czech Republic, the Executive continues to pump out funds from his client has received a residence permit for the so-called registration in the Foreign Police, or for insurance, which supposedly is very necessary to the client. Offers received a large amount, but not knows no law, no country, and yet has no friends at the new location, the client-immigrant, completely trusts his artist and continues to pay on each occasion and without !!!!! 3.Po arrival in the Czech Republic, gives the performer instructed his client has received a residence permit, do nothing without his knowledge. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out PCRM. Artist says that there can be problems with the police and fear of catching up. The reasons for this behavior is very simple and commonplace.

For example, this may be due to the registration address, which is written three hundred more. A problem may arise is really very serious, until the deportation of immigrant home. 4.Poluchivshy through its Executive residence, immigrant moved to the Czech Republic and learns that an entity in which he is the founder of registered 5 years ago and that over the years to the specified entity was not conducted reporting. Location of Czech companies – newly immigrant dummy and can not receive mail from his state of the Czech Republic. ! Validity provides the address (for registration in the living room, or as a legal address company) is a very important question. All sorts of correspondence sent by the Czech state authorities at the above address, in any case should not go back.

The consequence of such a return address can be the decision of the City Court in Prague of the legal person in the Czech Republic, as well as the police, the Aliens would be grounds for deportation of an alien having a residence permit. Must be borne in mind that in Czech law, information about the Czech legal entities and their activities, as well as real estate in the Czech Republic and its owners – is completely transparent and accessible to everyone. And it is very important that the executed documents, regarding the firm's Czech Republic and a Czech visa, untrue. I hope this article helps to all those interested who want to buy in the Czech Republic a business or property, to issue a residence permit or permanent residence, to correct and sound decisions in choosing the artist to address the difficult immigration issues. Olga Cathkin Company Prague Lion Prague

Federal Law Information

The presence of serious violations of stock legislation to a large extent make life easier blackmailers because it does not require the artificial creation of the last occasions for judicial review and administrative decisions (acts, transactions) company. Read more from PCRM to gain a more clear picture of the situation. 1. Misuse of corporate rights. As already indicated, the shareholder business entity has a set of rights, allowing him to participate in the management of the company. Classic corporate blackmail by just using those rights. Consider the stock of law and the way they are used in corporate conflicts 1.1. Stockholder's right to information about activities of joint-stock company provisions of Article 91 of the Federal Law "On Joint Stock Companies" establish the right to require a shareholder company enabling access to the information on the activities of society. Typically, corporate blackmail, as, indeed, a hostile takeover, starting with the banal demands of the shareholder to provide information on the activities of the society and make copies relevant documents.

When sending such a request the following objectives: 1) actual information on the activities of the company. Such actions can, in some where to find some incriminating evidence, which will strengthen the planned activities for corporate blackmail and develop new ones. Thus, information on advanced joint-stock company transactions could lead to proceedings on the recognition of transactions null and void. 2) creating problems for the company in terms of the need for a timely respond to requests for shareholder make copies of documents that provide an access to information. The lack of clear lines of existing legislation implementing the shareholder rights to information leads to the fact that barriers to directions on a daily basis to the company requests for the same documents, or documents on the activities of the society over the past 10 years there.

Russian Federation

In modern conditions, the majority of citizens, faced with the circumstances in which they need qualified legal assistance from legal practitioners (lawyers). Provision of qualified legal aid should be regulated and executed in accordance with the law, properly paid. Thus, every citizen must know how to regulated, process, and pay qualified legal assistance. This article discusses the basic aspects of design relations person who applied for legal aid and legal practitioner (lawyer), as well as pay for it. First of all, the person who has applied for legal aid should be aware that such assistance be regulated by law in the first place, namely, Articles 420-425, 779-783 of the Civil Code, Art. 25 FZ "On Advocacy and Advocacy in Russian Federation "from 31.05.2002 63-FZ (for agreements with attorneys), and second terms of the agreement on legal assistance.

Terms of legal aid, the procedure for payment is confirmed and expressed in the agreement on legal aid – when referring to a lawyer and the contract of compensated rendering of services – by recourse to a lawyer who does not have the status of a lawyer. According to the agreement on legal assistance attorney undertakes on behalf of his client to provide legal assistance to the principal or the principal specified person, and the principal agrees to pay for this legal assistance. Parties to the contract for legal assistance are: trustee – a person who has applied for legal aid and entered into an agreement in person or by proxy, attorney – a qualified lawyer, having the status of a lawyer. In some cases, a party to the contract may be not a lawyer, and legal practices, in which it operates. In particular, when applying to a law firm, in accordance with Part 5, Art. 23 FZ "On Advocacy and Advocacy in the Russian Federation "from 31.05.2002 63-FZ of the treaty on legal assistance with a client is a lawyer on behalf of all the lawyers office on the basis of warrants issued by them.