German Federal Supreme Court

Tenants compensation of expenses for unduly cosmetic repairs claims according to section 548 BGB in six months after the termination of the lease. This major tenancy limitation provision almost nobody knows: claims by tenants for compensation of expenses for unduly cosmetic repairs are limited to section 548 German civil code (BGB) in six months after the termination of the lease. The lawyers of the legal advisor Portal my that attention. The law of neighbouring States and neighborhood legal experts explain that this short Statute of limitations becomes relevant when the cosmetic repairs were carried out by the tenant, although he was not obliged, due to an ineffective beauty repair clause. Basically the landlord may offload although contractually the cosmetic repairs to the tenant.

The clause used by the landlord in the lease of form but due to a rigid time-limits plan is ineffective, just have the apartment be passed swept clean. Has deleted the tenant but the walls, before he realizes that he this must not be, may require refund renovation costs applied to within the limitation period of the landlord. Likewise, he may demand back an amount of compensation paid to the landlord for not carried out cosmetic repairs. But just when he complains enough quickly. A few days ago the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) has made it clear that such claims of the lessee of the short limitation period in section 548, para 2 BGB by six months after the termination of the lease are subject to (file number: VIII ZR 12/12, judgment of 20 June 2012). For more information see this site: Jennifer Aaker. Service Tip: The full verdict is read in the database of the judgment of my tip of judgment database/377-judgment-bgh-viii-zr-1212 for tenants: If you are unsure whether the beauty repair clause in their lease is effective, you should before carrying out cosmetic repairs or before payment of any amount of compensation the clause by check a lawyer. To avoid to call back later complex and cost-intensive.

A specialized lawyer is able to create clarity within a few minutes. Tip for landlords: the legal aspects of beauty repair clauses should be checked periodically with regard to the manifold case law. The cost of the legal test is usually only a fraction of the cost that can be caused by an invalid beauty repair clause. Note: text print and image used only in editorial note, as well as linking to the Advisor Portal my My my (my is an online service run by lawyers of the law firm of Prof. Schweizer. It provides a fast and convenient way to find out about their rights and obligations in home, garden and neighborhood party. The free Advisor portal offers a constantly growing and constantly updated information and advisory services with a focus on the Jurisdictions neighbor law, tenancy law, construction law, Garden law, neighborhood law and contract law. In addition to news and advice articles, seeking advice receive the opportunity to connect directly with specialized lawyers in contact. Contact for inquiries: law firm Prof. Schweizer lawyer Michael Schweizer Arabella str. 21 81925 Munchen phone: 089 / 92 80 85 0 fax: 089 / 92 80 85 85 E-Mail: Internet:

Flight Delays – Claims For Compensation

It comes to a long flight delay, it is entitled to compensation. The journey into the holidays bring above all rest and relaxation from everyday life. But even if the trip is carefully planned and organized, it has no real influence on some things. So, staying at the airport can bring already more stress than it has wished for the entire vacation. How should you respond for example if you get problems with the continuation of the journey by the flight delay? Flight delays are piling up enforce rights especially when traveling to distant destinations, it is normal that you put a stop at another airport in the world. In some cases, postings are designed to have only an hour, or even less time, before the next flight in the direction of the destination. The first flight at the airport is now delayed, could the problem get, that you can’t get connection to the stopover. The consequences can be quite different.

If the tourists are lucky,. will he get another flight and arrive a little later at the finish. With luck it will happen but, you must stay at the stopover to get the flight until the next day. This brings not only the cost for an overnight stay at the stopover itself, but also the ultimate goal. It could be for example that the hotel newly gives the room or other costs for transit on the vacationers come to. Now, it is important that you know about its own passenger rights know and they can also impose the airline. Here, the right contact partner for enforcing the rights can be mainly a travel law attorney. With a travel law, law on compensation insist the airline has a duty for it to ensure that all flights departing on time or at least compensation for the case will be paid out.

The practice and experience of many passengers have however proved that the companies are showing here, not always so cooperative, as it it is would want. It is therefore important to enforce the own right with the help of a lawyer, to end all costs refunded and one to get compensation. A travel law attorney can help travellers, to enforce such rights against the airlines. After a short consultation on the own case, all necessary steps will be initiated so that the airline must deal with the rights and demands of tourists. This leads at the end to compensate for the stress caused by the delay, at least with a little money. You can use this then hopefully for a relaxing holiday.