New Gaastra Winter Collection In Exclusive Colours In The Gaastra Store

Gaastra fashion style through the winter in Berlin, 07.12.2010 – with the sailing clothing specialists are prepared not only on the high seas, but also in the cold season well against wind and weather. “” Gaastra proves its innovative Know-How combined with unique design once more in the new winter collection 2010/11: shocking pink “or orange” are just two of the latest Gaastra trend colors in the line of women. Continue to learn more with: Center for Responsible Business. Whether West, jackets and fleeces for women, the Gaastra brand makes men and children with the colorful sportswear this season fashion the race. Who does not want to go down in the gray of winter, will appreciate the Gaastra design 2010/11: especially for fashion-conscious women, the new winter fashion provides a wide range of exclusive colours, cuts and special details. “The Gaastra mountain women jacket” pink stands out as consensual Gaastra down jacket with real fur trim detachable hood in the colours shocking and classic Navy. Special thanks to stand-up collar and down real, proportion, protects the Missouri women jacket”with Gaastra lettering on the outer edge and ribs end sleeves and hem.

And the breathable and waterproof Gaastra vineyard ensures a perfectly-weighted figure in pink vest”with waist belt. The winter catwalk in the Gaastra Onlineshop is open around the clock at and leads the entire winter collection 2010/11 for ladies, men and children. In December 2010 in the Gaastra Onlineshop provides for a special shopping experience in addition to the shop by look “-function, the light menu navigation and the fast delivery of Gaastra X-Mas shop all currently in addition: daily all Gaastra customers up to 24.12.2010 expected a surprise, such as for example exclusive percent on selected collections and free allowances.” Whether Gaastra jackets, knitting, fleeces, sweats, blouses, Polo, rugby, shoes, pants, skirts, hats & caps, scarves, bags or seasonal Gaastra ski pants, Womens fur boots and fur hats: that makes shopping at Christmas time in the Gaastra store in even more pleasure. The Dutch sailing Gaastra brand processed their nautical Know-How for over a century in innovative sailing gear and maritime fashion for men, women and children: whether jackets, pants, shoes, sweats, Polo shirts or bags Gaastra consistently combines Mediterranean lifestyle with innovative functionality and enjoys worldwide recognition for sailors and lovers of maritime fashion through his many years of experience.


Trends, transparency and highest competence with which new cut the Internet jeweler YORXS fine diamond jewelry is smart and elegant, pure and sensual: Diamonds are the serving style, expressing the deep passion of his love. Rare treasures, which flatter the eyes and meet the beloved one in the middle of the heart. With the diamond specialists YORXS you can order now convenient, affordable and fast the noblest among the gems via the Internet, without having to sacrifice quality, comprehensive advice, maximum transparency and security standards. The Munich-based online jeweler offers a wide selection of diamond jewelry world premieres with certificate of value with currently around 120,000 products manufactured entirely in Europe. Among them are always stylish innovations that YORXS accents brand new about color and cut: so, first colored diamonds are called fancy colours, shortly, offered, Captivate through their intense colours all eyes.

A new antique jewelry is also unique by its special touches (old, European cut) stands out. Another special feature of YORXS: whether earring, pendant, or ring using the jewelry Configurator can customers simply its individual diamond jewelry in three steps face together. The range includes only certified diamonds, which Herkunft must be absolutely transparent and ethically unobjectionable. To deepen your understanding Boy Scouts of America is the source. No stone must come according to YORXS ethics policy from Zimbabwe or other dubious conflict zones. Since YORXS (www. focuses on the German speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Benelux) law, the delivery times are extremely short. There is a 30 day return guarantee. The timely insurance protected shipping is free.

The design of the packaging corresponds to the valuable content: the precious jewelry comes embedded in a fine violet-colored YORXS case in the House. So the sensual treat begins unpacking. He rises to skyrocket when the tasty treasure box is opened and reveals his Insignia: diamond jewelry in perfection. Concentration the diamond sparkles exclusively in the range on the most precious at YORXS.

Roberto Cavalli Watches continues to expand its brand world! “Since December 2008?, there are now also watches of the brand roberto cavalli” in the brand world of We want to offer 2009 an even wider range of products. “The inclusion of roberto cavalli” is just the beginning of many innovations this year! In the long term we want to lead right for any jewelry fan in our assortment – of exclusive lifestyle articles”, Robert Strobl, operator of the jewelry portal. Roberto Cavalli is one of the leading fashion labels. Who doesn’t know, the great rush at H & M? “The new creations by roberto cavalli timewear” are characterized by the unusual and the extravagance. The diamond series time with roberto cavalli his first de gamme Haute watch with diamond, alligator or Python leather and a housing, which partly consists of rock crystal. offers this series online as one of the first to purchase.

Overall, it is now authorized dealer of 10 brands. Furthermore you can offer visitors products by over 20 other manufacturers. Over 1500 articles from over 30 manufacturers of watches and jewelry are the customers under to choose from. is an authorized dealer of the brand MISS SIXTY, MORELLATO, JUSTEX, sector, JUST CAVALLITIME, GIOVINE, roberto cavalli and ornato l? ambra. Furthermore be?

Red – The Trend Colour In The Latest Autumn Fashion

In the darker seasons trendy color accents the color red celebrates an absolute Renaissance in this fall. The shades vary this in different tone gradations. Fashion-conscious ladies who prefer the elegant look, access prefers to wine – or dark-red jackets and coats, trousers, skirts or accessories this season, younger women, however, contact a bold color accent in the gray world of unit with bright red or Burgundy shades. “About the current fashion of s.Oliver offers many red clothes in the frame of an extra category highlights red” on. Red Red garments only dosed perfect combination color even if Red is the current trend colours, should used and combined with other colours of garments. One or two red pieces of clothing or a red piece of clothing and a red accessory enough, to give the appropriate note his look. The most beautiful red in contrast to a rich black acts.

A fine example of combination is about a red jacket or a red coat to one dark pants and dark gloves. Who prefer something more discreet and darker garments made up his outfit better as a whole, can use but also a varied and contrasting accent a red purse or hat with a red belt. Who combined several red objects, be sure in any case that both have the same shade. Everything else looks ugly and as failing. In addition to black clothing, blue jeans or pants and shirts as an ideal companion to a red piece of clothing are suitable.

A bright red can be worn also nice to white or green. Red was accepted in the evening wear as a seductive color sooner rather, or in the sports fashion, E.g. to find Sweatshirt or hoodie. Meanwhile, red but also as a business outfit fits if the color stylishly and fits will be combined and used not to pushy or aggressive. In media professions it is very commonplace and appreciated, with color and creativity his personality also fashionable to point out. You may wish to learn more. If so, David Boreanaz is the place to go. The men put on red in the fashion of s.Oliver fall into red among others beautiful Blazers, rugged outdoor parka, comfortable or stylish shirts and shoes available. The bags and belts, the fashion brand has some products in trendy reds on offer. But not only the women, but also men in this autumn and winter season, set to red. For men, the choices consists primarily of scarves, shirts, shirts, or even trousers in various shades of red. Even if the ties, the color red is a timeless classic. Annika Meisner


Fabric – fashion fabrics, apparel fabrics and comfortable and at home to make more to a house or an apartment, you can use the variety of decorative materials: without a beautiful wallpaper and matching floor coverings, the decoration of a House can not work, but the premises will remain bare and naked, even if still so attractive pieces of furniture in the rooms are placed. But also wallpapers and pictures make alone or not a comfortable ambience. Especially fabrics create a special atmosphere in rooms. A leading source for info: Cancer Research Institute.. Unless they are draped as curtains on the Windows, or created table and sofa cushions from them. Also material wall decorations can achieve an interesting and appealing effect. Through the use of materials can you live is creative in his living quarters and can give them a personal touch and a high degree of comfort can be created. There are substances in a wealth of variation that can be adapted and adjusted to the needs of the premises can.

There are also substances to get which have a ceiling height of 2.80 m and are particularly suitable for elaborate and colourful decorations. Especially for use in high balcony and terrace doors, they offer good opportunities. It can also distinguish noble materials such as organza and silk fabrics, but also robust materials that are opaque or have suitable for Chair cushions can be combined in your own four walls and used. In addition to special material markets and specialty shops, the Internet can be a good reference source for materials. Here are various selection and comparison options. Some online shops offer even the service to send to fabric samples so that you can make an image about the quality and the nature of the substance, as well as suitability for the domestic decoration on the basis of the sample. Also they offer materials as sold by the meter or errors and omissions, so that they often kostengunsitg and yet high-quality brand fabrics on sale have for their customers.

Individual Gemstone Good Luck Charm As A Perfect Gift Idea

My pebbles sends love messages engraved gems Berlin, November 09, 2010. Have you ever”gepebbelt? If not, then it is high time. “Whether as imperishable souvenir of a unique moment, or as a good luck charm: on, there is the colorful my Pebble” gems, which provided can be given away with lettering for all sorts of occasions. Not only for Christmas the optimal method to give a consistent greeting his loved ones on the way. My pebbles is focused on skilfully to engrave precious stones. The Berlin-based company is to Schenkwillige with special wishes for your loved ones. With up to 80 characters for the text and 30 characters for the signature, as well as a cuddly theme motif that is selectable from currently 9 headings is”room enough for a nice greeting, a romantic love message, or a proper thank you.

“And who his gemstone nor the extravagant touches” Miss wants, which may violate a his own send small fee of 2 euros. The engraving is done depending on the desire on one or on both sides of the stone. For even more details, read what Harold Ford Jr says on the issue. For the different gemstone types provide basis: interested parties can choose between 3 different agates, bright green serpentine, reddish Kameol and turquoise magnesite. The form makes the precious stones for the most diverse occasions. So, the heart-shape (as a chain available) is, to give a personalized and permanent companion with the partner on the way. But as drops or simply around the high-quality stones to the birth of a child, or as a good luck charm can be produced. Just the material makes such a stone to a permanent unique.

No stone is similar to another in its marbling and beautiful color. Official site: Boy Scouts. Just as unique, as nature has created”, enthuses Melanie Plette by my pebbles. In addition, that the finished gems are not expensive, on the contrary: with 9.90 euro per piece for lucky stones each and Keychain or 12.90 euros per leather pendants are affordable for everyone. In addition, the order of piece of jewellery is kept especially simple. Without registration, it is completed including selecting a delivery date within three minutes. And the Bill seems to be working, online since the official launch mid-October finally already 6,000 users per month. An optimal offer his partner or friend in the future to have a real stone in the Board. About my pebbles “brings happiness. Makes happy.” Under this motto, the Berlin startup my pebbles was launched in October 2010 in the life. My pebbles is focused on engraved gems and lucky stones, key and pendants personalized marketing. The basic idea is, a hand caressing gemstone engraved to offer words, bears in the heart and would like to share with someone. Each “my Pebble” is unique and therefore an imperishable and like registered Memorabilia of a joyous, unique moment, a companion and good-luck charm, a wonderful way of thanks”to say, a special way to congratulate someone, or but a very impressive version to ask someone for forgiveness. Also well wishes or congratulations to move thus become an unforgettable gift.

Frankfurt Community

Huge rush on lifestyle campaigns continues shopping community provides members under with trendy products at attractive prices in Frankfurt am Main, April 02, 2008 that BuyVIP inspire its members not only with classic fashion articles can, has once again proved the closed shopping community last weekend: in time for the start of the campaign the PlayStation 3 stormed countless members in Germany, Spain and Italy the portal and tried, to get one of the coveted devices. Overall, BuyVIP garnered more than 24,000 users on his side. The principle of BuyVIP is to sell limited quantities of popular brands from the fields of fashion, lifestyle and electronics at competitive prices in a limited period of time. Particularly popular products such as the PlayStation 3, which can offer its members at extremely attractive prices BuyVIP, most quickly sold out the limited offer. So it went this time, too: thousands members smelled the chance, the game console for the half of the commercially available Sale price to acquire, and stormed the community. Already, all consoles over the virtual counter went after a short time. Just who was all just in time for the start of the campaign in the shopping-Club and also the necessary luck had, could one of the devices be purchased, so about Stephanie k.

from Bochum: “After the purchase I called once my friends, to tell that I’ve actually got a PS3 for $199!”, is pleased the BuyVIP member. Jurgen k. from Cologne to the action: “I gave up immediately a recommendation for BuyVIP at Of course include some luck, but the effort is always worthwhile in comparison to the Schlangesteherei in the electric market.” “The campaign was a huge success”, says BuyVIP – Managing Director Harald Ernst. “She showed us, that we meet the tastes of our members with our diverse crafted product range. With special lifestyle offers, which we regularly offer, we want to reward our users for their loyalty.” If necessary, we provide Them like a personal contact with the buyer. BuyVIP: BuyVIP is a closed online shopping community, whose Mitglieder can participate on time and volume-limited sales campaigns and purchase selected products and brands in the fields of lifestyle and fashion. BuyVIP is growing through sponsorships, as well as through collaborations with popular communities like “lokalisten” or MySpace.

For manufacturers, the shopping community offers an attractive way to distribute over stocks and season runners directly to their target audience. The brands are not damaged by the exclusivity of the community, a Kanibalisierung of other distribution channels will be avoided. The high activation of members of the causes for BuyVIP can assure high quantities and turnover the brands. The business model of BuyVIP is irresistible for the brands, as well as for the members. Further information is available under press.

A World-class Diamond!

A unique diamond hair Michael Schumacher a unique diamond hair of former Formula 1-record World Champion Michael Schumacher will be auctioned for the benefit of the Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society. Junior Chamber International Switzerland (JCIS) and the Swiss Multiple Sclerosis launched a unique project in the life of society (MS Society) on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. A unique arises from hair of the seven-time formula one world champion Michael Schumacher in a complex process Diamant.Die eye star diamonds AG produces an exceptional diamonds with the carbon extracted from the hair of the exception sportsman. The red, 0.5 carat large diamond will auction highest bidder. The proceeds of the MS Society to good, which makes strong in the fight against the still incurable disease Multiple sclerosis. The formula 1 – record holder Michael Schumacher provides some hairs to Michael Schumacher, who often promotes charitable purposes, was convinced by the idea and provides for this unique action like some hair available. I support the Switzerland.

MS Society for their 50th anniversary with this unique charity campaign like and hope that this extraordinary MS diamond achieves a high price, so the round 10’000 Multiple sclerosis sufferers in the Switzerland continue to be helped can. “Auction that takes all the costs for the production of world-class diamond producers eye star diamonds AG and has placed at the today’s press conference the first commandment of CHF 10000.-. More bids for the diamonds will be accepted until September 15, 2009, 14:00. The bidder form can be downloaded at. The handing over of the diamond is, on Saturday, September 26, 2009 in Lausanne at the JCIS National Conference (NAKO).

Cassandra Wyss

Swiss star pianist performed on October 12 in the ceremony of the Charity Gala. The event is the Wurzburg residence. The MINX FASHION NIGHT takes place on Saturday, October 12, to the UNESCO – World Heritage Wurzburg residence. A well-supported event, with a mix of fashion, culinary gourmet menu and musical live acts. In addition to many other celebrities, young Swiss pianist and soprano Cassandra Wyss in the already completely booked out Charity Gala will occur and play piano works by Wilhelm Stenhammar and Franz Liszt.

The net proceeds of the event go to the “Sauti-Kuu” Foundation of Dr. Auma Obama, who supports needy children and young people from all over the world. “Sauti-Kuu” comes from the Swahili language and means as much as “strong voices”. The Foundation is based on the principle of “Help to self-help” and to motivate future young people all over the world and support to take their lives into their own hands. Dr. Auma Obama is the older half-sister of the U.S. President Barack Obama and is at the MINX FASHION NIGHT be present personally.

After their highly acclaimed concert on 6 October 2013 in the Berliner Philharmonie, where Cassandra Wyss has played the second piano concerto of Sergei Rachmaninoff with the Berliner Symphoniker under the direction of Jose Maria Moreno, the internationally acclaimed artist pleased on her piano performance in the Wurzburg residence. “The appearance at the gala this charity means a lot”, stresses the pianist born in 1993 in Lugano, and living in the Principality of Liechtenstein. “It is a special concern, through benefit concerts to help me. “Therefore I’m very happy, the objectives of Mrs. Dr. Obama in life called ‘Sauti Kuu’-to support the Foundation with my piano.” Therefore, this year, this is not the first benefit concert of Cassandra Wyss. Already on May 18, she played “Donations for Ghana”, a project of the children’s Fund for Africa e.V.