Freedom Goddess

As a rule, does not go beyond reasoning. Change the way their life units and often cut down on the vine all, becoming a devout . Two extremes, so often encountered in life: a female submissive to the will a man who is accustomed to that he was inferior. In this situation, both are unhappy: the woman feels the lack of attention, love, holiday simply put lack of female happiness. A man voluntarily deprive themselves of the opportunity to learn Ludovit goddess.

-Woman – . There are two options: either a woman used by men, or do not know life can be podpuskaet.Kak in all her charms, if it knowingly disqualify himself and afraid to let go. Faced with a situation where instead of giving nichigo not get, I have suffered. I then wanted to hurt him, on the contrary sought to show how much they cherish. As a result, all experiments nichigo not changed: all the same explanation of the relationship and mutual nedovolsto.

Long thought to be done? Then remembered about the feminist and thought: 'live without it! Let him leave, we must have pride ', then again, like something to tell him: it can simply not understand? Another wanted to change it. All this is not an option. After all, the problem is not outside, but inside of me. Yes, it may sound trite, but the meaning of this phrase becomes clear interpretation when you grow up into a woman. Becomes clear that happiness in a free choice. Not hurting him, not revenge, but to let go. Yes, you can not come back. Why does he then need a goddess? Be strong and know that all such phrases as 'You have to but as a family? "-Just outdated prejudices of a patriarchal society, which gradually gives way to a new world where the reign goddess! Give yourself the freedom of choice, and it, too. To the queen of no restrictions space and time, an eternity in front and there are compulsory waiting for someone with whom you learn what love is.

Do Not Know What To Give? Give Flowers .

In this article we consider some of the subtleties and nuances in the bouquet of flowers loved one. One of the most stupid mistakes when made bouquet flower girl is wrapped in a newspaper (or any other 'Lagging'). No matter how ridiculous it may seem, but in such situations, many 'beginners' in love. At the time bouquet, it should be kept in his left hand and, if the meeting takes place in an apartment, send a bouquet should not threshold, and when you enter a hallway and remove outer clothing. It should be noted an interesting point when you wish to donate flowers male yubelyaru, the flower still transmit to his wife or mistress of the house.

Somehow, the majority of young people wish to give a girl flowers occur on some occasion (holiday, a significant date). But we should not get hung up on a leash – the most vivid emotions remain in memory when an unexpected gift. Send flowers to your home during a romantic dinner – an excellent opportunity to deliver extra pleasant moments of his beloved. A bouquet of flowers can express a whole set of feelings – from romantic to friendly. How often would not were given flowers – they are never bored. Among the variety of colors you can choose exclusive bouquets though every day. Lastly, it remains to recall the catch phrase: 'Every woman remembers when she last received flowers! And she always remembers who gave them to her. "