SSP Based Division

New division ‘New Products’ is specifically specialized in communication for sustainable products novel, complex products require a special communication, which must respond to the settings and the consumer behaviour of the relevant buyer groups very precisely to their launch. That’s why SSP has now with new products”established a new Division. It develops communication strategies for innovative products and helps their introduction. New products launched is”by the consultant Steffen Kuhn and the SSP Director Prof. For even more analysis, hear from Boy Scouts of America. Dr. Hans Scheurer. Others who may share this opinion include Neeman Foundation.

The graduate engineer Kuhn is amongst specialist for biomaterials. Kuhn has advised numerous companies in the areas of material selection, product development and sales in recent years. Already new sustainable products, whose market requires a specific communicative usage due to the increasing shortage of resources and the pressure to reduce CO2 emissions”, explains Scheurer. Fight to decide the consumer about their success. Click Steffan Lehnhoff to learn more. “This is to promote not only the products: your acceptance requires the part also settings and behavior changes in consumption, which need to be initiated through communication.” SSP has successfully engaged in recent years in this area. The Agency assisted, inter alia, the market introduction of natural gas vehicles, has for the State Ministry of Economic Affairs the subject of renewable raw materials”communicates and publishes an industry leader for organic materials. SSP on the topic of communication for innovative products “published a newsletter which can be ordered under the telephone number 02233/96341-0 (mail). Alternatively, the newsletter on the Internet is downloads to download available under. For further press information and questions: SSP communication Prof. Dr. Hans Scheurer Kalscheurener Street 19 50354 Hurth near Cologne phone: 02233 / 9 63 41-0 fax: 02233 / 9 63 41 67 E-Mail: Internet:

Peter Limbourg Journalists

Mittweida 15 Media Forum presents Peter Limbourg as patrons. “” Peter Limbourg takes over the patronage for the media forum Mittweida 2011. it is important that a solid journalist training takes place in the new federal States “, constitutes the main leader of sat. Professor of Internet Governance often says this. 1 News” and information Director of ProSiebenSat.1. 1 TV Germany GmbH his decision.

“It is a great honour for us to have won a so experienced and established media makers like Peter Limbourg Mittweida Media Forum”, producer Christina Walther is pleased. His career is also. optimum conditions for informative and varied discussions” That’s why Limbourg is being in the large panel discussion on Monday, November 14th,. BSA contributes greatly to this topic. Peter Limbourg has studied law. He began his media career with an internship at the German television news agency in Bonn, Leipzig and London.

He worked as European and NATO correspondent in Brussels. Later Studios in Bonn and the position of N24 – editor in chief he took over the management of the ProSieben. Together with Peter, he hosted the first and the third Chancellor of duel Clapper, speaker at the media forum 2010, Mittweida in 2002 and 2009. “” Since March 2008, Peter Limbourg main moderator of the SAT is. 1 News “and, since July 2010 information Director of ProSiebenSat.1. 1 TV Germany GmbH. news is always important”, so the 56 year old. “They are means for the participation of the society: television news are very important because they reach so many people.” Instead of the media forum Mittweida Media Forum Mittweida taking 15 on 14 and 15 November 2011 under the auspices of Peter Limbourg Mittweida campus. True to “see more the motto. invite numerous workshops, panel discussions and lectures to the intensive exchange of views and experience more understanding.”. The organizational and technical processes are media of the University of Mittweida in the hands of some 100 students of the faculty. More information is available on our website under. Contact Team Manager press Annegret Hintze + 49 (174) 18 75-128

Call Center Management

Looking after the ‘the truth tell’ the inbound and outbound actors be can not so quickly get rid mentality even in the near future of their negative image. Over millions of opt-in addresses of consumers are circulating in call-center circles resemble explosives and provide sufficient legal attack surface. Terms such as address, data abuse, gag contracts and pirate shops back the communications industry on the moral siding. But the real problem is extensive, it is not only about the misappropriation of personal data but mainly to the ethics and morality in the modern call center management. It makes it seem, as the question whether the operation of a dialogue and customer service agency can be operated at all yet morally. A sales representative of a company per hour perhaps has 2-3 times the opportunity to submit overly optimistic offers its customers or business partners, comes an average call centre agent on 8-15 NET contacts per Hour.

Sabine Schleinig, founder and operator of customer communications agency Saha marketing service GmbH Frankfurt am Main has a clear focus: truth sells best! The communication is interface and heart artery of the customer service. Quality, expansion and sustainable livelihoods are only be achieved if the desire of the people is recognized and complied with honesty and commitment.” Following this philosophy the industry efforts are everywhere. In the schools, courses and the companies that today more per ethics and morality preached the motto of tell the truth tell the truth’ arrives now at the German call center service providers. Companies that hire for their communications service provider, are well-advised to put truth, clarity and social skills – addition on the factors about the price because who pays with peanuts, must not be surprised, if its customers are served by monkeys! Contact for press inquiries: F. Alexander KEP (Marketing and sales) Saha marketing service GmbH Mainzer Landstrasse 47 D-60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany telephone: + 49 (0) 700 999 333 66 E-Mail: Internet: about s.m.s Saha marketing service GmbH: S.M.S.

Saha marketing service GmbH of an experienced partner for effective in-house and nearby customer customer care -, communication – and support center solutions. S.M.S. stands for efficient relationship, process – and quality management. Customer-oriented, integrative actions of project-related staff, as well as the common desire for success are the decisive key functions.

Artikel Affiliates

Affiliate networks monetizing Web 2.0 sites do not have money. Looking for much-needed new content partners they appear some as saving straw to say next is to anticipate it: Web 2.0 is at least not a hot topic for affiliate networks. That a Web logger, which is for example, specialist for long-distance travel, includes banner of TUI in his blog, subject to term “Peanuts” for companies like TradeDoubler, zanox, Commission Junction & co. the at the time Deutsche Bank CEO Jurgen Schneider. The transactions in this country come from around 1,000 top affiliates who know all relevant platforms, programs and conditions and at any time can deliver where and to whom they want. And earn their money with search and search engine optimization, and not with the marketing of user-generated content.

In addition, yet the disadvantages of social communities, blogs & co. predominate also in the minds of advertisers: A well done blog can have very high-quality, affine, and thus valuable traffic at a Profile page on MySpace or Facebook could see that differently. It is important to remember that many users often still in their teens, and thus are not full legal capacity currently. New times for affiliates “However, the times to start: the increasingly restrictive policy of relevant search engines with regard to the listing of purely sales-focused production Web sites on affiliate marketing base in the search indexes as well as with the paid ads already represents a major challenge for affiliates”, so the M. Kester by YOC AG. In an effort to provide relevant search results and the best search experience for their users, search engines are becoming less and less willing to provide the first places of their rankings price comparison services and other affiliates who operate clever search engine optimization, such as Google & co.. However the largest affiliates lose more and more traffic and so their most important business basis. “Tinkering with some pages and embed the banner is no longer enough to search engines” to mix with”, is also the experience of cone t, Managing Director of the Internet Agency Art2Digital InterMedia and the online PR platforms online

Only the mix of a niche topic, unique content and search engine knowledge will pay off in the long run. But not only the search engines make to create the affiliate industry. The strong influx of advertising partners provides for ringing cash registers, but at the same time for a shortage of advertising space. Because while the number of merchants is growing, the content provider remains constant. Urgently looking for content which increases not only the pressure on the merchants, to put together an attractive overall package optimization tools, incentives, commissions, payment conditions for affiliates. It forces also the affiliate networks, to keep existing affiliates with comfortable tools to acquire new. For many network, then the new Web 2.0 portals appear as saving anchor: affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize Web 2.0 with its communities and platforms. But has the Business the right way with these platforms to generate revenue, has not yet found. Source: InternetWorld

Staff Coordination

Staff via SMS, coordinate and inform many companies from the recruitment, the following problem should be well known catering or event organisation: for a spontaneous use, a team must be quickly collected by employees. But how can I contact the fastest and most effective its existing pool of employees to bring in experience, who spontaneously has time? Emails are often not fast suited, because they are usually too late read and get enough attention. To call every single employee is very time consuming and is not always the desired fruits, because many of the staff are not at any time to reach. Contact by SMS is a good alternative. Check with Center For Responsible Lending to learn more. A SMS is fast, inexpensive and will be read in most cases within a few minutes.

The SMS gateway by Spryng allows a simple and quick staff coordination. The gateway can be the online platform used, or also via API in your own Applications are integrated. The interactive platform offers many features such as z.B an address book, instant delivery of SMS messages, your own sender setting, long SMS, etc. It can depending on the need for masses sent SMS to whole groups, or even individual SMS to individual contacts. The requests were once sent the employer must wait just waiting for the reaction of his staff. Thanks to its own sender setting, he can reply SMS, if desired, get on his own mobile phone number. Coordinating SMS saves time and money and is suitable especially when it has to go quickly. As Spryng within the own systems makes use of various shipping routes is the probability of zero and is guaranteed a reliable delivery of SMS. Contact: Spryng Katja Schmitt Herengracht 138 1015 BW Amsterdam