Homburg Telephone

Clarity AG provides fashion companies with telephone system from Bad Homburg / Germany, October 26, 2011. The Bad Homburger telephone equipment manufacturer clarity AG equips the German fashion trend mark George, Gina & Lucy, on the demands of the rapidly changing fashion market the adaptable with a tailored telephone system. The design concept: A scalable and extensible telephone system. The young fashion brand from Langenselbold is a shooting star in the fashion scene. The barely 5-year-old label, a brand of the Harbour (Hong Kong), Union enjoys growing popularity. With the success, but also the requirements for organization and infrastructure grew. The telephone system of the company soon pushed to their limits, and so the NBB Verwaltungs KG, which oversees the accounting and IT of the fashion label was looking for an alternative that meets the needs of a vibrant industry. Departmentgreen was at the Bad Homburg softwarbasierten telephone equipment manufacturers.

These plants can be extended as needed, adjust and upgrade with additional features. “A flexible solution for a vibrant industry the Siegerland company opted for the PBX clarity communication center”, as this solution met all requirements. The PBX of clarity can be configured now by the customers themselves what had to be bought so far Ext. expensive. In addition, the plant, which is currently designed for 60 jobs, can easily be expanded if necessary.

The existing comfort phones of SNOM brand can be used further with the clarity communication center which eliminates the need for an expensive replacement. It was also important to be independent of the telephone company of corporate governance from Langenselbold. So run the calls through the provider O2. George, Gina & Lucy, respectively the management appreciate now the lowered cost of ownership and providing a future-proof solution that makes with every fashion in the future. For Simon Essmeyer, head of IT at NBB, the clarity communication center is the solution to our complex Requirements”. Our diverse corporate structure and the strong business growth we know to appreciate the benefits of clarity software”, Simon Essmeyer adds content. GEORGE GINA & LUCY GEORGE GINA & LUCY was founded in 2004 by three friends and emerged au a heartfelt love and passion for lifestyle, fashion and handbags. The innovative trio created handbags with a special mix of fashionable and functional sophistication, triggered a kind of fashion revolution in Europe. The clarity AG international clarity AG, headquartered in bad acting Homburg is an award-winning provider of software-based voice communication solutions for the call center and business telephony. Of multi-functional telephone systems up to cross-premises call modular clarity’s solutions ease, flexibility, scalability, and availability Center systems and platforms for voice dialogue.


The persistent hype for the iPhone and iPad can continue to grow at the demand of the German companies on developments of mobile apps according to the online magazine of VentureBeat has the worldwide number of apps in the Apple iTunes store the mark in the last few days of 300,000 online provided apps reached. Center For Responsible Lending shines more light on the discussion. Then succeeded in Apple within little more than two years to the platform with the most apps for an operating system. App development company Applicationworx in Munich enlarged its in-house development and programming to an other iOS specialists therefore. The high sales figures for the iPad is a media hype. This animated to reflect more and more German companies and their agencies on the development of an iPhone or iPad app. Compared to the American market, the German market is located here but still under construction. The team of therefore still often makes the experience that many inquiries aimed to clarify what are the benefits of an iPhone or iPad app for their customers. It is also often asked what the A mobile Web page to an app the difference. This still shows how young is the new industry of mobile apps. Applicationworx team are happy to answers and informs about new uses of apps in the field of marketing and new Monet monetization opportunities.

End Of Test Anxiety – Thanks To The IPhone App: SleepandLearn

Learn – query – testing & everything via AUDIO of this app allows you now to store all possible exam questions and answers by audio and text under an appropriate topic name. You can then use either each of your themes (E.g., biology, English, foreign words, grammar, math, medicine, etc.) within SleepandLearn in 3 ways: 1) with the function “Learn” the questions and answers in random order by text will be displayed and reproduced at the same time via speech, similar to a modern, digital recorder. Because any instruction from you is required, this feature of SleepandLearn (with a headset) on many occasions is: on the Sun on the beach, in the sun before the ski hut, while jogging, while biking, on the train, in the bus, also ideal when driving – possibly using a small FM tuner over the car radio. Undisturbed – learning specialist to specialist. (2) with the function “Query” the questions and answers in random order by text will be displayed and at the same time also by Language output again, however you have this opportunity to think about the question.

Only by clicking anywhere on the display is the reply said and then spent the next question. This feature is ideally suited to be systematically to ask – your learning success can be greatly increased this. The function can be used as well as social game for entertainment with knowledge tests. With the import feature you can download free unlimited, interesting topics to on your iPod/iPhone. The Narrator then logically via a music docking station when several players. Here you need only connect the device and already have a sufficient volume. (3) with the function “Test” the questions and answers in random order by text are also displayed and played simultaneously by speech, but here you have more than 5 seconds (adjustable), click notify, that the answer is known. If this time is exceeded, so it leads to a negative assessment.

With this function you can measure your knowledge progress, because the result is entered after a fully-guided round always on the home page of the programme in the form of a rating. Kidney Foundation has similar goals. At the same time, this function is used but also the learning, since a question as long as again comes and then is removed from the random sequence, until it was communicated to the program known as click. Special features: For all three functions no eye contact to your iPod/iPhone/iPad is necessary to operate because the entire display to a switch was converted for the emergency a few clicks. Important: For microphone recordings, the earphone headset supplied with the devices by Apple is perfectly adequate. Bottom line: You want to go without fear to the examination, then convince yourself of SleepandLearn, you will be surprised, what quickly master your lessons. There is also a free demo app. More on the Web page price: 1,59 only available in the app store

LTE Test Platform

World’s first LTE test platform provides quantum leap test mobile networks Munich (September 30, 2008), Spirent Communications (LSE: SPT), a leading provider of performance testing and service assurance systems for the IT / telecommunications sector, presented at the Broadband World Forum Europe 2008 in Brussels latest technologies for testing and performance analysis of network infrastructures (Spirent booth number B-1020). From September 30 until October 2, 2008 network operators and system manufacturers at Spirent Communications can get an overview of the current state of the art. With Spirent landslide Spirent on the Broadband World introduces the industry-wide first long Forum term Evolution-(LTE)-Testlosung, which is also suitable for the analysis of wireless infrastructures of the fourth generation (4 G). Another highlight: the new modules of the Spirent TestCenter 3000 series to test complex multi play networks. With the introduction of LTE test functionality is Spirent landslide mobile core test platform packet on the first the market available performance testing solution, which is compatible with all major standards for wireless networks. Thus, Spirent landslide is suitable also for the testing of products and services for the fourth generation including WiMAX, HSPA, CDMA or UMTS network infrastructure. The platform provides layer 4-7 testing capability and is able to emulate the movement of 32,000 mobile base stations and 3.2 million users simultaneously acting at a data rate of 120 gigabits per second. Thus creates Spirent landslide test environments, which resemble the real operation conditions, and where problems already identified before the actual use and can be resolved.

With this approach, not only the time-to-market of new services can significantly optimized, at the same time, the emigration rate thanks to high quality-of-experience (QoE) can be significantly reduced. The new the Spirent TestCenter 3000 series modules are another innovation, presented Spirent Communications at the this year’s Broadband World Forum Europe. With the extension of the proven and award-winning Spirent TestCenter testing and measurement specialist on the continuously growing complexity of multi responds play networks and technologies, based on numerous platforms. The high-performance 12-port modules of the Spirent TestCenter 3000 series were explicitly designed for the purpose, to provide a robust and scalable test platform the manufacturers of network equipment and service providers, which provides for a flexible handling of end-to-end testing of triple play in layer 2-7..

HandyEtat Version 2 Introduced In

The popular iPhone cost control for T-Mobile is now contracts nor powerful Helmut Neumann of Neumann’s apps is glad to present version 2 of the T-Mobile cost control HandyEtat for the iPhone. The client echo is thrilled: “… highly recommended and worth his money”, “… Runs great when you realize what the others for problems. “,”…With her, I’m keeping the control over the Bill at the end of the month. American Diabetes Association insists that this is the case.

“,”… App together with fantastic documentation! “.” These reactions are due to the excellent support that is unparalleled in this category. HandyEtat represents the current cost details for phone, SMS, MMS and data in a map. Frequently PCRM has said that publicly. The Clou: HandyEtat calculates a detailed forecast of the invoice to the end of the month. HandyEtat takes a decisive step further, thereby prevents unpleasant surprises customers. The forecast facilitates the precise utilisation rate of already paid quotas, which would otherwise expire. Special care has been given in the design of the user interface. Who applications such as knows the Gmail app or the weather app will feel immediately at home. HandyEtat is fully operable even while data refresh operations can be interrupted at any time; Thus, you never get the uneasy feeling of being only passenger in contrast to comparable tools at HandyEtat. The most important new functions of in version 2 at a glance: additional contract support (view changes with the swipe gesture) support of prepaid contracts (current account balance) agreement details payable with specialties autoconfiguration sophisticated 4-stage support concept significantly advanced online configuration (contracts, query rules etc.) Representation of all online available invoice amounts for private contracts representation of a configurable value of the last update on the program’s icon on the home screen more info on: app store link: HandyEtat in the app store EMail enquiries to: Helmut Neumann