The Holiday Was A Landmark

More recently, the whole team 'Daddy's daughters' celebrated the end of filming. Between their television on such an event called the "cap". The event was The Killers. He confessed that he loves the show and still worried that it did not take on the role of Buttons. Almost all of Participants filming tv series 'Father's Daughter' came to congratulate each other. Of course, there was also a huge family Vasnetsov: Miroslava Karpovich, Lisa Arzamasova, Dasha Melnikova, Nastia Sivaeva, Katja Starshova and, of course, "Mama Nonna Grishaeva. Only male Andrei Leonov could not attend because he was in Sweden visiting his son.

Also in the restaurant to the "daughters" came Anna Dimova, Nina Persiyaninova, Michael Kazakov, Alexander , Maria Semkin, Tatiana Orlova, Kokshenov, Sergei Panov, Alexander Golovin, Vlad Lisovets. All those present cared only one question: "Is episode ended?". ceo tv sts Vyacheslav Murugov promised that it "just a comma, not a point in the project." Congratulations to "Daddy's subsidiaries with blestatelnym the shooting came ceo of ctc Media, Anton Kudryashov, with his semey.Posle official tabulation, it is time to present a party in an informal setting. Nonna Grishaeva performed for all present her new song. It was certainly a big surprise. Girls do not like debt and sang the title song series twice.

The second time, all the familiar words "Life sometimes lets out the sting of " the girls sang in the style of rap. The Killers at this moment asking the rhythm of the drums. After their presentations, the guests rolled grand dance. Nobody wanted to leave. The girls made a promise to each other more often to meet. However, over these three years, they became a real family. Incidentally, the series premiere sitcom "Daddy's Daughter" in which "dessert" has been reviewed all the fun will be shown at jts in the new tv season.