Cripple Creek Band Presents New Album – Still Alive And Kickin

The sensations-album is now available on the market. The sensation album is on the market the cripple Creek Band belongs to the most successful American Country music Acts in Germany, and the 20-year anniversary is fast approaching. Mid-1990s they were band at the legendary “Grand Ole Opry” first – and so far only – German country. As a result, they played in the famous “Wilde Horse saloon” in Nashville/TN., in Las Vegas and pine top/AZ. A real flood of nominations and award it arose as a logical consequence.

After the presentation of the last Studio album “Forbidden Love”, it was quiet around the band, it parted from the management and the previous record label. With the new album ‘STILL ALIVE & KICKIN’ ‘, the four Thoroughbred musicians celebrate a brilliant comeback! The cripple Creek Band is back! Still unique! The country mainstream abdicating, the Group remains one of the few character bands of in Germany. The band is so tight like never before! All friends of honest, handmade roots / country / Rock music can now rejoice, because with the new album, the cripple presents Creek Band the most varied work of their career! In Denmark, the band composed the bulk of the album. Got them to the American writer Michael Max McGee in the boat and created what believed to hope no one: “A hot plate!” ‘ The song by Robert Palmer “Bad Case Of Loving You” is the only cover version and is, as well as the title song of the album ‘Still alive & kickin’ ‘, in the Linedance find his place. Lovers of traditional country music will discover their Earwigs in the songs “Forgot To Forget”, “Heart of glass” and “Hallelujah”. You can see Irish sounds, banjo inserts, as well as the cheerful Cajun sound of an accordion. Harder, however, sounds in “Straight whiskey woman”, “who what when”, and “Too Hot To Handle”. “Still alive & Kickin'” offers a variety of material and still sounds like a cast.

Thanks to this is Jason Garner, the man at the controls of the album in Nashville/TN. the last Missed cut. The result speaks clearly for itself. So powerful, charismatic and flexibly the voices of the four musicians have never sounded! A plus of the new disc – it can really please everyone, even listeners who otherwise like any country music. It remains only to say: “hats off, CCB and way to go!” The album is available for download as both classical CD at Amazon, itunes and Musicload. Free partially listening to samples of the album can be found on the homepage of the band:

Great Opportunities

We are coming to the end of the year and like any cycle that closes it is almost certain that many of us feel tired and with little energy. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is likely to agree. Stress is the word star of this era and is very likely that it has seized our minds and bodies, while some breakdowns have been presented in our lives inviting us to stop, to reflect, to touch bottom. In this moment of nerves, worries, stress, fatigue, I suggest that you do a high to meet with yourself. Tranquility you are looking for even a few minutes to talk to your inner self and ask how do you feel now? What do you feel that you are missing your life? What happened to you in this 2008 is what you wanted? But, do you think that you happened to give you these results? How you did, participated or did let? What were your roles, behaviors and attitudes that influenced to make happen what happened is positive or negative? Would you like to go next year? You’ve begun to think about what your dreams are and what goals would you like to achieve in 2009? What are you waiting for to think about it and above all, write down it? This is a good time to pull down the belief that the time of end of the year is a time of boredom that we want it to dilute as soon as possible. Let’s tell us another story. This time can be as you choose to be. Here I’ll give you some tips that you can implement to make this season one of the best of the year: 1) test start by any change. Choose renew you, put you in action! Concentrate on those things that make you well, that light up your passion. What they most like to do? What you enjoy most in life? It is not necessary that you undertake great movements, perhaps with a small action you can do a lot and you’ll feel better with you same and you renew your energy and with it will come the desire and motivation to travel these past months in fullness.

Explanation Of Terms And Abbreviations Guitar

1 / 4 bend – bend a quarter tone 1 / 2 bend – bend a semitone 3 / 4 bend – bend a three quarter tones 4 feel – ripple 1st (time) – the first (time) 2nd (time) – the second (time) 3rd (time) – the third (time) acoustic gtr. – Acoustic guitar Acoustic steel string – acoustic guitar with metal strings, an – Artificial flageolet As before – to play as in the previous case A tempo – in the original tempo add – add band enters – the group takes band tacet – the group does not play a bar (bars) – clock (ticks) Bass solo – solo on bass guitar Bass arr. for guitar – bass part arranged for guitar bass & drums – the bass and drums bass plays – referred to the note taken on the bass guitar bend neck – to shake his neck bend behind nut – tighten the string, pushing it over the zero nut. Begin fade – the sound begins to abate Bkwds. gtr. arr. for gtr. – Guitar, recorded in the opposite direction, is arranged in accordance with its real sound Bkwds. rake – Rake back (from thin to thick strings) both – both (two) Bridge – Bridge Cadenza – implied by (Next N bars only) – chords defined by the parties of the instruments (only in the next N cycles) Chorus – chorus, chorus clean tone – to play with clean sound clean elec.

Remembering. Servant Of Music

The 80th Anniversary VG Oybermana Over the years of living in the Kabardino-Balkaria, which is about twenty years, Vladimir G. Oyberman produced about a hundred instruments of the peoples of the North Caucasus. Some of the species had at that time disappear not only from life, they do not have survived even in museums. Master had to recover from their verbal descriptions, the written sources, from drawings, photographs, pre-revolutionary left and Travellers researchers who visited the Caucasus in the past century. Vladimir G. spent much time in the archives of Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, Adygeya, North Ossetia, Moscow and Leningrad, and toured many villages in the region, met with folk musicians, the people who still remember the disappeared of life instruments. Working in the archives of the Kabardino-Balkar Research Institute, VG Oyberman stumbled upon photo hereditary musician and scholar of folklore Balkar Ali Etteeva. In search of information about the life and work had already late Etteeva he came to the Lower Chegem, where he was shown an old-zhiya kylkobuz where played a virtuoso musician.

Even during the deportation Balkar, hidden under his coat a hollow, secretly accompanied the "Studebaker" soldier's wife, Ali managed to take away a valuable tool in Central Asia. Despite the vicissitudes of fate, the family Etteevyh retained zhiya-kylkobuz and in exile. Vladimir G. rediscovered the name of Ali Etteeva, the first to speak about his work and talent have not been evaluated adequately. B. You may wish to learn more. If so, Professor of Internet Governance is the place to go. Oybermanu failed to attract public attention and to recognized at the time, but later forgotten Kabardian musician and master Elmurza Sheozhevu.

Das Kapital

" But, as Marx said yet, it is only a short time. Contact information is here: Cancer Research Institute.. Obsession music, hits tire fact that such a system is closed on itself: people are asked what they like, give it to them, and then ask. And since nothing new they can not hear, they will again enjoy the same thing, but like is less. After all, the constant, monotonous, obsessive music boring, boring. This is one of the components of the answer to the question "Why do not we listen to what we love?": We are no measures are stuffed jaded "hits", which, perhaps, good, but because of the constant presence in the air begin to irritate. Invest in the creation of new musical talents, their education, training, promotion? What to do? People stop buying boring product! The answer again from Karl Marx in Das Kapital. The money has to, no matter how sorry: (, transformed into a new product, in our case – a new song and music.

But where to get them? There are two ways. First, the optimal driving the progress and sung by Karl Marx way – to invest the money earned to the creation of new means of production, in our case – in search of musical talents, their education, training, promotion. But this method time-consuming and expensive. The good old hits + new shiny new pack of "Old songs" Our show business and is able to fool everyone and myself. He again took the path of quick money – worked on the formula "Everything is new – is well forgotten old".

Best Night

According to data from different sources, Maksim moved to capital, whether to learn and try myself passing on the big stage, whether purposefully become a star. The fact that she acted in one of the transitions go underground legend. By the way, she Maksim denies that. But one day she knocked on the door of the office record company "Gala Records". cd with her songs and listened to the new star was born! Wonder they say that it is necessary first to achieve something in the province and only then go to Moscow. All this is not so! In business has to start from scratch. For Maksim it all came together that way.

After signing with the "Gala Records", the singer started to prepare for recording his first album. The first single, Maksim was the song "Hard age". People such as Childrens Defense Fund would likely agree. It was with her began dating a young singer with a huge army of listeners of radio stations and viewers of music channel. Some of which later was to become her fans. Summer of 2005 premiere the video for albumtitle Maksim and immediately began the rapid ascent of the singer on top of the charts. At the same time came and freedom-loving nature of the singer and her independence in the works.

"The first clip was the song "Hard age". My people got the script and we went to Tallinn to take it off. However, I got the script only on the train. After reading it I realized it was all a nightmare and it is quite strange idea. I was supposed to be a girl with balloon Since I already knew what was happening on television, I began to write his own story. I changed it completely in the root and in the evening when we arrived and had to shoot in the morning, instead of sleep and look normal, we, director and cameraman, sitting and razrulivali as we would do it all changed. Change the plan to change the place shooting and the people who were around me. All this was not easy and I broil, but Ultimately it turned out the same clip that I wanted to get. He probably still my favorite Well it really difficult about my age. "Only a year Marina has reached those heights to which some people get over the years. Maksim always wanted to do only in their own way. And she did, no one is listening Contrary to the teachers and parents! In November 2007 they released their second album, Maksim titled 'My Paradise'. The second album is very differs from the first, it has notes of rock and it was able to see each after the first listen. And as usual after the release, Marina began to travel to every city and country where prezentirovala their new album, giving concerts. Maksim visited not only in Belarus and Moscow, but also twice visited faraway Germany, where she met no worse than at home. Later in the Internet rumors began to appear that Maksim is pregnant and after rumors were confirmed. From now the singer is no longer hiding her tummy, and in its eighth music video that was filmed for the song 'Best Night', Marina patted her pregnant belly and doubts that she is pregnant lost all

Case Music

At first glance, the first way is preferable, because they are constantly in contact with all new music, songs, people Art, you're always a sovershenstvuesh in music. But this way is good if you had already reached certain peaks and regulations. Or if you can find a creative work, where almost nothing from you do not need, but pay (Occasionally, if lucky, and sometimes is). We are talking about starting young, unknown artists music and songs, which in most cases, the first option is waiting for roughing, a thankless job "on Uncle "is essentially different from any other work only on the order of a lower salary. Yes, plus another side effect: the music on the orders may be sick of it. Writing new music and lyrics do in your spare time and glad I chose the second option.

And while the music doing in their spare time and with pleasure. Of course, time is short, have to deal with fits and starts, when no one interferes. But this is rare. Official site: BSA. But it happens. and At such moments you want to splash out the accumulated emotions, impressions, put them in a melodious romantic music and songs.

Equipment for composing new music and lyrics is good for that now I have the bare necessities (Third paragraph) – an apartment that has a corner with a table on which are connected with each other computer, synthesizer, amplifier, speakers, headphones, microphone. In addition, there is a music software and guitar. But it was not always the case. Yet some 10 years ago because of all this I had only room in Shabby dorm, recorder and guitar. If you love, inspired by love – the arrangement of bright emotions in the language of new music and lyrics may and in modest circumstances, but in this period I created the melody and lyrics of most of their best, the most beautiful romantic songs. Because I was in love, inspired this romantic love, and emotions are literally bursting with me. I wanted them to experience again and again. And for this arrangement of bright emotions in the language of new music and songs, followed by repeated listening to their suits as well as possible. So, everything is relative: if you have the ability, emotion, the desire and inspiration (the fourth, fifth and sixth paragraphs), then it is enough and minimum conditions.


Comedy Magic always recurs magician David Pricking for non-profit events as a fundraiser for the Church in Ebersbach/Fils. Also the 24.05.08 is back for a fundraiser on the road. This time the Catholic Church of the parish of Herz Jesu in Eberbach on the Fils should be partly renovated from the donations. Other leaders such as Boy Scouts of America offer similar insights. So far several events that have been made, however, the evening of magic is a special evening. This evening includes not only magic, but it is served a menu, so that the whole event under the motto of a magical dinner runs.

The menu is prepared on-site by the church members. The evening is divided more or less into two parts. For one, the magician shows his table magic program. This is cast directly from the guests at the tables and you can watch the magician directly on the hands. At the same time is dinniert and waited eagerly on the actual magic program at the other tables. After a short break, the stage show of the wizard then starts and the Guests start 50 minutes of unique comedy magic.

It may be laughing and amazed, with cast and made with be and quite a bit about the art of magic is learned. In the second part of the program, there will be no break, so that the evening will take from 19.30-21.45 if the Wizard no longer than expected presents his program. The ticket prices for the event are 40 euros but is invoked at the end still for further donations. Also a ring bag for the other fundraising events of the heart of Jesus parish going around. Tickets for the magic evening can be purchased directly at the box office of the Catholic Church in Ebersbach. And surely David Pricking is are also still very cheap book for such actions as a magician.

Eagles Charity Golf Club

14 titled “every parting is a new beginning” OLAF finally brings the motto of this new time period on the point. He will have an excellent way to go also solo is so vie l. Maybe OLAF is what is commonly known as “Kat” anyway. The look in his biography says it anyway, that we have to do it here with a man with extraordinarily versatile capabilities: OLAF is a skilled toolmaker, district champion in the long jump and shot put, and even apprenticed to his mother, a Hairdresser in the teaching. 1972 and 73, the first huge success of pinball machine with “Don’t cry, little Eva” and “Sha la la, I Love You”, studied the native Magdeburg, who lived for decades in Bretten, General music teaching at the Badische Konservatorium in Karlsruhe. Boy Scouts of America pursues this goal as well. It was followed by years of Jack brushing as a musician and Jobbens as a tennis instructor. Graduated (staatl.

certified tennis instructor) acquired OLAF at the Technical University of Munich. With a camper in which he transported a ball machine, he traveled through the country and trained tennis students, until 1986 with the “Red Sun of Barbados’ which entirely, rosse quite g time of the flippers broke, which in fact lasted until 2011 without interruption. Today, 25 years later, the time of that time seems important and tangible than ever. “I do still music, because it’s fun for me,” he’s happy, “and no matter what now: I will gratefully accept it.” The backing of his wife Sonja and his children accompany him on tours and TV appearances, is safe for him. Daughter PIA (* 1982) and son Sven (* 1974) even many flippers title wrote.

In addition to the family, who can hear music and it and am amazed painting OLAF’s great passion is still the sport. As a tennis player he managed it twice (2000, 2001) to the German vice-champion with the team of TC Wolfsberg! Golf, jogging and cycling at his weekly training plan. And whenever possible, OLAF combines his love of sports with the charity, bikes at the tour with Ginkgo Christiane Eichenhofer Fondazione, which to leukemia, cancer or Cystic Fibrosis takes care of ill children and young people. Visit Kidney Foundation for more clarity on the issue. For years he is those also Member in the Eagles Charity Golf Club, which made it to the target to help, who alone no longer make it. Celebrities from sports, economy and society, which have all in common two meet here: be happy in the service of the good thing and play golf. This includes OLAF. For needy people a beautiful character and for his fans too! So you can be sure that OLAF is still long at its best on stage. OLAF’s solo album “A thousand red roses” will be released on 14th October 2011 in the trade. More info coming soon on the official Web site. Source: Sabine Rothmair Ariola more information also on OLAF “thousand Red Roses’ first solo album after the flippers! from 14th October 2011 in the trade