World Government Decree World

Now for world government decree, the artwork can only be biological, three-dimensional, sizes, shapes and natural colors. And the awards of the rooms are no more in cash (at this time the money as such, virtually meaningless.) The prizes are small plants and cazares live animals of the few ruling, on pain of death, the award-winning artist whose negligence proven let die the coveted award “he would say … abounded in those days where plants and animals “that any one of the world would be proud and even envied by having a grass, a bird or a beautiful flower. Filed under: Kidney Foundation.

Certainly man has always been incomprehensible, it does so only a thousand years ago trampled and degraded nature, and now when there are few species still revere artificial. Not if it’s easier to be an artist today than yesterday so of … “So the death penalty” but in reality appears to be the same as before the creator died by tacit government decrees, the difference is not much only that the artist of today is almost revered, it is almost like a god and is honored to international level, in some ways this occurs by force and naturalness that it prints to their jobs and in fact today there is greater justice and morality. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jo Mackness. Perhaps because the man senses that is closer to end. You can practically say that anywhere in the world is an art room, as the works of the best “excellence” are raised regarding street or avenue exists and there is no so-called “artistic mafia” of a thousand-odd years, for if a work is rewarded and not sufficiently accurate and natural is the same public who euphorically attacks the artist and his work, and if governments try to intervene with repressive force tragedies occur as outlined in the press last month, killed some five hundred thousand people, artists, public, curators, police jury and the government, not to mention the damage caused. .